Baawre 22nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Baawre 22nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaheen apologizing to Yamini as she has pushed her to do this. Yamini says no, its not your mistake, you helped me, you made me realize that I m very much connected to Nikumbh, and made me realize my feelings, you are right, I love Nikumbh a lot. She says its good that I told him my feelings and lightened the burden. She says I can’t force him to love me back, he did not get angry, he reacted calmly and explained me well. My heart says he loves me but he does not know, he is afraid that I can get hurt, why will he do this, if I was not important for him. Shaheen asks now what. Yamini says I will not stop trying, I love him by my heart, and I will make him realize his feeling for me, I will not fail, the journey is not so tough. Shaheen smiles. Yamini says I promised myself that I will not make my love fail and make Nikumbh say yes.

Its morning, Azam comes to meet Nikumbh. Nikumbh tells him what he write for Sita ji and Ram ji. Azam is angry on him. He asks what happened to you, I value your words. They promote the Pro Kabaddi league. Azam asks him to connect with other’s feelings. Nikumbh says talk to me straight. Azam says I thought you will understand, but no, you are a fool. Yamini was not a character and it was not a stage. Nikumbh says is it over, now hear it, you and Shaheen made Yamini do this, I did not, I m not a fool to fall in love, person is not born for this.

Azam says yes, I told her to say it, but its you who grew love in her heart, who told you to tell her that she is Sita and you are Ram, why did you call her at late night, and say the poetry of love. He says I knew Yamini loves you, and this will happen one day. I knew you won’t tell your feelings, I did not know you are a big fool to donate the diamond that came in your hand and become a great charity king, you explained her love and when she came to you, you rejected her. He says pity on Yamini, she is gone from every way now. He leaves.

Nikumbh thinks about Yamini. Yamini is at home and says she went for extra classes and talks to Raghavendra. She says she did not go to haveli today, and will go tomorrow. He looks at her and says thanks for saying this, also tell me what you have to do ahead. She asks what ahead. He asks about her singing, as organizers are asking about her program. She says she can’t manage singing now. He gets angry on her and scolds her, thinking Nikumbh has made her say this. He says I m saying Nikumbh is fulfilling his dreams by using you, you are singing star so he is after you.

She defends Nikumbh and leaves. She comes in her room and talks to the mirror. Raghavendra comes to her and gives account to her of her earnings and expenses, the passbook, account details and her FD. She says when did I ask this. He says her to follow Nikumbh and take advice from him, else he will ask you to get the money from your dad. She stops him and returns it back to him. She says I don’t want all this, I m doing this, but not for money. Raghavendra says how he tried to make her name high. He says if anyone else can do this for you, then its fine, you worry for Nikumbh more. She says no, its not like that.

She says Nikumbh is not like you are thinking, he won’t think bad for me. He says I know him and what he wants to do, tell him to be ready that I m ready. He leaves. She says he is not after me, I m mad after him, when I told him my feelings, he rejected me. Its morning, Yamini comes to meet Nikumbh and he quickly goes to wear his shirt. She says you messed the office as I did not come one day for office, this office belongs to everyone. He says yes, but I felt you wont come. She says just because I told you I love you. He says no. She says if you have problem with me, you can move me away from your company, we can stay professionals. He agrees.

She says we will be like before. Nikumbh asks her to give him some time and space. Azam comes and talks to them. Nikumbh is in his room thinking about Yamini. He writes some poetry and lines for the play. She says this to Yamini and Azam. Azam is annoyed seeing him not accepting Yamini’s feelings. Nikumbh asks Yamini why did she complicate all this by telling her feelings, he is feeling incomplete now. He gets annoyed and leaves. Yamini smiles.

Yamini talks to Raghavendra about Nikumbh.

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