Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 20th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 20th June 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 20th June 2013 Written Update

Maynk is talking to himself that he waited for so long for this day that Gunjan will be sleeping peacefully next to him.

Next morning all the guests have arrived but Mayank and Gunjan are sleeping.Sangeeta knocks on the door but no one gets up. The guests keep asking where the bahu is and Seema is getting anxious.Shayl talks to Rachna who says she will wake them up. Rachna keeps knocking on their door and screaming . Mayank wakes up and realizes it s 11. Rachna wakes Gunjan who asks her why is she ready so early for college and she wont go today. Rachna tells you were married yesterday you remember that na. Gunjan is shocked its 11 and asks Rachna why she dint wake her yet. Rachna says the whole house is trying to wake her up.

Mayank tells her to chill but Gunjan says how can she her day does not start without her cup of coffee. Mayank says he will make for her and goes to the kitchen where Sangeeta sees him and teases him that the night might have been really long and that s why he could not get up. She offers to make the coffee but Mayank says it s for Gunjan and then corrects it that its just one cup and he will make it.

Sangeeta goes to Seema and laughs that Mayank who never took a glass of water from the kitchen (I remember him filling jugs before ) is making coffee for his wife.
Gunjan realizes that her washroom kit is in Rachna s room. Gunjan hides and goes to Rachna s room only Dholu sees her . Gunjan enters Rachna s room and asks her to get her toothbrush. Mayank comes back and finds Gunjan missing Dholu tells him Gunajn was running and his=dink as if she was playing hide and seek.

Seema enters Rachna s room and tells her that she saw Gunjan running and that she should not come in front of guests like that and gives her a saree and jewellery. mayank comes in and gives Gunjan coffee and Seema is angry but she does not show instead taunts sweetly that from first day only he is doing gulaami.She says he never gave his mom one glass of water but coffee for his wife.

Seema calls rachna and Gunjan tells Mayank that she does not know to wear sarees Mayank says he will help her. Mandy is eating and Sangeeta taunts her that usually people dont even drink water in their daughters sasural. Mandy gives it back saying Maasi even ate Halwa puri but had to go . Seema starts shouting on her but Prabhu comes and scolds Seema asks her to apologize Mandy says there is no need as his wife is not well and it happens during wedding times.

Gunjan and Mayank are trying to fix her saree and finally Gunjan does it in the end and calls him useless. Mayank istickling her and says that she spoilt his last nights planning. They are playing around when mandy hears and tells them to control as voices can be heard outside. Gunjan realizes she has not put sindoor. Mayank says its old fashioned and there is no need when gunjan says everyone applies it.

Gunjan comes out and cant walk in the saree and keeps making a fool of herself . Sangeeta put s the ghungat on her. The function starts and when a lady opens her ghungat she realizes there is no sindoor and says it aloud. Mayank is watching everything from a window. everyone is shocked.

PRECAP: Seema tells mayank that Gunjan is only come as his wife and not the dil. Later Sangeeta is praising Seema and she replies that she will do more tomorrow as it is Gunajn s first rasoi .

Update Credit to: vibz88

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