Jamai Raja 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Sid getting ready with sherwani for his marriage. Krish comes wearing same kind of sherwani and says it does not good look 2 groom’s attending same marriage. His goons kidnap Sid and ties him. Krish says he will marry Roshni and DD will get a SIL of her choice. He gets ready wearing sehra/flower veil. DD calls him and asks if everything is going as per her wishes. He says yes and asks if she is coming. She says she will attend her daughter’s wedding for sure. She thinks Roshni wll realize that she is doing it for her better future.

Sid parent’s and all guests dance as baraatis. Raj jokes with Simran that she should be with her daughter Roshni. She says she wants to see Sid climbing horse as bride. He says she is right and asks to go after that. DD reaches venue in her car. Raj asks Prashanth to bring Sid/groom. Just then Krish comes as groom. Simran says her son is looking very handsome and tries to check her face, but just then Resham comes there and she diverts her attention. Simran then performs aarti on Krish. DD gets happy seeing that. Biji/daadi also performs aarti. Raj asks band group to start music and then asks Prashanth to get Sid’s veil as he cannot perform pheras without it. Prashanth goes and opens door lock, but then gets a call from Raj who says they got a veil and asks him to come back. Prashanth leaves. Krish then rides horse with DD looking at him happily from her car. Raj and Simran start dancing with all the baaratis.

Resham greets Sid into the marriage hall. DD hides her face and stands between crowd. Resham says as per rituals, she has to pull Sid’s nose. Biji jokes that bride’s aunt has gone kamli/mad. Naani says it is our gujrati ritual. Resham then tries to pull nose, but Sid resists. Resham says if he does not allow, she will remove his sehra and pull his nose. Krish allows her. DD thinks Krish handled the situation well.

DD enters Sid rooms, sees him tied and says she can do anything for her daughter. She says Krish will marry Roshni and she will realize later that her decision was right and leaves.

Roshni and Krish’s marriage ceremony starts and they exchange garlands. DD comes down hiding her face and gets happy seeing their marriage. Biji jokes with Raj that his son has already become joru ka ghulam/wife’s servant before marriage. Raj jokes let him be. Krish and Roshni sit for havan pooja. Panditji asks bride’s father to come forward for kanyadaan. Roshni and everyone get sad hearing that. Bablu says he will peform her kanyadaan.
Everyone smiles hearing that. Panditji asks Bablu to give Roshni’s hand in Sid/Krish’s hand and starts pooja. He now asks bride’s mother to come forward to tie knot. DD thinks she should go and perform the ritual.

Precap: Panditji announces Sid and Roshni as husband and wife. DD gets happy thinking that Roshi and Krish have married.

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