Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th January 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th January 2014 Written Update

Epiosde starts with Gopi trying to signal everyone that she is pregnant. Kinjal thinks she was speak about her and hugs gopi and asks her how did she know that she was going to become mother. Everyone are shocked and happy. They hug and bless kinjal.ahem wishes dhawal too! Urmila is not happy and says she is tired so they must leave. Gopi says to meera that its kinjal’s first child so she would tell the surprise later. Savita ben tells that since marriage is over, they will take the doll as its bidaai now. Meera starts crying. Gopi and rashi try to explain that a girl leaves her home after marriage but meera doesn’t listen. Ahem takes meera in his arms and tells her that neither the doll nor she would leave. Meera smiles. Koki tells savita that this is all

a game so they leave. Ahem and gopi feel sad that meera would leave them one day, gopi tells meera is their life now and she cant imagine her life without meera. They share an emotional moment. Radha looks on and is determined to cause harm to gopi’s life(meera) just the way she she took her umang away.

Rashi and jigar come to breakfast table arguing. Hetal asks what happened. And rashi says jigar didn’t give her any gift on her birthday instead brought gifts for tolu and molu. Everyone smile. Gopi brings breakfast and jigar says he is hungry and starts eating the dhokla. He asks rashi if she wouldn’t eat when she is angry,rashi says she wont. Jigar starts eating and rashi is also hungry, ahem asks gopi what the surprise it but she tells him to wait for some more time. Rashi leaves the table and koki tells jigar to mana( don’t remember the English word for it) rashi.

Madhuben telling Kinjal to have milk. She refuses and madhu tells she should from now on. Dhawal also agrees. Madhu asks kinjal what she will have. Urmi is irriated. Kinjal looks at urmi and tells she wants gajar halwa(carrot sweet) made by urmi. Madhu ben tells her to do. Though urmi is annoyed she prepares it and gives. Kinjal gives list for lunch and urmi is again annoyed. Gopi packs ahem’s tiffin box with a small chit/letter telling him that he is going to be dad again in it and thinks ahem would be reading it at lunch. Rashi comes there looking for food but doesn’t find anything. She opens ahem’s box and the paper falls down, she eat some food and hears koki voice so she leaves. Meera comes to kitchen and picks up the paper. While going radha sees her. Radha climbs a chair and tries to throw a vessel from to making it fall on her head. Koki sees meera standing there and calls her just in time. The vessesl falls down. Koki asks what she is doing, she gives some excuse and Koki leaves. Radha says someone or the other is saving her but she wouldn’t let it happen and for this she needs to take meera somewhere where no one is there. Koki sees the paper in meera’s hands and asks what is this. She takes it and gopi comes there. She puts the paper on the table and give meera to gopi for feeding her. The paper falls down and meethi sweeps it. gopi goes to kitchen to get the kichdi for meera and thinks that since its lunch time ahem would be reading the paper now. She thinks to call him but decides otherwise as he might be in a meeting.ahem wonders what the surprise is and sees the food which has all his favorite dishes. He thinks that the surprise and decides to call gopi. She takes the kichdi and goes to the room and finds her phone ringing. Meera comes to kitchen looking for gopi as she is hungry. Radha sees it and gives her one chocolate and takes her to the store room and tells her to take more from the broken cupboard which is about to fall any moment. Meera goes and stands on the cupboard and its almost falling.

Gopi lifts her phone and ahem says he loved the surprise, gopi is shy and asks him if he liked it and he says ofcourse. she asks how he is feeling. Ahem is confused and says that he was talking about the food. Gopi is shocked and smiles. She hears a scream from the store room. Gopi is shocked and ahem hears the scream. Episode ends on gopi’s shocked face.

Precap: gopi comes running to the store room and screams meera. Koki also comes and is shocked looking down at the floor. (Nothing related to the floor, cupboard, meera isn’t revealed yet. )

Update Credit to: madhu

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