Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 17th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

KT says to Rachna that you are my shining star. Rachna says that someone will watch them. KT says he isn’t afraid of her father now; she calls Papa. KT looks back, Rachna makes fun of his fear.

Gayatri throws the sweet in dustbin, she says that she threw her life in danger but got nothing. She was enraged. Mausi says that they should now be happy with the place they have got to live. Gayatri says that the marriage hasn’t taken place yet, and she won’t allow Shayl’s daughter come as a bride to this house.

The members discuss the wedding preparations. Shayl asks how they will do the arrangements. Mayank says that everyone will watch the wedding of Rachna.
Gunjan comes and says that tonight she has to go to a press conference. The family was planning to go on a party thrown by KT. Bauji tells Gunjan that work is also important, Shayl says that Mayank will also go with her. Mayank says that they will come to party from press conference directly.

In the party, Gayatri kisses Rachna and says that she is as beautiful as her mother was at her age. Shayl smiles, but Bittu says that her princess is the prettiest. KT comes in, Dadi watches them looking into each other’s eyes. KT comes to Rachna and asks that his wish hasn’t been fulfilled yet.

Mausi comes to Gayatri, and asks that they both are romantically involved into each other. Gayatri says that the height from which the heart fell down, it will pain the most.

Dadi asks Seema about his son and daughter-in-law. Shayl says that they are out for an important work.

Mayank and Gunjan drives to the press conference. Gunjan was worried about her looks; Mayank says that in the saree she looks older. She says that she want to look serious. Mayank boasts that he is looking handsome. Before coming down the car, Mayank tells her that she looks beautiful.

A rush of people gathers around Gunjan, her hands leave Mayank’s and he is left behind. The commissioner and the DG comments that Gunjan is so young, they hadn’t thought about it. She comes to meet the people, while looking behind for Mayank. Mayank was stuck behind on the entrance. The man invites her inside; she says her husband has been left out, while the man promises he will bring her husband inside. Gunjan looks for Mayank and waits for him, while the guard stops Mayank for not having the pass. He says that his pass is with his wife, and he is Gunjan’s husband. Gunjan is called on stage, while she thinks where Mayank is. Mayank looks on the stage worried, while Gunjan gives her presentation.

Gunjan says that Banaras Hut is not only a dream of the workers, but also of my deceased mother. People clap for her. Mayank thinks he would get bored, standing here. He takes his headphones.

Gayatri says to Seema and Shayl that KT and Rachna have got engaged. She asks about Gunjan and Mayank. Shayl tells her that Gunjan is starting the Banaras Hut, and they have gone for a presentation. Gayatri says that women go with men, but Seema must be proud of her daughter-in-law. Seema likes in disliking.

Gunjan looks at Mayank listening music. She takes leave from people, and comes to him. He asks has the press-conference ended. She is annoyed. Mayank’s boss comes, and says to Mayank that we are stuck on small project and your wife has taken the whole Banaras Hut.

They come out, Mayank plugs in his headphones. Gunjan asks why he came with her. He says that his pass was with her, it wasn’t allowed to come in. She regrets, but he sits in the car with the impression that his wife doesn’t want him to be with her, and meet the people.

PRECAP: Mausi tells Gayatri that Bittu’s happiness is dearest to KT, the only way to stop this marriage is that Bittu must become the groom.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Rabirian Fans

    Precap irraiting

  2. Rabirian Fans

    Precap irraiting. Stupied mussi and kt’s mom.dirty game plan.

  3. Gayatri is such an annoying b*t*h…. Now they want Bittu to be the groom… smh

  4. I think u need to take dees two stupid lady out of the show because she going to make that poor rachna wont have a good life with kt and also have a happy life too order wise just end the show ok director

  5. It is not fare to rachna to make a very good show i think u better take two shore out of the show now

  6. I mean it director we are not joking with u or we are not going to watch ur show any more it about time rachna get happiness

  7. This is ridiculous …..when is Ruchna gonna get her happiness????

  8. Share madness a happen in here now this soap ant make sense namo them should end it becz the have rachna from man to man what them take the girl for stew… Allow kt n rachna to married n after they marriage kt mom will take revenage but kt mom can’t win kt must find out the true

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