Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 19th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 19th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Episode starts with Fab5 together and Manik dictating his plan to them. He says that their first step is to rip off the mask of nice-guy from Harshad’s face and make Nandini, Navya know his real face. That’d be the end of NH3. Cabir questions the plan by saying that their target is Harshad, not NH3. Manik explains that once NH3 is over, Harshad’s support system will be gone which would make it easier for them to charge in and finish Harshad once and for all (smart plan). Cabir volunteers to take care of Navya as she’s completely lovestruck and when she’d know his real nature, she’d shut up with her “Harshad Ji, Harshadi Ji” chant

Manik agrees and points to Dhruv who promptly offers to go to Nandini. Manik seems like he would object to it but just nods

Mukti interjects and complains why should boys have all the fun and says she’d go take care of Shahid.

The three leave and Alya who seems obviously uncomfortable asks Manik if he is sure? Manik assures her that it’s the right thing to do and she shouldn’t worry about her brother who has never done anything good for her. Alya becomes all guilty and says she wants to say something but Manik is in no mood to hear anything and confidently says that the goons and locked room incident was all planned by Harshad only. Alya doesn’t say anything and leaves from there.

Navya excitedly tells Nandini that she baked a cake for Harshad after three failed trys. She’s all lovey dovey and plans to confess to Harshad. Nandini says she’s going too fast, Navya has just met Harshad and she doesn’t even know him fully yet. Navya replies that no one is perfect. Her feelings for Harshad are genuine. Nandini smiles in support and says if Navya is happy, she has no complains. Navya realizes that a simple cake won’t be enough and rushes away to make more surprise arrangements for her event.

Cabir sees Navya coming and plans this whole scene where he is sitting amidst a sea of tissues wet with his tears and crying his heart out. Navya sees him and shrugs that every sinner has to face such consequences and Cabir just starts crying harder. Against her wishes, Navya asks him what’s bothering him and he just cries, “Rose!” Navya perks up as if she’s thinking that Rose has left the college . Cabir says that he can’t find Rose anywhere and she isn’t even picking up her phone. He asks Navya to help him find her. Navya refuses by saying that it could be a plan by them. Cabir wipes his face and moves closer and says does it seem like that he would want to trap her with this tragedy stricken face? He says that only true lover will help another lover. This gets to Navya and she agrees to help saying that Rose might be with her “Harshad Ji” and pushes Cabir with her to start their search mission. Cabir does a victory dance behind her back.

Nandini is pacing and waiting for Navya, all the while fighting the temptation to eat the cake herself. Manik comes there and bumps into her and the cake falls. Nandini is shocked and shouts at Manik if he is blind?! Manik just looks at her and stomps on the fallen cake before replying that yes, he is blind. He moves to go but Nandini stops him and demands that he apologize to her. Manik just shrugs and steps aside but Nandini comes in front of him, demanding that he apologize for his action and that she is not afraid of him (YOU GO GURL!!!) Manik retorts that she should be afraid of him because he’s still the very own Monster Manik. Nandini only wants an apology from his side and keeps demanding it. Manik angrily grabs her and slams her against the wall, ordering her to shut up or else he will…! They have a lamba choda eye lock and they be reaalllyyy close and he’s just inches away from kissing her (Ishq Bulava plays here..). They blink out of their trance and Manik whispers a, ‘sorry’ to her and walks awayMukti goes to Shahid and acts all sweet with him by saying that NH3 and Fab5 have decided to be friends so they be friends as well. Shahid is uncomfortable at her too much comfort and doesn’t buy her story. Mukti says that she wants him to forget what happened in the past. She’s a different Mukti now (yeah, hairstyle bhi badal diya). She wants him to go with her to see the proof but Shahid doesn’t budge. Seeing that it isn’t working out, Mukti stands to leave but Shahid changes his mind and agrees to be her friend. Mukti smirks in victory.

Nandini is sad over the spoiled cake when Dhruv comes there. She tells him the issue and is about to say stuff about Manik before remembering that Dhruv wanted them to sort their issues. Nandini says that Navya baked the cake for Harshad and now she won’t any anything. Dhruv tells her not to trust Harshad so much, not everyone is as they seem. Nandini is confused but Dhruv changes track by saying that he knows a bakery which makes homemade cakes so they’ll quietly replace the cake and Navya won’t know a thing. Nandini cheers up at that and agrees.

Harshad comes across Rose who is mumbling about someone not trusting her. He asks her who is troubling her and makes her say that Cabir doesn’t trust her and accuses her of falling for Harshad. Harshad smirks at that and doesn’t slip the chance to get cozy with her. But Rose is so agitated that she ends up spilling her drink on her dress. She hisses in pain and asks Harshad to help her but bystanders are watching as Harshad tries to rub the drink away from her front body so he takes her in the music room.

While helping her there, Cabir-Navya, Dhruv-Nandini, and Mukti-Shahid come there and see Harshad with Rose. They be all shocked and Manik comes there, wishing Harshad a happy birthday. Manik cheerily says to NH3 that Harshad’s real face is this. Harshad gets mad that Manik used his friend’s girlfriend to trap him and tries reasoning to his friends that it’s all Manik’s plan. He calls Manik cheap and a coward for using a girl to get to him cuz he couldn’t do so himself. Manik retorts that Harshad shouldn’t be the one to talk. Did he forget that he himself scarred a girl, namely Mukti? He should hardly be the one to talk about woman’s respect. Manik tells him to confess to his plans about the goons and the locked room. Harshad doesn’t say anything and Manik keeps egging him on. Harshad snaps and hits Manik. Manik still tells him to speak up but Harshad only hits him again which prompts Manik to hit back. They keep fighting and Alya comes there. She tries breaking them away while telling Manik that Harshad is innocent. Manik thinks it as a sister defending her brother but Alya confesses that she sent the goons. Harshad tells Alya to stay out of it and shut up and Manik doesn’t buy her confession. Helpless, Alya turns to Dhruv and asks him to tell Manik that it was in fact her who did all that. Dhruv looks away in guilt while Manik and Nandini are shocked to hear it.

Precap – Alya cries that she only wanted Nandini to leave their lives. Manik is all dazed. Manik confronts Dhruv and asks him how could his two special people do this to him?! He has always done everything for Dhruv so why did Dhruv treat him like that?

Update Credit to: lostmymusic

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  1. thanx 4 update.. m mad abt this shw… 😉 😉

  2. thanx 4 update.. m mad abt 4 this shw… 😉 😉

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