Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 21st November 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 21st November 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 21st November 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Kabir saying to Gunjan that he has only saved his life, this does not mean that he should become an activist, and then he leaves. The police officer appreciates their act and leaves. Gunjan thinks if everything is going well for Rachna too.

Rachna asks the receptionists that how long she has to wait. They say until the Boss comes. They make fun of Rachna by calling her behenji. Rachna tells them that people who wear simple clothes and speak hindi can be talented too. Rachna further says that she recently got a talent award in a fashion show. Another Girl who is listening to everything from distance comes to Rachna and says they need simple and hardworking people like Rachna in this office. But she says Rachna to come tomorrow as she is uncertain when Boss will come. Rachna leaves while Kabir enters the office. Rachna is looking for an auto-ricksha when she gets call from Gunjan. She tells Gunjan everything and also tells her to keep food ready as she is hungry.

Gunjan is feeding Rachna with her hands, Mayank is also there. They share their story to each other. Shail also comes there, and they all share some good moments and laughs. Shail says Rachna that in between all this she shouldn’t compromise with her studies. Rachna says yes, I’ll do the job only part-time. They all leave. Gunjan and Mayank share some naughty moments too.

Next morning Rachna wakes up late and tries to do get ready in hurry. Shail arrives and says she has pressed her suit. Everybody is waiting downstairs for Rachna. Gopal says that he’ll drop her there but but Gunjan says this is her first day on an independent life so she should go by herself. Everybody remembers Rachna’s first day of school. Rachna comes and everybody forces her to for the breakfast. Sangeeta asks her about the salary and Rachna says that first she’ll have to learn work during the internship and then only her job will be permanent and then she’ll know about the salary. Everybody wisher her all the best and she leaves.

Rachna is waiting for an auto while Kabir’s car passes and spills mud all over her. Rachna gets irritated, she calls an auto-ricksha and asks the driver to follow that car. Rachna throws some mud on Kabir’s car’s window. He stops his car, lowers the window and sees Rachna and asks her why did she do this. Rachna says she the same as he did to her, tit for tat, and she leaves.

Gunjan enters college and everybody claps at her. They all appreciate her for her act. There is a girl Sarika who is trying to hide her scars with her dupatta. Gunjan asks her what happened. She tells how somebody tried to snatch something from her during the struggle she got that scars. Nobody came to help her. Then Gunjan and the self-defense teacher give some lectures on mass-movement etc. They also practice some steps on self-defense. Chaya tries to flirt with him.

[precap: Kabir sees Rachna’s work on a mannequin and asks his assistant who has done it. The assistant says a new intern and done it. Kabir asks the assistant to hire her.]

Update Credit to: kuin

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