Meri Bhabhi 24th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Meri Bhabhi 24th January 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 24th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kittu getting tensed seeing the car move. She shouts Anand, I m here, stop the car. Anand is listening to music and does not hear her. Kunal comes infront of Shraddha’s car. They have a talk about Anand and Kittu. She says I m lying a lot because of you. He says its fine and flirts with her. He says you can’t live without me right. She says please stop this drama. He smiles and says it does not matter. She says really, or you sure and starts shouting save me. Few men come to rescue her and catch Kunal. Shraddha says I know him, I got worried as a rat passed by my foot. They say sorry and leave. Kunal says what are you doing.

She says I was joking. He says forgive me, lets go now. She smiles. He says you are becoming like me, will Anand come there again.

She says no, he went to Jaipur. He says we will leave then. She says come. Kittu panics in the dicky. She asks Anand to stop the car but he does not. Anand sees the dicky open and stops the car to close it. He is shocked to see Kittu in the dicky and asks what are you doing here. She says why were you not stopping the car, I was shouting. He asks what were you going in the dicky. She says I was playing hide and seek with Dhruv.

He asks are you fine. She asks where are we. He says on highway. She says please take me home. He says what, home. She says yes. He says not possible. She asks why. He says we are very far now. She is shocked. Kittu is worried about Mummy and Papa. Anand says I have to go for my meeting, lets go. She says he is right, why will our family be annoyed with us, we are husband and wife. Kunal and Shraddha have a talk in the restaurant. Shraddha pulls his leg and laughs.

She asks where are you looking. He says my focus is always on you. She sees Kunal staring at some girls and that makes her jealous. He says it seems someone is getting jealous. She gets Papa’s call. Papa asks is Kittu with you. Shraddha says no. Papa is worried as Kittu is not at home. Shraddha says call her. He says her phone is in hall. Shraddha says she was playing with Dhruv. Papa says Dhruv has not seen him, I will look out. Papa thinks where can she go. Kunal asks what happened. Shraddha looks on.

Mummy and Papa are worried about Kittu. Ashish and Ishaan come and says Kittu is not at home. Ishaan says did she had a fight with Anand again. Papa says why will she. Mummy says where will she find her. jaya informs Kamini and she gets worried about Kittu. Mummy talks to Kamini. Kamini asks where is my Kittu. Mummy says we will find out. Kamini taunts Mummy. Mummy says everything is fine, she was playing with Dhruv, don’t know where she went. Kamini says is she kidnapped. Papa says you can trust us, don’t think nonsense, we will inform you when we get her.

Papa calls Anand to tell him about Kittu. Everyone are happy to know that Kittu is with Anand. They tease Anand on phone. Anand says Kittu was hiding in my car’s dicky. Ishaan and Ashish sing a song hum tum ek ghadi me chup kar…………… Papa says so romantic. He asks where are you. Anand says on highway. Kittu talks to Papa. Papa says we know you want to spend time together. Ranjhana………. plays. Papa ends the call. Papa asks jaya to inform Kamini about this. They have a laugh.

Kittu laughs. Anand asks why are you laughing. She says you are getting nervous. He says I m not. She says yes right and laughs. She coughs and he cares for her. He gives her water and Ranjhana…………. plays…………. Shraddha and Kunal are happy to know that Anand and Kittu went to Jaipur. They tell each other and are very happy. Shraddha hugs Kunal. Music plays………… Kunal smiles. Kunal says think what might be going on between them. He says it might be a romantic situation. Shraddha says yes.

Kittu orders food at a Dhaba. Few goons look at her and pass bad comments. Anand hears that and gets angry and asks what happened. The goons leave. Kittu says I m feeling much hungry. Anand and Kittu have a sweet moment. Ranjhana………… plays……………. Kunal and Shraddha talk about their Ajjmer reunion trip. Kunal says I m sorry, I won’t talk about it again, I will forget it. Kunal says what will happen when Anand comes to know that Kittu is not pregnant. Shraddha gets worried.

Kittu eats pickles. Anand asks her how are you feeling. She asks why. He says this is new for you, I mean its new for me too, infact its a new start for us. She says yes, I did not think this would happen. He says I can’t understand how will I tell you. She says you don’t need to say anything, I understand without your words. She says its true, our relation has become new. He asks why did you not tell me about the baby. Kittu asks baby?

Kittu is in different car and the car breaks down. She gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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