Beintehaa 17th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 17th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain gets happy seeing Usman opening his eyes. Usman then starts writhing in pain, Zain calls doctor. Doctor comes and gives Usman injection and informs Zain that Usman is alive, but with spinal cord damage has got paralysis. He says he is shifting Usman to another room and they can see him there. Whole family hear doctor’s conversation shockingly. Once Usman is shifted into another room, his family gather around him. Surayya starts crying. Zain asks Surayya not to cry and thanks god that Usman is back with them. He says god gave back 1% hope to them, now it is whole’s family’s duty to turn it into 100%.

Usman is brought home on a wheelchair, paralytic. Surayya emotionally shows his cufflink and remembers her helping him wear cufflinks. She thinks she will wait until he wears that. Zain says Usman that he does not know if he can listen to him and says he loves him. Zain remembers Usman’s words and promises him to he will not let life stop.

Usman’s grandchildren come and greet him happy father’s day with a hand-made greeting card. Zain and Fahad also greet him happy father’s day and cry emotionally. Zain says children take their parents for granted, but today’s day reminds them that they love their father. Surayya says let us take Usman to his room. Aaliya holds wheelchair when Surayya angrily says this girl will not take Usman and asks Fahad and Zain to take him to his room.

Ghulam and Shabana come and shockingly see Usman paralytic and senseless on wheelchair. Zubair and his mom also come, Zubair says when he heard about Usman’s accident, he brought Shabana and Ghulam here. Shabana touches his brother emotionally and cries. Surayya asks Fahad to take Usman from there while Zain attends his in-laws.

Aaliya tries to console Shabana and asks her to believe in god. Badi phuphi asks Zain that it looks like Surayya is angry on tem and asks the reason. Zain says nothing like that. Aaliya asks them to rest while Zain attends office as he has to handle important work. Zubair informs Zain and Aaliya that he did not inform his mother about Surayya slapping him and asks them not to tell it to her. They both agree. Zain sees injury on his hand and asks how did he get it. Zubair says nail stuck while entering train.

Surayya is with Usman in their room when Shaziya comes and tries to brain wash her by telling Shabana’s family is shameless that they came back even after being insulted and Zain taking care of them instead of his father.

Zain explains Aaliya about Usman’s medicines and his diet. Aaliya says Zain is Usman’s actual medicine and asks him to take care of mamu. Zain emotionally looks at her and sleeps on her lap. He asks her if she will be with him always and guide him. Aaliya says even if she does not like, she will be around him always.

Precap: Zubair is behind bars for trying to kill Usman. Zain promises Surayya that he will punish Zubair if he is proven guilty. Aaliya says Zubair she will prove him innocent. Aaliya sees a public prosecutor and thinks she will not let public prosecutor handle her mamu’s case.

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  1. guys there’s going to be a big twist.zain and aaliya are getting divorced.

  2. Is zubair innocent? coz itz heard dat there’s goin to be a leap n aliya gettin married to nandhish sandhu aka lawyer

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