Saraswatichandra 22nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 22nd April 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 22nd April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras telling Kumud that there is something between us which does not has any identity, a feeling which I can’t deny. Kumud is speechless, Saras moves backwards and leaves.
Kumud thinks what did he say and go. Is there something really between us?

Saras goes outside and sits near a lake. He talks to his mother. He says I made a mistake. I did not want to hurt Kumud, just wanted her to know that I’m not good for her. But I have told her what I had in heart. I can’t take up this relation. I need help.

Saras is in a dilemma. Badimaa comes there. She says she was worried about him so came behind him. She asks him what happened.
He says I made a mistake which I can’t say what. I’m unable to understand, but I know this is not right..
Badimaa says if you lie to yourself, then your heart will go against you. Accept whats in your heart because that is the truth. She says lets go home.

The scene shifts to Kumud’s house:

Kumud is thinking about Saras while arranging her room. She thinks about what Saras said. She sees the pot which Saras made first. She recollects. Kumud says what is the unnamed thing between us. Kusum enters and asks Kumud whetger she is thinking about her father. She says Vidyachatur is very angry and is calling her.

Ghuman tells Didi that the time has come to show Vidyachatur what Kumud is doing behind his back.
Didi tells not to indulge in this matter. As pointing on Kumud will lead to nothing. Ghuman calls Yash’s mother and she stops.

Scene shifts back to Kumud:
She comes to Vidyachatur and thinks he is very angry, She stands afraid. Kusum and Vidyachatur joke and laugh shocking Kumud. Vidyachatur hugs Kumud. She cries and says she was expecting him to be angry on her. He says no, she has done a big work like a son. Vidychatur says he trusts her but got worried about her, so he raised his voice. Vidyachatur loves Kumud a lot and says she is most special to him than all relatives.

He asks whether she has any problem with Saras. She says your friendship is more valuable and she values it. She asks him not to worry about her and Saras’s presence does not affect her.

Kumud’s mother comes there and Kumud says you might have got worried on her so she slapped her.

Kumud’s mother says this is the first time I slapped you. Kumud says id not hurt her as it was because of her love. She hugs her. Her mother apologises to her.
Badimaa says that only Ghuman made wrong sense about Kumud and Saras. Kumud’s mother says she will not weaken her daughters because of others.

Badimaa says till anyone denies our dreams completely, you should not leave your dreams. You have a right to live your dreams. Badimaa leaves, Kumud thinks about this.

Scene shifts to Ghuman:

Yash’s mother and Ghuman talk about Vidyachatur and Kumud. Ghuman tells her that Yash is in jail since so many days and Vidyachatur is not doing anything. Ghuman says someone else will do for Yash if he does not do anything.

Scene shifts to Kumud:
She says Saras is not denying her dreams but not even giving any hope to fulfill them. But what did he say what it meant.
Chandrika comes and asks her to see her face, and maybe she had not slept the whole night.
Kumud sees Saras then when he sees, she moves back.

Saras thinks why he said to her and what might be thinking. What will I say to her when I meet her.
Kumari and Kusum run to Saras and ask who he is searching. He says no one.

Kumud lights up a diya in the Mandir and thinks about Saras. She thinks whether he is going through the same thing as her. Saras comes there. She gives him aarti. He takes the aarti. She gives him the prasaad. He takes and still is quiet. He then stands in front of his Lord.

Saras and Kumud still maintain some distance. Kumud leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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