Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 19th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 19th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gunjan gets a call in the morning, they were in kitchen. She was worried, Shayl asks what happened. She says that some people have stopped the construction, I must go to sign. Shayl and Sangeeta suggest that she must go. She leaves from one door, while Mayank comes with another. He calls Shayl, and Gunjan to meet Rohit and Deepa. Sangeeta says that they remembered us after a long time. Mayank announces that Rohit has got a big job in America. Deepa asks about Gunjan. Shayl says she has gone to her site. Rohit asks does she work anywhere. Shayl hands them the newspaper to read, and come inside.
KT asks Rachna her choice about exotic honeymoon. Rachna asks him to go to Agra, as she has never seen the Taj Mahal. KT looks at her, intently. Mausi hears the conversation and laughs. Rachna asks KT if he can travel to Agra on train with her, for 8 hours. KT holds her and says that to show Rachna the Taj Mahal, he can even travel for 80 hours. Bittu comes there, and says he knows all about it and will go on honeymoon too.

Rohit appreciates, and hopes that everything gets better. He asks how does Gunjan manage all the house-hold. Mayank says she manages the house-hold well too. Rohit says that not everything can be done perfectly. Gunjan signs the papers on site. Mayank calls her, and asks where has she gone and tells him about Rohit and his wife. He says that she must come soon, and bring along a specific sweet from the shop.
Gunjan was about to leave, when there is an injury. Gunjan says that she will stay here, as this man works for her.

Deepa helps Shayl and Sangeeta in kitchen. They insist her to leave, while she says she will help them. Rohit calls her, and she goes to him soon. Shayl and Sangeeta discuss that Deeba cares for her husband a lot, while Gunjan is being a bit careless. Shayl says that she is very busy these days, otherwise she also looks after Mayank and home. Mayank hears this.

Rohit tells Mayank that he has been successful only because his wife looks after the house and all the other things, while such isn’t the case with him. He asks where Gunjan is, when Gunjan calls she is hear. Mayank introduces her to Rohit, and asks her about the sweet. She says she forgot and will order. Rohit says he will eat it tomorrow.

Gunjan looks at the preparations, Seema tells her that KT and his family is invited to
dinner. She asks about Shayl and comes to help her in kitchen. She insists her to go away, and makes the fruit salad. Sangeeta comes in and tells her to go and get ready. She goes to dress up, when Mayank comes there and thinks he thought Gunjan would help in kitchen.

Gunjan comes to Rachna, and asks if there is something to help. Mayank comes to say that all is done. KT and his family arrive. KT hands Rachna a red flower bouquet. Mausi asks Bittu hasn’t he brought anything for his friend, like his brother.

Dadi says that she is counting days to wedding. Shayl says she wants this day to come as late as possible. Bittu comes and says he is sorry, he couldn’t bring any gift for her. She holds his hand and tells her that it wasn’t needed. She takes him to drinks. Rohit asks if this boy is normal. Mayank says that he got injured in childhood. KT and Rachna both dislike, Rachna heads to show her dislike to them while KT stops her.
Bittu says that he got an idea, and would sing a song for Rachna the way KT brought her flowers. Rohit says that he should sing a nursery rhyme. Rachna says Bittu will sing the song.

He sings the song for Rachna, takes her hand and they dance together. Rachna comes to KT and sings for him, imagining them alone. As the song ends, Rachna hugs Bittu and appreciates him saying. She tells him that he was too good. KT tells Bittu that he believe his younger brother will just be fine. Bittu asks was his gift better that the flowers of brother. Rachna is confused and says yes. Bittu turns to KT, boasts at it and takes Rachna for dinner.

Gayatri tells Mausi that her plan wasn’t that bad, as what they couldnt do is being done by Bittu.

PRECAP: Gunjan asks Mayank why is he comparing her to some other wife, when he always liked his being different. She asks Mayank what is the problem. He says it is you.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. divya rampaul

    If Rachna gets married to Bittu then this show would have flopped a hundred times over. Nothing original all these shows are just showing how stupid some indian people are and how cunning the rest can be. No one seems to be in between is either you are dumb or evil.

  2. i think that Mayank doesnt really knw what he wants in life be it career choice,wife etc

  3. The truth about Kt’s mother/Aunt needs to be revealed so that Rachna and Kt can get married. Kt needs to open his eyes and set some boundaries for Bittu, he needs to know his limit. Mayank is acting like a jerk. She has always been supportive of him and now he doesn’t even respect her late mom wishes. He is very selfish.

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