Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 1st August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 1st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gunjan slaps GS. Mayank comes and to her and asks are you ok. She says to GS that he should never misbehave with her. GS says that I like you, every woman should do the same but this my wife, has been doing what not in your absence. People there talked about Charu and Mayank. Gunjan says that she trusts her husband and she suggests he should also suggest his partner; Mayank has already resigned. She begins taking Mayank but GS stops them and says that they will now meet in court, and the contract he is running away from will make him his slave for the lifetime. He tears his resignation letter. Mayank says that he must do whatever he wants to, they aren’t the ones to get feared. Charu stops Mayank, and requests sorry to him. Mayank says there is no need, she must go inside. Mayank takes pity on him that she has badly been trapped.
Shayl and Bauji prayed in the temple in the morning. Shayl says that being in temple is so relaxing. She says that their children have grown up, they can’t be strict but they must talk to KT once. Bauji says that will it help. Shayl says that he is a mature man, maybe he can understand he will back up by himself. KT played the radio in the car, there was a show about maa; he remembers his time with his mother. he begins crying, recalling what Bauji had said about her. He wipes his tears. Bauji tells Shayl to go forward, as he goes to ask Pandit about something. A boy goes to the road playing with ball, Shayl watches the car approaching. She runs to the child. KT’s car had exceeded the speed. He realizes it looking at the child and turning the car hits Shayl, her head hits a large stone. Bauji runs to her, she was crying. KT comes out of the car, and calls Nanha. Bauji and he looks at each other; they both recalls how Shayl had scolded him.
Shayl says that it isn’t Nanha’s fault… but before she completes the sentence she faints. Bauji asks for help. Rachna and everyone arrives to the hospital while Bauji takes Shayl’s stretcher to the hospital. KT stood behind. Rachna comes shouting mummy’s name and asks Bauji how this accident took place. Dayal cried and looks at KT. He asks him what he is doing here, what else you want; do you want her life. They couldn’t think in their dream that he will do such a disgusting thing and cries telling him to go. Mayank asks what Bauji is saying. KT says that aunty had an accident and begins to explain. Bauji says he is lying, he poured his anger on her and did is deliberately. He says that Shayl was pointing at him before fainting, was she lying? Gunjan says that KT can’t do so, he isn’t such a man. Rachna thinks what Bauji has just said. Rachna asks KT is his dad true? KT asks do you think I can do so; please believe me it was an accident. He goes away saying it was just an accident. Rachna was left crying there, Gunjan comes to console her.
Shayl lied on the bed, Rachna looked from the window. Gunjan cried and asks Mayank will she be alright, she is the one who handles all the family. Mayank tells her to be strong, who will look after Rachna? She has to be strong for Tai ji and Rachna. Gunjan wipes her tears that he is right, they have to be strong. The doctor says that they will see for the next 24 hours if the medicines are working or not. Bauji looks at her from the window and cries. He looks at Rachna and says has she seen what he did; today it is her mother what if he does this to her too. He says that he will send him to jail. The police comes there and asks who among you is from Garg. Dayal says that it isn’t an accident, it’s a trap to her murder. He tells police everything, all the family were disgusted and shocked.

PRECAP: Gunjan asks Rachna to talk to KT as he has always helped them. Dadi sends KT to Rachna, they both confronts each other in the hospital.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Guys am saying da truth that I Neva knew abut kt and rachana age difference

  2. Why there is no Ema update…!

  3. If Kt and Rachna don’t end up together , I will stop watching this show , I watch the show because of them two

  4. Maybe writer will delay that abit and I m a bit interested in today’s episode to see where the story is off to so after that I shall decide if ema is an average. Poor. Good. Awful. Excellent show.
    But I also know the show won’t be thAt interesting with out ashna..!!!

  5. Yes me too wanna see That..!! And also asha Negi getup in there so wanna see……… Guys maybe you haven’t noticed this but in PR asha Negi use to keep sucking her lips…! Will she do that in EMA????? I missed today’s episode !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Okay guys stop talking abut ema

  7. Ya they
    Need to end up together and what if Cohan comes in between ???

  8. @Neha kt is 30 n Rachna is 19

    1. don’t think they will bring him back to the show…. don’t want too !! 🙂
      but the story line is very good now !
      there are twists 🙂
      and we all know that KT and Rachnaa will end together

  9. Yip I now know

  10. Really guys naina202 ur right rachna and kt will end up together they just kind of drag the story

    1. Yes ! And it is normal to have this kind of twists, otherwise there would be no more story….and SSLPK ends… ! 🙂

  11. too much of dragging

  12. wat is the age different between R and KT?

  13. How stupid this is. How can RACHNA of all people think that KT would try to kill her mother”………..these writers are soooooooo STUPID, STUPID, STUPID. they will kill this show just like the writers of ema are killing that show.
    This kind of writing, which goes against a characters TRUE IDENTITY, really bugs me. It is not realistic.

  14. Dayal is a perfect jackass running out from the temple and pushed the guy with all the coconut on the stairs. He is so lying. Men like him give society a bad name and the people from his country. Is that how much you loved your daughter by lying. Dayal is a loser.

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