Devon ke Dev Mahadev 1st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 1st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with mahadev arise in front of indra and mata and indra ask, what happen prabhu? Mata says, you are looking upset, i think rohitang is getting bad manners. Mahadev says, andhak is trying to make rohitang, a powerful asur and it is all happen due to indra and now it will be war. RIshi says, can’t we stop this war. Mahadev says, we will only try or just trying. Andhak thinks about mahadev wordings. Indra says, this is wrong. ROhitang comes and ask from him, what happen brother, you just tell me his name, today is his last day. Andhak says, how do you know that i am here, nobody can search me here. Rohitang says, i can feel your shadow but just tell me why are you so tensed. Andhak says, we have really so expectation from you. ROhitang says, i will fulfil your dream and i will not break your faith. ANdhak says, always think that i am not only your brother but also you are my life, my aim and i can do anything for you. Rohitang hugs andhak.
Here indra discuss with their devtas and says, we are now expanding our power. Rishi ask, why will we expanding our power, we also have amrit. Indra says, amrit can only save our life but he will not save us from defeat. Dev says, we will expand our power from yagya. Indra says, ok then we will do yagya. Devta says, but if asur will know about this then they will interrupt it. Rishi says, but vishnu ji is in sleeping then mahadev can only help us.
Here mahadev force comes and ask from asur about shivansh. ROhitang stops them and gives his identity. ROhitang then burns the mahadev force and says, mahadev has sent us to kill you.
ANdhak says to his wife, i have sent our soldiers in mahadev’s force and now he will believe that mahadev is his enemy. Andhak then reaches there and ask about him then rohitang says, they were mahadev’s gan and they were trying to kill me. Andhak says, now see that tridev are our enemy and now i will save you and i will give you protection. You are his part, look how much powerful you are then think how much he will be. ROhitang says, is mahadev so cruel? ANdhak says, yes, we will fight with mahadev.
Mahadev says to indra, why are you expanding your weapons, if you will trying to do it then asur will attack. I will not allow you to do this and i will not protect you. Indra says, we are doing for only world safety. Rishi says, i am regret but asur will only do worship for power. Indra says, it is due to indra and if you will do yagya then dangerous weapons will arise and it will destroy the earth and if anyone stand against earth then i will stand against on him.
Andhak says to asur, i am going for war against dev and in my absense, rohitang will become next raja and asur ask about war. Andhak says to rohitang, you will flow the wave of asur and you will expand our name. If any one has doubt then fight with rohitang otherwise rohitang will become your raja. Andhak announces rohitang as raja.
Mata says to mahadev, you really annoyed devta by not giving protection, who will help them because vishnu is in sleeping. Mahadev says, it is my duty but i will not allow them to do wrong.
duty is more important than rights and if i will give them protection then it will bad for world, Isnt indra duty to stop this war? If he will ask me for help then i will help him but he is trying to do war. Mata says, you have helped asur so many times but why not this time to devta. Mahadev says, asur is of bad manners and they will always do bad use of their boon. THats why i decided not to help indra. Mata says, this is right decision.

Precap:- Dev says, this is wrong dont do yagya. HEre kartikaye says to ganesh ji, i am going to save devta. Ganesh ji says, pitaji denied to protect him then kartikayen says, it is my duty to save devta.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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