Jamai Raja 19th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 19th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with servant informing DD that Roshni and jamai ji/son-in-law have come. DD gets irked hearing that and says a poor man cannot be her jamai and shouts her to get out. She sees Resham preparing aarti thali and throws it. She then asks Roshni why did she come back if it is not her house. Naani asks why is she shouting and asks her to give proof that she is a mother. DD says she gave whatever Roshni wanted and worked hard so that Roshni should not struggle, but she married a poor man. She says Roshni proved that she proved that she is not her daughter by marrying a beggar. Naani asks her to stop. Roshni gets hurt hearing this from her mother and sadly tries to walk out, but Sid stops her. He says DD that she has only hatred in her dictionary and not love, suggests her to throw her dictionary, else she will be alone and poor emotionally. He says she struggled to give Roshni a lavish life, but could not be her mother, else Roshni would not have accepted someone else as her mother. He s she is a businesswoman, so thinks of only profit and asks her to forget everything and hug Roshni, promises that they all will be happy in the future. DD says it was brilliant speech and says he should tell his dialogues for begging money and calls him blo*dy scamster. Roshni gets angry hearing that and warns her not to badmouth about her husband and in-laws, says their love is enough for her to live, says Sid that this woman does not know love and can go to ay extent to prove herself right. She says her husband thinks DD can become a mother and bless her daughter, but he does not know that DD does not have heart and is only a money printing machine who does not feel pain. She asks Sid why he come here and asks her to take her to her mom and dad.

Sid reminisces the incidents where Roshni feels sad for her family, his dad’s words, Prashanth’s grandma’s words, Bablu’s words, Simran’s words, etc., and says Roshni that he will not go from there without taking DD’s blessings. Roshni asks if what has happened to him. He says their relationship can be fruitful without DD’s blessings and will not go from there until she blesses. Roshni says DD does not deserve that respect and says she will home without him to her in-laws. He says he is doing this according to his parent’s upbringing.

DD says he is doing this to get into her lavish house and get away from his chawl. Roshni takes their marriage veil and leaves from there alone. DD warns him not to enter her house, else she will asks her security to kick him out. He asks her to call security and he will call police and inform them about she trying to kidnap him and swap him with Krish and even will inform it to Roshni, she will lose her daughter completely then.

Precap: Simran greets Sid and Roshni inside their house while DD angrily watches them getting in.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. fast plz

  2. omg roshni dont know the real name of his husband omgg siddanth khurranaa

    1. exactly….poor girl marry a man whose name she doesn’t even know lol

  3. thank you hasan for ur updates

  4. Thanks dude!

  5. Thanks for the update as always SidNi was awesome today

  6. I am tired of these lies of Sid and his parents about being poor so they need to let Roshini know this so they can shut DDs mouth once and for all

    1. if they stoop to DD level and tell her they are rich she ill accept them for money alone sid wants roshini to gain her mothers true love not some fake love and in order to do that DD will have to accept Sid for being who he is pretending to be ( yes they should not lie to Roshini though)

  7. Hello guys, I believe that it is high time DR knows who her son in law is! She can never change no matter what. So the best way to deal with someone like this is to tell them you have what they think you don’t have. In fact Sid should buy her so called business and sell it back to her at an exorbitant price she can’t afford….or he should buy her building of residence!

  8. When is Sid truth ever gone come out…of who he really is…this soapie is dragging now. ..Every other truth is out but sid realty dats now really stupid. ..for god sake dy r married now..let d truth come out n let d soapie stop dragging. .

  9. Arrogant DD will regret all her actions!!!

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