Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 22nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 22nd April 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 22nd April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Neelam serves first where Suhnaina taste it and looks at Sona while Sona serves her food and Suhnaina taste it. Suhnaina says i can’t decide ownself on who cooked the best. ‘Everyone also has to taste the food and decide who cooked better. But the final decision will be mine’. Everyone agrees and sits to eat. Neelam serves everyone first where everyone eats the food and Udham is happy with Neelam. Sona’s turn to serve the food and Kanhaiya asks Sona to serve everyone else first and everyone seems to only take little. Everyone taste Sona’s food and Kanhaiya shows thumbs up to Sona and Chacha ji also signals that its good and Sona sights relief. Suhnaina asks ‘who made the better food? Sona Bahu or Neelam Bahu’s cooking? Remember, talk from your heart and speak the truth.’ Everyone remains silent while Kanhaiya smiles. Suhnaina says no problem then, i know that its very difficult to say whose cooking was better. Now time for desert and Neelam serves everyone her desert. Everyone taste Neelam’s desert and seems to be happy. Bindiya says that even a hotel would lose and Suhnaina says don’t talk too much yet, Sona’s turn is yet to finish and Sona serves her desert for everyone. Once again, Kanhaiya indicates that its delicious and Sona is relieved again. Suhnaina asks so whose desert was more delicious? Chacha ji says ‘its very hard to say as both of them have done very well’. While talking, Chacha ji pulls out a strand of hair and Darshana says this must have came out from Sona’s halwa and Chacha ji says its a small matter and Sona cooked well. Suhnaina says ‘how can this be a small matter? This is a challenge and even a small mistake counts. It makes difference to winning and losing’ and Kanhaiya holds Sona’s hands. Suhnaina stands up and announces that Neelam won and Sona is shocked while the rest smile and feels happy. Neelam is happy and Suhnaina looks around the house and asks what is Neelam’s decision regarding the house? Sona is in tears and signals Neelam to say no while the rest signals Neelam to say no. Udham asks Neelam to say it and Neelam looks at everyone and says ‘Mummy ji’!

Part 2

‘I have decided that we should sell this house’ where Suhnaina, Sona, Kanhaiya and Chacha ji is shocked while the rest is happy. Suhnaina says ‘Neelam bahu, it will happen just as you wanted and i am willing to sell this house’. Sona is in tears while Suhnaina leaves and Udham thanks Neelam while Kanhaiya grabs Sona’s hands harder. Suhnaina enters her room and looks around and looks at her family photo and recalls her calling everyone and memories attached to everyone including her husband. Suhnaina cries and recalls how Sona married and how everyone celebrated together. Suhnaina also recalls how Udham said about his promotion. Sona and Kanhaiya enters Suhnaina’s room and Sona calls ‘Mummy ji’. Suhnaina wipes her tears and looks at Sona saying what else is left to say? ‘There is no point of me getting angry with you. I had full trust in you but you broke my trust’. Kanhaiya says but Sona ji did her best and she have been trying hard to keep everyone together. Its just a small mistake and Suhnaina says ‘only a small mistake? Because of this mistake, my family is now apart. Because of this mistake, i have lost. Sona bahu, please go way from here and leave me alone. I want to spend my last moments in this house alone’. Kanhaiya tries convincing and signals Sona to leave from the room and they leave together. Suhnaina turns and cries. Everyone in their room is happy about Neelam winning and Neelam smiles. Udham says ‘i am really happy that you are my wife’ and Bindiya says lets call Indrani asking her to prepare the papers as there is no more problems. Neelam is packing the things and Sona brings an album saying ‘i been looking for you all around. Look at this album and see how lovely we all look. I thought of giving this album as we would at least have this as memories and think of each another’. Neelam ignores amd continues doing work and Sona shows the photos of Neelam entering the house for the first time saying all of them look beautiful right? Neelam asks Sona ‘what are you trying to prove by showing these photos Sona? Can’t you accept that you have lost in keeping the family together. Nothing will happen by doing all this’ and Neelam leaves while Sona says ‘you are right but am i the only one who lost? Not you too? If you see properly, you lost too. You entered this house as bahu and didn’t you promise to treat this house as your own? Today you proved that your promise is all false. When there is a problem, everyone is supposed to face it together and isn’t that what our family thought us and what you did today’? Neelam says ‘Sona!!!’

Precap :

Everyone is leaving and Sona says all of you are going out? I had prepared dinner for everyone and this is perhaps our last dinner together. Suhnaina says Sona bahu, there is no need to call them as they can’t value being together. Let them learn to be independant.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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