Udaan 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 17th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Girja scolding Chakor and making her go to the stable again. She says pray that Bhaiya ji’s anger goes. Imli says she wants what Chakor got there, everything new. Dadi says everyone does not get same thing, Chakor got it as she is special. Imli argues. Imli asks why does my hand not have the sign, make it on my hand and I will become special like Didi. Kasturi scolds her and says you saw Chakor came out of car and wore new clothes, did you see her eyes, it had pain. Kasturi says Chakor got happy seeing you. Imli thinks about her. Kasturi says she got upset when I took you. Kasturi says you won’t understand this, we gave much pain to Chakor and ruined her life.

Kasturi says she did not even have food in Bhoj, she has anger in eyes, she wanted to touch sky and moon, she wanted to fly and what did I do. She cries and says I have put her in cage. She says its not her happiness, it’s a curse on her. She hugs Imli and cries. She leaves. Imli looks at the doll Chakor made for her and thinks about her. Bhaiya ji and Prabhakar sit with families and have a good talk and laugh. Prabhakar praises Bhaiya ji.

Bhaiya ji says we are friends, don’t tell anything is my favor. Prabhakar says I take my words back, we came running as we got your invitation, I request you to come for Aditya’s book inauguration, come Lucknow. Bhaiya ji says he has told Ishwar to come and play cards with me, he said no to me straight away and hurt my feelings. He asks how will you feel if someone says no to you, I feel bad if this happens. He says you are calling me to Lucknow and I will come as I respect your love and feelings, but your son Ishwar did wrong thing, he has hurt me and I will remember this all my life.

Prabhakar says I understand, don’t worry, you will get the NOC. Everyone smile. Tejaswini says yes, we are not worried for that. She asks Girja to bring gifts. She gifts a necklace to Prabhakar’s wife and she likes it. Ishwar and Abha are in their room. Ishwar thinks about the signs on everyone’s hands. Abha shows him the pics. He sees pics and it has sign on woman’s hand. He says he feels that all people are here Bhaiya ji’s bonded labor. She is shocked. Ishwar says I doubt that Bhaiya ji is doing this. She says it means even Chakor…. He says yes, Chakor too. He says I m not sure now, I will go to village to ask people and lets see what they say. She says but we are going back in morning. He says its my duty and I can’t go back. She says yes, you are right, find out everything.

She says Chakor is a very nice girl. Girja hears them and tells Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji gets angry and says how dare he do this, I can transfer him with one phone. He says I have to do something about this honest collector. Manohar looks on. Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini what happened, you are so cool, why. Tejaswini smiles and says she is seeing how you are going to ruin your position. He asks what. She says Ishwar will get transferred, but will no one question you, media is after you and will multiply this matter to print wrong things.

She says all truth can come out in newspaper’s headlines, and then think where will we be. He asks Manohar to seal everyone’s mouth and no one should tell anything tp Ishwar. Manohar says yes, don’t worry. Aditya asks for Chakor. Girja does not tell anything. He asks other servants. Chakor is upset and thinks about Kasturi’s words. Laali comes to Chakor. Chakor asks her to open the door. Laali says no way. Chakor says if you want my help, tell me. Laali thinks and frees Chakor. She opens the door. Chakor helps her. Laali says be here, don’t go out. Aditya comes to Baa and greets her. Baa rotates the Charkha and tells the story. Aditya says I know the story and tells her.

Baa says its good you are knowledgeable, but Chakor is also smart. She says what Chakor said when she saw the Charkha to stitch their clothes themselves. He asks about Chakor. Baa gets worried. He asks what happened. She asks did anything happen. He says no, Chakor donated money to everyone, but dad is thinking what are the signs in everyone’s hand. Baa thinks what will Ishwar do now and prays for Chakor. Laali scolds Chakor and tells Chakor that you are gone now, Bhaiya ji will not leave you now, your final decision will be taken today after the guests leave. Ishwar and Aditya come there and listen everything.

Chakor looks at them and is shocked too. Laali looks on and is shocked seeing Ishwar hearing them. Laali gets tensed. She greets him and says you here. He says why, can’t I come here. She says no, you can come here. He looks at Chakor and says he was looking for her. She says why me. He says I heard you make good tea. She says yes. He asks for a cup of tea with less sugar. She leaves. Ishwar looks at Chakor. Aditya says what are they going to do with Chakor. Chakor cuts the vegetables silently. Ishwar comes to her and asks what was Laali telling you. Chakor says nothing. Aditya says we heard everything, Laali was threatening you. Chakor is shocked.

Manohar tells the people that Ishwar will meet them, if they speak against Bhaiya ji, he will kill them. Ishwar comes to meet people but they all shut the doors. Imli meets Ishwar and asks him to save Chakor. He is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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