Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajiv asks KT about his special mysterious girlfriend. KT says he will get the coffee and leaves. Rajiv says to Rachna that it seems he did some mistake asking about his girl friend. She denies and thinks this had to happen when KT was to let her meet his girl friend.
Mayank talks to Seema on phone informing that he had bought the ring worth Rs. 40, 000. He sits on his bike and sees a baby’ pram going on the road unattended. His mother ran after it, and calls for help. Mayank runs to get the pram; a truck comes from the front. He is however successful in saving the child, the pram also pulls up at the right time. People gather around, while a car comes and stops there. The man who comes out of it thanks Mayank saying he came as God for them. Mayank recalls his mother saying that Guru ji told them Mayank doesn’t need to work hard as it is his golden times. He takes the ring out and thinks Guru ji sent him hear knowingly so that he can accomplish this miracle. He wears it with all his belief.
KT is thinking in the kitchen that all went wrong. Rachna comes there and says she know what is disturbing him so much. She says she know he disliked that he did so much to let her meet his girl friend but Rajiv sir came between and his girl friend… KT says yes Rajiv sir came in between. Dadi comes there asking whose girl friend they are talking about. She says that KT has done a lot behind her, and asks who KT is talking about. KT says that right now you came in between and takes a leave.
Mayank come and announces the good news at home with the sweet. They all ask what the good news is, he shows the ring and says finally the miracle happened. Mayank says the presentation was awesome and he also saved a baby from accident. He says that the baby turned out to be our chairman’s; he was impressed and passed him. He kisses his ring, upon which Gunjan is shocked. Mayank appreciates Seema saying he could never have gotten rid of his problems had she not get him the ring.
Rachna takes a leave from Rajiv. Comes to KT and asks what’s wrong with you, she says he should have called her atleast as she was so worried. She asks why she didn’t come.
Gunjan tries to stop Mayank as Seema bathed him in cold water. She sees him getting faint and fell on the floor. Seema and Gunjan try to get him in consciousness. Mayank was lying in the bed, Gunjan gets water for him. Gopal asks how this happen. Gunjan irritatingly saying that bathing with cold water in the morning will result in this. Seema gets some smoke for pooja, everyone gets cough. Gunjan tries to stop Seema but she doesn’t abide. She scolds Gunjan saying she called Guru ji and is doing what he said. Gunjan requests her to call the doctor but Seema says they won’t need this. Shayl hears the argument and says let Seema do what she want to do as he made the impossible possible. She tells Mayank she brought green tea for him, he says he is feeling better. He says he could only see Guru ji when he closed his eyes and want to go to see him. Seema agrees to go.

PRECAP: They come to Guru ji’s ashram. A girl puts light from glass that hits Gunjan’s eyes. She sees the girl peeking outside from a broken window.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. cooooolll episode !! it’s seems that this guru ji is a hustler !!!

  2. I am only excited in watchin rachna n kt…..
    Rachna n kt cute couple

  3. KT?? K…..T????????
    is it a DOG??
    u want a gal to go out with a dog???
    uff….dumb people dumb people everywhere!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I want to see Kt and Rachna more !!

  5. rachna and kt

  6. dumb serial why did u say that? if you did not like the episode it doesn’t make every one dumb

  7. really rachna and kt are good together.kt shld take her back to where he had prepared before the accident to propose to her ,I want to see how she feels with the surprise

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