Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd April 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd April 2013 Written Update

Urmi flaunts her Koki look in the mirror and takes pride in herself, she has laid all the jewellery and sarees on the bed and thinks she is the owner of Modi Bhavan and now even the Canada people cannot deny their relation .. Kinjal argues with Urmi for using her mom’s jewellery and sarees and warns her not to use any of her mom’s stuff.. Urmi tries to defend herself.. Urmi prays to god to not let Modis ever come back and wishes to continue as a princess here .. and prays for rashi to come back to her

Rashi is climbing the stairs in Rajpalnagar(RN) with a bucket of washed clothes, when a woman dumps trash on her, rashi and the woman get into an argument .. Koki stops rashi inside and explains her how the chawl people agreed to help them in hiding and she should not argue with them else they might not help them in hiding … Rashi agrees but complains about not having AC.. Gopi offers to get lemonade to Rashi, and tells Koki that they ran out of drinking water, hence she would fetch from the tap on the street, Ahem offers to get water for Gopi

Nikki aunty and Savitha ben are sneaking into MM and wondering for the lack of activity in Modi yard, they decide to sneak in MM on hearing some laughter from inside Modi mansion, they are shocked to see Urmila Mansion on the name plate.. they decide to sneak in further.. They are shocked to see Urmi dressed as koki and flaunting the house as hers to couple of guests..

Nikki and Savita ben decide to probe further… they knock the door, Urmi lets them in so that the goons don’t find about them if they go from the main gate.. they try to get info from Urmi, but Urmi changes the topic. Kinjal gestures dhawal to keep an eye on the goons.. Dhawal sees the goons coming in, he gestures Kinjal abt it and Kinjal inturn signals to Urmi the goons were about to ring the bell, when they receive a call from ACP asking them to come back .. Dhawal sighs ..Nikki and Savitha are probing Urmi , Urmi taunts them and yells at them and sends them out..

Ahem fills the water in the pail, Gopi comes with another one, the cops (who wrk for ACP) inquire on the streets about Gopi Modi, Ahem and Gopi are shocked.. they curse their boss (ACP ) for sending them to search for modis in the chawl.. they ask a group of ladies about gopi and modis .. the ladies deny knowing anything about Modis

they bump into Hetal and ask her if she belongs here as her appearance doesn’t reflect the chawal life style, at this hetal is confused the ladies of the chawl come to her rescue and warn the cops/goons and shoves them away .. Gopi expresses her gratitude to the ladies..who are proud of Gopi, they assure that the modis will be safe here and not to worry .. Hetal praises Gopi’s neighbors

Savita and Nikki are miffed and annoyed with Urmi and they are more skeptical and decide to teach a lesson to the modis..

There is a guy in MM who asks Urmi to pay his bill for the snacks and softdrinks, which Urmi served the Canada guests… Urmi has no money she tells Kinjal to pay the bill Kinjal says neither she nor Dhawal got their wallets.. Urmi tells him to go without making the payment .. Kinjal irritates Urmi and tells the guy that her fayi will give her gold chain… and irked Urmi leaves to get the money .. Kinjal Urmi glare at each other..

@RN, Gopi gets fruits for Rashi, who denies and vents out for lack of AC and cold water and says she wants to go back home.. Koki comes and tells Rashi that she is aware of how rashi needs all the comforts during her pregnancy .. so she tells her to go and stay with her mom in Modi house, Rashi is happy .. Koki says she would first go there and make sure everything is fine.. Ahem stops koki from going, but koki says that she is worried for Urmi , and tells about Meethi informing her about Savita and Nikki being skeptical about their disappearance.. Gopi, Rashi and Ahem are worried

Precap: ACP is watching the happenings of MM in CC TV, he has a camera installed at the entrance of the house.. a woman in ghoonghat walks inside, Meethi asks about her and takes her inside… the ACP is skeptical about the lady in ghoonghat

Update Credit to: munnihyderabad

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