Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 17th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 17th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mayank comes to Guru ji and touches his feet. He asks is he worried. Mayank tells him he cant find Gunjan from yesterday. Guru ji says she must be busy with some work at the ashram, and asks him can he bring him somethings he need. Mayank says he feels Gunjan is in a problem. Guru ji tells him to leave it to him, she is alright.
Rachna tells Bauji and Chacha ji at home that Mayank hasn’t seen Gunjan from yesterday. Bauji tells her to stay at home until they come back.
Gunjan comes to the camera and asks the guy to give her some water. He gets up, takes the water bottle and gives it to her through door. In the meanwhile Gunjan puts the idol in front just at the position she was sitting draping her in her own dupatta. When the man comes to computer screen, he thinks it is Gunjan sitting there. She herself hides and asks the Goddess for help. The plate falls from a wall and circular hole appears. Gunjan struggles with the things there and comes out of the window. She runs behind the trees and sees a girl coming with men. She thinks this must be the same girl whon she saw in the night.
The bhajan which Gunjan was signing was played in the cell-phone near the dummy. The battery gets low and the men become skeptical. The goes to see her and start searching for her in the ashram.
At the ashram Bauji, and his father asks Mayank where is Gunjan. He says she will be here in sometime as she is busy with some work.
The guards kidnap Gunjan; the man calls Guru ji to inform that they have caught her.
The guards get Gunjan to a room and ties her to a chair. She curses them but they don’t listen to her. one of them put a tape on her mouth and pours kerosene oil on the floor. The man lights a thread nearby and they all leave.
The pooja begins there at the ashram. Bauji and Shayl asks for Gunjan. They say they must look for her. Mayank agrees. Gunjan stuggles as the rope in burning; while they all look for her. The lady whom Gunjan saw comes dressed up to be 10th Devi, the man asks her if she remembers what to do.
As Guru ji performs same trick as Gunjan saw him doing the first time in the jungle, there forms a fire ring. The people are fascinated. Guru ji gets up and goes towards the hole and begins to dance.
The fire gets fierce a lady appears in between. Guru ji joins hands in its front.

The lady turns out to be Gunjan in Goddess avatar. Guru ji is shocked to see her. Seema and Shayl fail to see gunjan in all the smoke. Gunjan walks to Guru ji. Mayank informs the family that he couldn’t find Gunjan. They wonder where she went. Guru ji asks Gunjan what joke is this. She says, devi maa (Goddess), not Gunjan, and this is not joke, joke is about to start. She asks him to wait and watch. Both stare at each other.

Precap: Goddess (gunjan) says to all that it will be Guru ji who will do her puja first. Guru ji washes her legs and then does her aarti. Gunjan smiles.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. nothing to say… just a normal epi

  2. Episode update was very late

  3. this not the full update 10th Devi is Gunjan

    1. Yah this isnt the episode I just saw. The recap showed Gujan as the 10th Devi and her surprising Guru Ji at the end… did you watch a different episode?

  4. its fake update

  5. People can be fooled easily if you do not have a strong will power.

  6. Mayak and his mother should be thrown in the fire for their stupidness
    Finally KT reveals to Rachna his Love for her.

  7. I don’t watcht this episode coz of mayank

  8. Mallika Kasturi

    KT rachna ko dekhaya q nhi

  9. Waited for KTRachna scenes but……..disappointed

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