Jamai Raja 22nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with DD signalling Krish to ask Roshni for a dance. He requests her to dance with him. DD says he is asking like a gentleman and likes him. Roshni hesitates but agrees on DD’s insistence. She starts dancing with him uncomfortably. Krish says he was the best ballroom dancer when he was studying. Roshni gets uncomfortable seeing him hold her wait and acts as feeling dizzy. She says she wants to go to washroom and comes out. She calls Sid, but he is busy talking to his dad. Dad suggests Sid to ignore Roshni for day, so that she can fall in love with him.

Sid comes out of his room. Roshni sees him and starts following him. He asks her why is she following him. She says she wants his help to get away from Krish. Sid says she wants only his help which any security guard can do. She says did not ask him to help her and he himself helped her. She says she does not need a security guard. Sid gets sad hearing that and says it was his mistake to become her security guard and says he is going back home. He walks out a distance, looks back at her once and leaves.

DD calls Roshni and thinks why is she not picking her call. Roshni comes back sadly. Krish says he has ordered many international dishes for her. Roshni gets naani’s call and leaves from there while still DD asks her to speak there itself. Roshni says Naani that she does not know what is happening with her, she is feeling like crying sometimes and laughing sometimes. Naani asks if she like the guy and says she is in love. She says in love, one crosses 7 seas to meet his love and only thinks of her/his happiness. Naani thinks Roshni got her love at last and will get her happiness. Roshni realizes her meetings with Sid and realizes she loves him. She runs towards Sid’s room and Sid is seeing checking out of his room. Marjayiya ter bin marjayiya re…. song plays in the background. Roshni asks room service about Sid who says he just now checked out. She again runs towards hotel door and sees Sid getting into taxi. She gets taxi and follows his car.

Roshni’s car overtakes Sid’s car and stops it. Sid thinks someone is trying to misbehave and gets out. Roshni comes out of her car and hugs him. She professes her love for him. They both french kiss. She asks him not to leave her any time and asks him to protect her whenever she is in trouble. She again says she loves him. Sid gets happy and emotional hearing that and hugs her again.

DD talks to naani who tells her that Roshni is in love with Krish. DD says she will get Roshni and Krish engaged tomorrow.

Roshni says Sid that he has to meet her mom and impress her. He says he will impress everyone and asks when he has to meet her. DD is shown talking to Mr. Mehta and inviting him for Roshni and Krish’s engagement. Roshni says she will book banquet hall and will bring DD there and he can meet her there. Sid tries to kiss her. She gets shy and says anyone willl see and then says mom will see. He says let them see and is about to kiss her, when she pushes him and shyingly tries to run, but he holds her hand. Once she leaves, Sid thinks of telling the truth that he is Sidharth Khurana.

DD thinks tomorrow’s day is Roshni and her’s best day. Roshni thinks same.

Precap: DD gives saree to housekeeping and asks him to get it pressed. Sid asks her to do it herself and takes housekeeping staff with him for a coffee.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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