Nadaan Parindey 17th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 17th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher talking to herself wearing a new dress and praising her looks. Sameer comes to her. He asks where are you going in this clothes. She says I won’t come to Dhaba today. He says fine. She asks whats the date today. He does not know its Meher’s birthday. He leaves. Meher says I won’t talk to him. She comes to Bebe. Bebe sees her new dress and smiles. She says you are looking so beautiful. Meher says whats the use to wear this, Sameer did not see me, and did not ask why did I wear this. Bebe says I know. Meher says I m shocked how can he forget my birthday, as he used to remember it 10 days prior. Bebe says he is planning a surprise for you.

Bebe gives her a gift and says happy birthday. Meher hugs her. Bebe says be happy. Meher sees the earrings and says its so beautiful and expensive, why so costly one. Bebe says as I m going to be your mum in law, whats going on in between you two. Meher says nothing, its first class. Bebe asks what, earrings or my son. Meher smiles. She goes to her room and wears the earrings. She says why am I doing girls’ act. Purab comes and smiles seeing her. He asks whats special today, you are looking very beautiful. I don’t get words to praise you, this is the problem with army men, you are looking deadly. She laughs.

He gives her a gift and says happy birthday. She says I wish to beat him. Purab asks what. She says Sameer, he forgot my birthday. Purab says how can this happen, he used to keep money for your birthday gift. She says yes, he changed, he was better before. She says maybe Bebe is right, he might have planned a surprise. He asks her to see his gift. Channi sees them. Purab says guess it. Meher says don’t know, what surprise will he plan. Purab says I m talking about gift.

She says oh yes, whats in this. Minty and Balli come to wish her happy birthday and hugs her. Meher says I knew you won’t forget my birthday. They bring a cake for her and asks her to cut. Purab says I will get ready, then we will go out. Meher cuts the cake with them. Minty and Balli say lets go to Dhaba and have butter chicken. Meher says no, I don’t want to go, Sameer is there. Minty asks why. Meher says he forgot my birthday. Everyone is shocked and says he crossed the limit, he can’t forget your birthday, we will find out the secret, how dare he forget your birthday.

Meher says leave it. They say we can’t bear your insult, he will be insulted. They come to the Dhaba and protest against Sameer. Sameer asks whats all this. Meher is annoyed. Minty says talk to us, we did not think you will do this, you cheated Meher, you won’t be saved this time. Sameer asks what happened. Minty says think what you did. They start counting. Sameer messages Malik asking whats important today. He comes to know its Meher’s birthday.

He says I lost, go home, I have work. Minty says he is acting, he has a surprise for you. Meher says I will not leave you. Balli asks Sameer to remember whats important today for Meher. Sameer says Dhaba might have opened today. Balli says no. Meher gets angry.

Sameer says don’t know. Minty says now we will fine now. Sameer says fine, I will bear the punishment, as I forgot. He asks Angrez to manage the Dhaba and takes them out. Minty says I told you he is planning something. Meher says I won’t go with him. They say lets see where he takes us. Everyone sit in the jeep. Purab gets ready and comes to see Meher. He sees she is gone and asks Channi where did Meher go. Channi says she went to Sameer, and see she has left your gift here, she did not even see it, you wasted your money. Purab gets angry and takes the gift.

Sameer brings them out and everyone is happy. Minty says I knew he will give the surprise. Meher says he still did not wish me. Minty asks Meher to take advantage of Sameer, and show her right on him. Meher says he used to wish me first every time. Sameer sees Meher standing alone and goes to her. He says Meher and she looks at him. He says happy birthday. Meher smiles and says it means you remember. He says can it happen that I forget it. He says world has moved on, you are still there. She says yes, you burnt my blood. Balli asks them to come soon. Meher looks at him and goes with Balli.

The pandit says Meher that the one who loves you is very far from you. Sameer gets tensed. Meher says wrong. The pandit says I can’t be wrong. Meher says the one who loves me is with me. The pandit asks Sameer does he truly love Meher.

Update Credit to: Amena

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