Bani Ishq Da Kalma 21st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 21st November 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 21st November 2013 Written Update

Sohum is reading the newspaper and calls out to Rajji to bring a cup of tea. Kookie keeps the cup infront of him. He realizes that he is missing her. Binder accidently hurts herself while cutting vegetables. BeeJi tells her not to worry about Rajji. Just then Rajji comes and says that she prepared breakfast for them. Binder and BeeJi are surprised and Beejiassures everything will be fine.

Bani is praying to Babaji to give her strength so that she can make everything alright. She wants the strength to save this relationship. On the other hand, Balbeer is walking upstairs. Bani and Balbeer come face-to-face. They both recognize each other. Balbeer asks what she is doing here. Bani is about to answer but Balbeer says she couldn’t bring Rano in this house so she has come here. Bani tries to say something but Balbeer again interrupts. He says she is a servant in this house. He tells her to leave asap.He doesn’t want to see here anymore. She insulted him enough at the Railway station. Rano was not fit to be the Bahu if this house & she is not fit to be the Servant of this house. Bani stares at him and Balbeer drags her away. He pushes Bani and she falls on the ground. Surjit helps her and tells Balbeer tha he cannot throw her out. Balbeer tells Surjit not to start lecturing him like Manpreet. Surjit says he cannot do anything to her because she is Parmeet’s wife, the Bahu of the Bhullar household. Balbeer says so what if she is the Bahu? This is his house and everything happens as per his wishes. He holds Bani’s wrist and tries to send her out of the house but DaarJi stops him. DaarJi says it was his decision to let Bani stay in the house. She wont go anywhere. He tells Surjit to take Bani inside, while asks Balbeer to follow him.

Guggi comes home and asks Sohum why he is upset. Sohum says he is fine and Guggi tells him to get ready as they have to leave for the fields. Sohum goes in and Kookie asks him whether he als thinks the same. Gugi is confused so Kookie elaborates. She says that Sohum is missing Rajji. Both of them plan to do something for SohJi. Rajji tells BeeJi she is going to the Gurudwara as today is Guru Nanak Jayanti. BeeJi agrees. Right then, the telephone rings and Rajji answeres it. Its Kookie on the other side. Rajji is happy and asks how everyone is at home. She tells Kookie that she is going to the Gurudwara. Hearing this, Kookie thinks of a plan to get SohJi face-to-face. She tells Rajji that she will talk to her later. Rajji is confused.

Parmeet returns from the shower and sees a pink shirt on the bed. He takes out a yellow shirt from inside and starts wearing it. Bani who walks in the room at that time, says that she already took out a shirt for him. Parmeet is mad at her for touching his wardrobe. He tells Bani that he cannot tolerate her in this house so no way he would wear the clothes she chose for him. Bani say he cannot stop her from performing her duties as a wife. He is free to do the things his way & she will do what she feels right. Parmeet glares at her and says very soon he will throw her out of this house. Having said that he pushes her. Bani looks sadly.

Sohum tells Guggi to get readybut Guggi says today is Guru Nanak Jayanti. He tells Sohum to go the Gurudwara. Sohum hesitates at first but eventually agrees. At the Gurudwara, Kookie looks out for Rajji. Sohum removes his shoes and gives it to the person to keep it on the shoe rack. However he is stunned to see Rajji.

Bani is walking down the stairs. Randeep steps infront of her and blocks her way. He says finally she came back, Bani says she had to comeback afterall she is the Bahu of this house and Parmeet’s wife. Randeep keeps his hand on her hand. But instead of getting scared, Bani stares at him. Randeep notices something unusual about her gaze and immediately removes his hand. Bani smirks.

PRECAP: At the dining table, Bani keeps some Prasad in Parmeet’s plate. He gets irritated on her and says that he doesn’t eat oily food. Bani tells him that she went to the Gurudwara and hence she served him the Prasad. A furious Parmeet throws the plate away and tells the servant to bring him something to eat.

Update Credit to: PristineSoul

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