Mahabharat 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 22nd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, Krishna says i promise if duryodhan falls in draupadis feet for forgiveness then war will be cancelled karna says why u want such insulting choices Krishna saysde then can u get ur friend ready for any other choices karna says i can request not order bcoz he his my friend n strength Krishna says he is not ur strength but ur strength is duryodhans ego so i request u to quit duryodhans side that will be beneficial for u karna says never i will never quit duryodhan Krishna says ok i will give u one more choice give pandavas 5 cities karna says that is a good choice mamashri says no its not if we give five cities to them they will be stronger n after sometime again declare war karna says right now I’m thinking abt peace n if this happens i will be the first standing against pandavas dritrashtra says i agree with Krishna n karna so duryodhan agree with it duryodhan says i will never agree with this , this choice will define me as a coward i will fight against pandavas but never surrender n will never give any of my cities i will kill the pandavas will destroy their presence from this world bhishma says look towards the seriousness of the situations give away ur ego duryodhan says u are a coward u all fear this Krishna n i don’t n i can show u that duryodhan calls his soldiers an orders them imprison Krishna ,

Krishna says u will imprison me u stupid human go ahead try this as well, mamashri go ahead try this imprison me . the soldiers come with handcuffs Krishna looks at them n suddenly the soldiers find it very heavy to carry it all the soldiers present in the sabha try it but fail Krishna says ur soldiers cant carry these cuffs which indicate ur evilness so u need to carry them on ur own lets see till wat extend u can carry the burden of evilness duryodhan goes n lifts the handcuffs very easily n goes to Krishna but karna stops him n says Krishna is here for peace don’t do this but duryodhan doesn’t listen n puts the handcuffs on Krishna n then pulls him n takes him to the prison n pushes Krishna inside the prison snatches the lock from guard n locks Krishna but wen duryodhan locks n looks up in place of Krishna he finds dushasan in the prison.

Duryodhan running on sand falls down n finds himself in size of ants in the feet of Krishna.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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