Udaan 22nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Kasturi talking to Saroj and saying she will do her work. Saroj says Lakhan will beat me. All the workers are given lunch break. Kasturi asks Bhuvan to come and have lunch. He says coming. Bhuvan faints. Kasturi rushes to him. Chakor is asking for five Pedhas, instead of four. The vendor gives her five Pedhas. The boy says this Pedhas are not good, and Chakor takes her one rupee back. She says there is no use coming here with so much money. Chakor comes home and says Kasturi that she went to city by bus. She sees Bhuvan lying and asks what happened. Kasturi says he is fine. Bhuvan says the same. Kasturi says he got affected by sunheat, he is fine now. Imli eats and Kasturi scolds her for having the mango. Bhuvan asks her not to scold.

Chakor and Imli laugh. Chakor shows the one rupee note and says she will get something for everyone. Kasturi asks why did you not eat anything, and scolds her. She asks her to go to market and get something, and eat. Chakor eats the mango peel off and says I had it, happy now. Kasturi asks them to go and change. Lakhan and his men come to meet Bhuvan and asks is he resting, even I can’t rest like you. Kasturi says he is unwell. Lakhan says fine, you have to work double tomorrow and leaves. Bhuvan’s mum is angry and says what will our kids eat. Chakor says she will not to haveli’s main road and leaves. She takes Imli and goes through the fields.

Imli sees the mark on Chakor’s hand and says I have not seen such mark on anyone’s hand. Chakor says I m different. Imli says make me also get this sign. Chakor says no, I don’t like this, and won’t let you have it. Tejaswini asks the cook to make a big chocolate cake for Vivaan’s birthday. She asks where did this new tea set came. The servant says she got it from her parents’ house, she did not hear me, and said she got it from Lucknow. Chakor and Imli come to the mango tree. Imli says you told we are going to school. Chakor says yes, we will go but later, but stand here first.

Chakor tells her plan to her. Chakor comes to the Maali, gardener. He says you came again. She shows the one rupee and asks for four mangoes. He says fine, take it. Manohar and Bhaiya ji are on the way. Manohar says why did you stop me, I would have beaten up the rival guy. Bhaiya ji says money makes people shut their mouth, I have paid him enough and he will not go against us. Tejaswini calls him and asks him to think about Ranjana, who is going against them being in their home. She says Ranjana is trying hard to pull Manohar on her side, I feel its her plan to get Vivaan the place and make you and Suraj take Manohar’s place, if she wins, then understand what will happen of you and your son.

Bhaiya ji asks what should I do. She says do anything, but control her. Manohar asks whose call was it. Bhaiya ji says we are going to Vivaan’s school, as its his result, you should be there, Ranjana and Vivaan will be annoyed. Manohar is glad. Chakor gets the mangoes from the tree plucking them. She gets so many and Imli catches them. Chakor tells the Maali that she did not get any mango. He asks what did you do till now. She says don’t you know, which tree has riped mango, give my money back. He gives her one rupee and asks her not to come again. She runs. She takes the mangoes and goes near the school to sell it.

She tries to sell the raw mangoes. She gets sad as no one buys it. She sees everyone having some other things. She cuts the mangoes and makes a stall by the help of other vendors. Chakor asks Imli to enjoy it. She asks Imli to act like its very tasty. The kids see them and Chakor shows them to have it. Chakor and Imli sell many mangoes and get much money. Yeh Hounslon ki udaan hai……………plays…………… Bhaiya ji arrives there. He hears Chakor selling the mangoes. He turns and can’t see her. Manohar asks what is he thinking. Bhaiya ji says I feel something is near me which is mine, but I m not getting it.

Bhuvan’s mum asks Chakor to keep Lord’s blessings. The woman says she got 7 years old and has to go now. Chakor asks Kasturi what did Kaki say, where do I have to go.

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