Udaan 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Arjun Desai coming and stopping Bhaiya ji, saying no one will go anywhere. Imli recollects him. Bhaiya ji asks one more to command me in my haveli, who are you. Arjun Desai says I m the one who party sent to decide on you, my name is Arjun Desai. They all are shocked. Bhaiya ji says you Arjun, and greets him folding hands. Imli asks Arjun can he free Chakor, there she is. Arjun sees Chakor and the chains in her foot. Imli says they have caught my sister. Tejaswini asks Kasturi to control her daughter, else… Arjun asks else what, will you chain her too. Kasturi takes Imli. Arjun Sir says this girl is right, please do something, as they are afraid of you, they heard my name and was tensed, without finding who I m.

Arjun Desai asks who are you. Arjun Khanna says Bhaiya ji’s men thought I m Arjun Desai and got me here, I m sent by sports authority as Chakor has bright sports talent. Arjun Desai says we know Chakor is here and very soon sports authority will also know. Arjun Sir says yes, I will inform them. Arjun Desai says I will trap you in high command Bhaiya ji, come lets free the girl first, who is roaming with the chain of your sin. Bhaiya ji asks Girja to open the chains. Girja opens the chains. Arjun calls Ishwar and tells about Raavan’s Lanka burning, and Chakor getting freed. Ishwar is glad and asks how did this happen. Arjun says I will tell everything later.

Bhaiya ji promises Desai that he will not bound any kid and Chakor. Desai says I will talk to you inside, I will remind your promises. Arjun asks Desai to take all villagers statements. Desai says don’t worry, I took it before coming here, I have known the truth so I got late to come here. Bhaiya ji asks him to come. Kasturi kisses Chakor’s forehead and hugs her happily. The family has a group hug and smile. Tejaswini asks Desai to sit, as he might be tired. She acts good. She asks Girja to get tea or coffee for him. Desai says I don’t want anything. Arjun says its good Desai came on right time, no need to worry now.

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Desai says Kamal Narayan’s deeds are so bad, that a long list should be pasted outside the party office. He starts saying what he has done till now. He says I m shocked why the party thinks you are a bright star, but I feel you are a black stain on the party. Bhaiya ji says you don’t trust anyone in hurry, all of them do drama. Desai says if I send my report, maybe the party will remove you, and the seat will go to deserving candidates. Ranjana comes and meets Desai. She asks will he have tea or coffee. Desai says I got a candidate in your house, her image is very good than you.

Bhaiya ji gets angry and says you can do anything you wish, I m fighting election and winning all these years, and will win in future too. He taunts Ranjana and asks her to go and get votes. Ranjana leaves. Imli asks Chakor can she stay with them now. Bhaiya ji tells Desai that he is not afraid of anyone. Tejaswini asks what are you doing, calm down. Desai says you trust your vote bank, I want to tell you that you get votes by people’s fear, if I go and tell everyone your true face, you can’t see your face in mirror. Bhaiya ji says what will you tell me, you won’t give me ticket, fine, give it to anyone else. He says he will win over the candidate he chooses, go and find a new one, I will see.

Desai says I will find, but before I will tell the high command about you. He takes out his mobile and calls. Tejaswini signs Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji stops Desai and says my BP was high so I reacted like this. Desai says the time to regret is over. Tejaswini stops him and says he has some knowledge about fortune, and tells about his rings, indirectly bribing him. Bhaiya ji asks whats happening. Tejaswini says we have everything, money. Desai says 2 crores. Bhaiya ji is shocked and says 2crores? Desai says 3 crores. He says tell fast, the phone is ringing. Tejaswini says tell him fast. Desai says 5 crores. Bhaiya ji says we are ready. Desai attends the call and says its all lie, it was a plan to defame Bhaiya ji. Tejaswini and Bhaiya ji smile.

The villagers wait for Desai. Ranjana comes to them. She says she is fighting elections against Bhaiya ji, and shocks everyone.

Ranjana says she will send kids to school, she won’t make false promises, she knows they are human, not animals. She takes a baby and says he is so weak, I will make hospitals. The bay does potty on her, and everyone laughs. She gives back the baby and cleans her saree. She says its fine, I will just come. She goes. Desai comes there with Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini. Tejaswini taunts Ranjana, and Ranjana too taunts her back.

Desai talks to all villagers, and says high command has sent us to make report on Bhaiya ji, your faces show you are happy staying here and will elect Bhaiya ji again. They are shocked.

Desai tells the villagers that Chakor will stay in haveli with Bhaiya ji. Kasturi cries. Bhuvan blesses her and cries.

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