Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 20th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gunjan gives laddoo to Peehu’s mother in law and tells her that they will get the divorce papers till evening. Shayl says one must take sweet on such an occasion. Murli’s mother asks will she get her son divorced. Shayl says that in a house where Peehu and her daughter isn’t acknowledged, it is better she stays here. Mayank also asks Dayal, who says to Murli that Peehu is a young mother and at this time she needed the most of love, and in this time he is leaving her and didn’t even come to his daughter’s anuprashan; it is now better for them both to leave each other. Murli’s mother says what will they do, he himself is leaving Peehu. Murli asks Peehu, that what she wants. Is her family pressurizing her. Gunjan interferes that he is also pressurized by his family. Murli’s mother says she is watching this for the first time, that they are distributing laddo on a divorce. Seema says Peehu had a proposal, the laddoo are for that.

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Prabhu tells them that the guy has come from America and likes Peehu and her daughter. Murli’s mother says Peehu has been rejected, but Gunjan corrects her that she is rejecting them. Rachna says Peehu will distribute all the happiness in any family. Murli asks Peehu if this is a joke, Rachna says they must say yes for the proposal. Murli’s mother is disgusted. Gunjan says that Khushi’s new father to be loves her dearly, not like her first papa. Murli says he loves his Khushi dearly. They all smile, victoriously. Murli’s mother takes him, while Murli says he wants to meet Khushi. Gunjan calls on Murli to come to the wedding, must. Peehu asks Shayl that he isn’t responsible for anything. Shayl says his mistake is that he didn’t gave them their position in front of his family. Shayl and Gunjan were hopeful that they have seen love in Murli’s life.
Murli stops his mother, but she says who will marry a married lady. He must infact move on.
Peehu was afraid, while Gunjan says he will definitely come. Rachna says if he doesn’t love her, he doesn’t deserve to be her life partner.
Murli’s mother takes him, while he says to her that she has his child. The family keeps waiting for Murli to come, they were leaving when someone enters the house. Everyone turns to see Murli come inside. He asks Peehu to forgive him, his mother watches him from behind the door. Murli joins hands and asks if he will get another chance, he knows he isn’t worth it but please. He knows he is Khushi’s father, and he can’t give this right to anyone, in any way. Gunjan asks if he has taken the permission from his mother to say this all. Murli says he will try to make her mind, and if she doesn’t agree he will live with his family somewhere else. Murli’s mother is shocked to see this. Peehu looks at Shayl, then goes to hug Murli. Mayank tells Gunjan that she is a rockstar. Gunjan says there is a whole army behind a rockstar. Shayl gets Peehu milk, and discuss that Murli will himself arrange for a grand anurprashan. Gunjan comes there and says there has been celebration in a true meaning. Shayl and Seema say they are going to be grandparents again. Rachna comes and says she has to get married before all this. Shayl gets serious at this.
Rachna comes to call KT, it was some girl on the other side. She texts him to call her, as it is a good news from Peehu’s side. Gunjan comes there, Rachna was excited to tell KT and leaves for his home. Mayank comes and Gunjan and asks if she is worried about her. She nods.
Rachna comes to terrace and watches KT’s car pass. She thinks about going to his home, Mayank comes there. Rachna tells Mayank she is going to KT’s house, she knocks the door and notices the door was unlocked. She wonders the car is here, why isn’t he opening the door. He didn’t pick it up, she is worried.
Mayank says to Gunjan that Rachna is wasting her time behind that useless KT. Gunjan asks him to forgive KT, but he isn’t ready. She asks why he is worried.
Rachna comes inside, as the door gets opened. She is shocked to see KT hugging another girl. He looks at Rachna standing there, Rachna cries.

PRECAP: Mayank and Shayl discuss that had she not let KT do this all he would have ruined Rachna’s life. Shayl says she joined one of the daughter’s house, but broke the other’s. Rachna and Gunjan hear this.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Cant believe shayl could do this.. She has always been a great support to Rachna and now, look at her!

    1. How could shayl betray her daughter like that.what kind of mother is she.

  2. Imagine right after Zee give them the award for best parents they will do something like this.?!??! ZeeTv come better than that nah!

  3. Now is high time now rachna speak up for herself and make her own choices…
    Kt we excepted better from you
    You once again betrayed rachna

  4. Why is Shail being such a bitch???? And KT im disappointed in u…. You should have known better…

  5. oh, so shail was behind this. but feeling pity for rachu. how she will bear this? i’
    m also angry at kt. which comes first? love or fake sacrifice. he should use his own brain to think about his love’s happiness? but loved the precap

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