Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dayal happily takes the baby, Gunjan’s friend- Khushbu says that you have magic in your hands, she stopped crying. Shayl offers her to stay for as much days as she wants to. Mayank gives the baby to Gunjan who doesn’t have an idea how to hold her.
Shayl oils Rachna’s hair. Seema tells her that she has to be a bit responsible now, how did you miss bangles. Shayl says that Seema is right, what if boy’s mood had changed and he wouldn’t return her bangles. Rachna says that the boy was really innocent. Shayl says they won’t leave any preparations in her wedding, they get sentimental. Seema comes to Rachna and says she doesn’t realized when she grew up; they hear the baby crying and smiles.
Khushbu tells Gunjan that taking care of a baby is no charm, it’s a hectic job; though it’s a loveable job. Gunjan asks why did you gave birth to a baby, Khushbu says that its to set an example for people like you. Mayank comes to play with the baby; he says that this baby is so cute I don’t want to leave her. Khushbu says that you will prove to be a good father. Gunjan says she is going to sleep.
The baby’s cries wake Gunjan up. Khushbu asks her to bring some milk, after washing the feeder. She gets the milk for the baby and sleeps on the sofa. The baby cries again, Gunjan tries to comfort her. Mayank comes to her and asks for the feeder, he feeds the baby and she drinks quietly. Gunjan watches him open-eyed, while Khushbu teases her.
Seema gives the Prasad to Mayank in morning, and asks where Gunjan is. Mayank tells her she is asleep, as the baby kept her awake, all night. Gunjan takes a leave from Khushbu but reaches the hall late. She thinks Mayank will be in street and heads to say bye to him. Mayank sits on the bike; Gunjan calls him saying all the best. They both share flying kisses and Mayank leaves.
Gunjan comes to compliment that all the ladies at house are ready for market. Khushbu says that she is sorry she can’t go, as Ayushi has been crying all night and the weather isn’t good for her. Seema says that we shall leave her to Gunjan. Khushbu says thanks to Gunjan; Gunjan says she knows nothing about baby-sitting; still Khushbu leaves her with the baby. Gunjan plays with Ayushi, washes her, wakes from sleep to play with her. She video-calls Mayank, he also plays with her through the video.
Bauji and Prabhu laughs while telling how Ayushu pissed on Gunjan, she changed her and now has gone to change too. Khushbu hugs Gunjan and thanks her. Gunjan says I don’t understand how ladies keep more than one child. Seema says you will know it when you have your own. Gunjan feels nauseatic and runs to the washroom. Khushbu comes to her. Gunjan tells her she was feeling nausea. Khushbu gets excited hearing this and says that you didn’t tell me even? Do you know what does it means; she signals her that you are pregnant. Gunjan stands up in shock. She remembers how she felt dizzy. She says it can’t be true. Khushbu says it is a sweet truth.
Seema and Shayl play with Ayushi. They discuss how much excited they will be when there is a baby of their owns.
Gunjan argues that there can be some other reasons of nausea as well. Khushbu was excited and says she is sure that Gunjan is expecting.
Shayl and Seema discussed that Mayank has the job now, and there marriage has been a long time now. They remember the time Seema expected Mayank.
Gunjan tells Khushbu that everything is more than good between her and Mayank; but she tells her not to tell everyone in the family until she talks to Mayank.
Shayl and Seema says that they must discuss with Pihu and Gunjan to have babies now.
Khushbu gives Gunjan suggestions about taking care of herself and avoid papaya, and brinjal etc. Gunjan asks if they must go to see the real baby. Khushbu leaves while Gunjan comes to the mirror and looks at her physique. She says she can’t be pregnant.

PRECAP: Seema brings papaya to Khushbu and Gunjan. Gunjan thinks Khushbu had forbidden her taking it.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. OMG!!! Gunjan is expecting wow so cool 🙂

  2. Wow Gunjan ( a baby) nice

  3. Now it will be two warriors in that house Gunjan ans her baby

  4. I love this show. Kt and Rachna, mayank and Gunjan are awesome.

  5. I don’t thnk dat gunjan acpt her pragnancy

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