Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 20th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 20th June 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 20th June 2013 Written Update


Sonaiya drives in their jeep to shrirampur and both feels hesitation about going there yet smiles to each other. Kanhaiya stops at the board of shrirampur and then with confidance drives inside looking up at the open grounds. Sonaiya reaches police station where the inspector was sleeping on his chair with open buttons of his shirt. He wakes up and greets kanhaiya and Sona. Kanhaiya finds that no preparations are being made for the security of minister as he will be reaching the place soon. The inspector says that now as kanhaiya has come he will tell us to manage everything. Kanhaiya asks him to firstly respect his uniform and ties his buttons. Kanhaiya starts instructing all the constables and stops seeing a constable and has flashbacks of a face. Kanhaiya smiles and calls the constable, dada i have seen you somewhere and may be u came to allahabad police station sometime. The constable says that he had not visited Allahabad from very long. Sonaiya are surprized but still kanhaiya says that he has seen the constable somewhere.


Kanhaiya says that he will make arrangements after he sends Sona to guest house and Sonaiya were about to sit in the jeep when they hear a man announcing to visit laila majnu drama. Kanhaiya has flashbacks of that man burning a place and kanhaiya grows angry and runs and catches the man and starts beating him badly and says that the man took the whole village on fire. Sona and constables tries stopping him but kanhaiya doesn’t stops and carries on to slap and beat the man. Kanhaiya asks him to tell why he made fire(update by sonali). The constable says that the village was set on fire but it is a very old matter. Sonaiya are shocked. The man too wonders how kanhaiya knows it. Kanhaiya doesn’t stops and takes out the revolver and asks the man to tell the man. The man gets tensed and he accepts that he set the village on fire. Kanhaiya hands over the man to police and wonders how he knows it. Sona asks kanhaiya how he knows everything as it can’t be a co-incidence and even kanhaiya feels restless and says that he doesn’t know what is happening. Sona calms down tensed kanhaiya and takes him to guesthouse where she asks to go back allahabad. kanhaiya says that he can’t run away from his duty and he will face everything in his way and even minister has not came for pooja so he will not leave till his work in shrirampur does not get completed.

Kanhaiya comes to the temple where the constables asks him if he is alright. kanhiya had a lot of questions to ask but still he says that he is ok. A small girl comes to pray to god and listen to her wishes and kanhaiya smiles. the girl goes and kanhaiya finds that the spirit the girl lighted was about to end due to winds. kanhaiya runs to the diya where along with him two other hands come to protect the diya. chitraashi, the widow is shown in a simple saree. Sona in the guesthouse wonders that why whenever kanhaiya comes to shrirampur and amazing things happen. sona remembers all the flashbacks of kanhaiya telling about ground, the photo, the man firing the place, pandit’s words and everything. sona sees calender and things to herself that is it possible in today’s world that a person hjas a rebirth and then thinks that she is wrong but again thinks of the incident and feels that maybe kanhaiya has a rebirth and now he remembers everything about the place. kanhaiya and chitraashi greets each other and chitraashi tells her that she is from the famous singh family of the place and if kanhaiya gets time then he must come and visit his family.she leaves and kanhaiya prays to god about what is happening in his life and why the place is making him so restless. Episode ends.

PRECAP Chitraasi in the temple was about to faint when kanhaiya holds her and says that he will drop her to home and asks how far is her place. She says that she lives in shanti- kunj(i didn’t remember the place i feel) and kanhaiya feels surprized at the name.

Update Credit to: sonali.singh

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