Meri Bhabhi 20th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 20th June 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 20th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha saying some guy that her brother came and she will not be able to send food. Anand comes and asks what is this. Shraddha makes an excuse. Anand says this is wrong, why is Bobby doing this. Anand says this house is good, Shraddha pretends to be happy with Bobby. Shraddha says we are not selling this house, we are just shifting. Anand says we were wrong about Bobby, he says if we knew Bobby will keep you so happy, we would have done your marriage so well. Shraddha asks him is papa still annoyed with me. Anand says papa jumps with excitement talking to me. Anand says papa told me to hug Bobby and convince him to forget everything. He says Papa ji is happy that you are happy with Bobby. Anand shares their childhood moments.

Shraddha is sad. He asks what happened, is everything fine. Dhruv comes, and tells my dad does not come. Shraddha stops Dhruv from saying anything. Dhruv insists. Shraddha stops Dhruv from going with Anand. Dhruv asks will the shop owner give battery to Anand. She says yes, when your papa comes, he will pay the bills. Dhruv asks when will papa come, what if we have to vacant the house.

Kittu’s mum says Kittu that she will shop with her. Kittu says she does not want sarees, as she bought a few with Mummy ji. She says I will talk to Anand about this. Kittu calls Anand, and Shraddha receives it. Kittu talks to her, Kittu asks for Anand. Shraddha says she will ask him to call you back. Kittu asks her to say true, is she fine. Shraddha says yes, I m fine. Kittu’s mum says you save money and Anand is showering money on Shraddha.

Mummy ji distributes the sweets, and Papa ji comes and sees it. She sends the servant. He says you are my wife and you are cheating me. He says you would have returned the sweets. He says you want this, to do publicity. Kittu comes with her mum, and her mum starts arguing with papa ji. Jaya looks at this scene. Mummy ji talks in favor of Kittu’s mum. Kittu asks her mum to leave. Kittu’s mum says you have become like them, and I m leaving and won’t come again. Papa ji also leaves.

Kittu comes to Mummy ji, she says sorry, Kittu says its ok. Mummy ji says a woman gets stuck in relations.

Dhruv asks Shraddha to take money from Anand, so that we can save the house. Shraddha asks him not to tell this to Anand. He says you tell me not to lie, then.. She says this is our secret. Dhruv calls Shraddha as few people come to her. They ask for money, he says he wants money and come inside the house. She says my brother comes, I m getting payment today, please don’t come infront of my brother. They does not listen, and come inside. Shraddha requests him. Dhruv cries. Shraddha cries. She asks her neighbor Bhavna to take care of Dhruv as she goes to talk to Jetli bhai. Watchman stops Anand, he says I’m Shraddha’s brother. Anand comes upstairs and is shocked to see the house is getting vacant. He asks for Shraddha. Bhavna answers him. Bhavna tells Anand everything thinking he is the house owner. Anand comes to know that Bobby left her a year ago. Anand is shocked.

Dhruv comes to Anand calling him Mama. Bhavna realizes he is Shraddha’s brother. Jetli bhai argues with Anand. Anand gives money to Jetli bhai and asks him to keep the furniture back. Shraddha comes to know that Anand went upstairs. She is shocked. Anand is sad. Bhavna tells him Shraddha is in much pain, its been one year. Bobby did not look back at her, they were fighting as Bobby was jobless, he used to beat Shraddha. Bhavna says he left Shraddha and did not take her calls. She tells him to take Shraddha with him, as she cannot manage it all alone. She says Shraddha thinks Bobby will come back, but he won’t come back

Anand calls Kittu, she asks him to say anything, he is in shock and tells her everything. He says you felt the sadness in her voice, you were right, she is in trouble, she was hiding everything from us. Kittu is shocked and cries.

Papa ji thinks about Shraddha and Kittu comes to him crying. She asks him to take care of Shraddha indirectly

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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