Sadda Haq 1st August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 1st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

episode starts with parth, kaustuki and sahil meeting in the morning before attending class discussing about the whereabouts of sandhir. parth asks kaustuki if sanyu returned to room or not, she replies in negative. Sahil asks parth is randhir returned, he says he didn’t. PKC comes there, without his specs. He asks them if he told the lecture is to be conducted in corridor and hushes them to class. he then catches a random guy thinking him to be peon and asks him to bring his specs.

Vidhushi wakes up with heavy head in her dorm and runs to get ready for lecture.PKC is taking attendence in lecture, as his vision is near to nothing. parth and kaustuki give proxy for sandhir. PKC starts teaching when kaustuki finds sanyukta and randhir under bench, sleeping.

maya was approaching her cabin when rushing vidhushi collides with her and her files drop. Vidhushi apologises and says she didnt see her coming. maya scolds her for being so ignorant and blind that she cant even track the dream team working properly. she says parth, sahil and kaustuki returned to dorm late while sandhir didn’t come back where are they? vidhushi says they must have been in the lecture and not working anywhere. maya threatens her to suspend her if she remains this way. vidhushi pleads and says they are attending lectures and she is sure they are not working. maya storms away.

pkc is teaching in class and kaustuki and parth put in full effort to wake sandhir up from down the table, but in vain. Kaustuki was leaning down and waking her up whne pkc shouts at them for looking under the table. they make an excuse for looking for their dropped pen. they make full efforts to wake them up but sandhir dont move a bit. Maya comes to class with vidhushi and asks about sandhir, pkc sees the attendence and says they are in the lecture. maya scolds him saying that he should be careful as they are not even here and he has marked them present. he makes excuse of missing his specs today but maya scolds them and declares that she will suspend them; is about to leave when randhir gets up from under the bench and says “good morning” minutes later sanyukta gets up and wishes maya as well. maya leaves in disgust saying she just needs an excuse. peon comes there and asks her to come to her cabin as an issue awaits her.

yoyo and his friends and a group of students are outside maya’s cabin looking at the wall where “we hate you maya” is painted. yoyo does a shayari praising that generally people shout i love you and someone courageous has gathered enough courage to hate maya. maya arrives there and scolds them, asking who did that. no one agrees, she gets angry and shouts that she will suspend everyone. vardhan comes there and scolds everyone for doing this. vardhan then asks a guy if he did that, but he denies. then he dismissing them all saying you wont be suspended. maya asks vardhan to not give orders on her behalf and stay in his limits, vardhan says she could have found the culprit but she got them removed as well. maya says she is the dean and she can find it herself, plus she says call her dean rather than maya. vardhan says ok and then with a pause calls her maya again and goes away with a smirk.

kaustuki was taking sanyukta to hostel when she asks her about last night, sanyukt remembers whole scenes again but not those spend in classroom. she then makes an excuse that they were hiding from vidhushi and got locked in class. on the other hand randhir is in canteen with sahil and parth inquiring him about last night when he gives the same excuse and remembers their moments together and smiles, sahil and parth wonder whether he is ok. Sanyukta while drying up her hair in her room wonder whether what they did after entering class, she then asks kaustuki about the progress, both then head for the lab.

all 5 of them come secretly in lab and start working when sandhir exchange looks and smiles at each other. they both work together and exchange some words as friends. randhir asks her how her engagement was broken, she denies saying that why are we remembering past. he says he is her friend and as a friend he is asking her.

Monday Precap – Sanyukta’s phone rings. It’s Samir. Randhir asks her why he was calling. He says, “mai kuch puch raha hoon” ( I am asking something ). She looks on.

Update Credit to: Gunseerat

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  1. Happy friendship day guys

  2. ya- and I will try to post everyday though there might be exceptions!!!!!!!

  3. hello!
    may I join you all?
    ok, I will introduce myself first. I am samidha and I am 7 years old. I am a biiiiiig fan of this television serial, sadda haq- my life my choice. I especially love the romantic moments between the characters randhir and sanyukta. I love sanyukta but I love randhir more because he is such a hottie.
    so, can I join you people??

    1. 7 ???? !!!! ofcourse u can join us..
      yeh bhi koi poochne ki baath hai !!! r u 7 or 17 ??

  4. @saddahaqrox
    the story was excellent waiting for second part

  5. Agar aaj v day pe harshita ka iv aaya then i will post the next pt today itself…….

  6. Yipee!!! Ho gaye 100!!! 🙂

  7. yes 100 ho gaye congrats !!! 🙂

  8. i wish aaj harshita ki interview ho !!!

  9. i wish monday jaldi ho aur nahi ho !!! kyunki mujhe SH dekhni hai par kal mera maths ka test hai aur ek assignment bhi hai !!! 🙂 🙁

  10. toh guys mein jaa rahi hoon shayad mein aage comment nahi karpaungi toh mein apni sweetest sandhirians ko kal ki WU par milungi tab tak ta ta ,bye bye,sayonara (japaneese), au revoir (french) ,alvida (hindi) !!!
    now advanced good night guys !!! 😛

  11. all the best for any other people who are having any test or unit test etc…. bye ……… mein kal zaroor aungi comments post karne ke liye agar permission milgayi toh !!! 🙂

  12. yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! harshita ka iv!
    ok guyz toh next pt aaj hi milega
    btw its disappointing that they r not going on the sets…….

  13. I am 7, s-e-v-e-n years old

    1. what ???? & @ this age, u love the romantic moments between Randhir & Sanyukta???? Y, at that age, i did not even know what romance was!!! 🙂

    2. tum to Param Singh Bhatia ki beti jaisi ho!!! & lol!!! U calling him a hottie!!! no monitoring from ur parents????

  14. Harshitas v day tripping –
    – did some exercise
    – 7 a.m. subah roz naariyal paani pene waali hai.. halki or malai???
    – relished vada pav..
    – auto ride
    – learnt jazz
    -at VILLAGE the soul of India…with 4 of her friends….
    MY POV – so far, not that interesting as PSB… its jus O.K,, O.K…..

    1. agree with u Meera… i thought like PSB, v wl get to see others on the sets of SH….

  15. NO SPOILERS????? 🙁

  16. harshita looks young for her age 25 years???

  17. youngest SANDHIR FAN SAMIDHA…. even i don’t believeit…

  18. HARSHITAS INTERVIEW – WAS NOT CATCHY…. as expected… may be reason being like anamika, i was expecting a few scenes on SH sets…

  19. hey guys i’m back 4 some time only i am reserching smthing related to my studies but i finished quickly to take a glimpse of my fav website !!!!

  20. SAMIDHA omg u r 7 yrs old only ??? !!! and u r watching SH jab mein 7 yrs ki thi tab toh mujhe romantic ka mathlab bhi nahi patha tha and more over mujhe yeh website par comments post karna toh door serch karni bhi nahi aathi thi !!!

    1. agree with u..shaayad aaj kal babies r born with pc’s or other devices in hand!!! JUST KIDDING…. i remember an ad where a new born cuts the umbilical cord by itself, the doctor faints, the baby takes a selfie with a nurse, walks….. i forgot which advt. s/thing to do with fast browxing / internet… … btw, what if samidha is pulling our legs???? :(:(:(:(

      1. yeah i saw that ad nice one !!! i’m sure she’s just pulling our legs cuz how in the world cld a 7yr old even know the spelling of romantic and intimate …!!
        but hv to say babies nowadays r born with tab,pc and all that !!!

  21. btw, there was 1 girl named @ SH FAN who used to comment here, repeating her every comment almost 50 times….. how come she disappeared all of a sudden????

  22. SPOILERS kab milega

  23. Yes i am seven years old and i love the romantic moments between sandhir and would luv to see more,and best would luv to see them getting intimate wit each other. Any problem?

  24. Can some1 plz post the spoilers if u come across any…….?

  25. Even i expected her to go to their sets……but then,we all usually see the actors goin to their sets…this one was different,but ok
    Over all,maybe i likee psb iv better…..

  26. kal ki epi ke liye wait kar rahi hoon !!!

  27. i don’t think this samidha is 7 yrs old i mean cld u imagine a 1st std girl seeing a serial related to MECHANICAL ENGINEERING and posting comments here !!! unbelievable …. and MEERA DI i do remember that ad !!!

  28. GOOD NIGHT TO ALL SADDA HAQ FANS !!! SWEET SH DREAMS!!! mujhe aap logon ko gd night wish kiye bina neend hi nahi aathi !!! gd morning toh wish nahi kar sakthi kyun ki school bhi jani hai aur mom toh subhah intrnet use karni hi nahi dathi hai !!! once again SWEET AND LOVELY DREAMS !!!

  29. saddahaqqrocks

    guyz keep reading and commentin o gujariy and jhalli anjali alsoo..

    1. u liked my username so much that u used a different spelling of the same?

  30. Guyz , this is not me,ok? My username is saddahaqrox and this one was saddahaqrocks…
    Anyways,goodmorning all of u!!!!! 😀

  31. woow……….

  32. Hi all sandhirians,n shrox dear great job,keep writing n plz 2nd pt jaldi post karo na

  33. @AN u also had maths exam interesting …. very interesting 🙂 in which school u study ?
    Pls post the fanfic daily ad its very nice
    Congrats for completing 100 comments

  34. name is beckett.i ove sadda haq.i read your chats daily .tgey are very if you dont mind can i join you guys?? Pls:)

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