Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd April 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd April 2013 Written Update

Chaaru got a call from an unknown number following by a message.. “apne paapo ka pryashchit karne k liye tayaar raho qki mein sab jaanti hu”‘ Following by a Pic and a call’ some girl was speaking from other side talking about the photo which Chaaru got in which she herself was burning her saaree.. The caller girl told her that she had put some photos of her in her bedroom.. Chaaru goes and tries to find out those pics.. Dholu comes in the room and sees whole of things here and there. And finally gives him a package containing pics and letter. Letter contains a message for him that she will get a call on landline, and asks her to pick that call.
Here in the hall all were talking about the list of work to be done. Suddenly landline rings and Chaaru picks it up after debating with Prabhu, the caller asks Chaaru to come under the tree near the temple.
Chaaru got back in her room, and prepares herself to do as the caller instructed her. She thinks about the person who is doing all this to her. Suddenly Mayank comes and asks her about her worries. Chaaru handled situation somehow. And says that her friend called her for the shopping and she is going for it. And goes in a hurry.
Here Gunjan in her room thinking about Mayank. Rachna enters and told her that all were talking of her in college. She invited all for her marriage, Gunjan asks that whether she invited Rajeev or not.. Rachna denied and tells that she will be giving it the next day. Rachna talks of Rajeev that ghe was partial with her in the competition. Meanwhile Gunjan teases her by Vihaan’s name. and Vihaan calls Rachna and talks all about moon and stars. Vihaan offers her for date else he’ll come at the function. Rachna by the fear agrees to go on date.
Here Chaaru at a place surrounded by trees, all night, and gots a call and the caller sings a song “raat akeli hai”.. and talks about the deeds did by her and added that she’ll introduce her to some more pics’ suddenly a bottle falls beside her with a pic containing her evil deeds, and caller asks Chaaru to wait for her next call.
It was shown that Rachna was on the other side of the call. Chaaru almost lost her all senses.
Here Chaaru in her room, out of her senses, hides that photo and someone knocks on the door. Chaaru fearly opens it and see Rachna on the door. Rachna asks about her well being that why she is so fear of anything, and invites her for the work and the function that is going to be held in the house, also asks about the shopping.

Rachna was about to be caught by Chaaru in the kitchen.

Update Credit to: awesum_life

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