Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 11th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 11th April 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 11th April 2014 Written Update

Shayl was in her room when Rachna came back home. Shayl says she must be tires working all night. Rachna says she want to rest for a while now, handing her the passes of the show. Shayl assures her that they will go because it was an important day for her. She kisses her daughter on forehead when Bauji comes in. He tells Rachna that she should wind up this fashion show work soon and concentrate on her studies. Rachna says okay. Bauji leaves.
Rachna was dressed up sitting on the rickshaw and urges the driver to drive quickly. She sees a disabled boy walking with a bag on his shoulders. She stops the rickshaw and asks the boy to come with her. He refuses in the beginning but when she asks where he has to go and he tells her he has a cultural carnival at the college,

she says she is also going there. The boy sits in.
KT runs shouting ‘Miss Garg!’ angrily in the show. He tries her cell phone and says neither is she attending the call, nor texting him. Where is she? She drops the boy at his college; he says good luck to her before leaving. Sonal was attending the judges telling them that Kabir worked day and night for the collection.
KT sees Gunjan and Mayank coming to the show. She says Hi to him. He asks where Rachna was. Gunjan says she left home quite early. Sonal sees them talk and comes to say Hi to Gunjan. She excuses herself from KT and leaves unanswering her. Gunjan arrives at the show. Sonal exclaims ‘think about the devil and devil is here’ KT goes to her. Rachna goes to Vikram and hand him a paper asking he wanted this, and it was only available at Banaras. He says thank you but tells her he will accept it only if she takes money in return. She accepts and wishes him luck. He hands her the money which she takes. KT sees this; Sonal asks what she had given to her. he leaves saying anything.
Dadi tells Gunjan she has butterflies in her stomach. Gunjan thinks what KT and Rachna must be feeling. KT was in the workshop. Rachna tries to explain him but he tells her to start working as they were left with no time. They show begins. The model walks the ramp. KT and Rachna were shocks to see her wearing the dress, which was a copy of KT’s dress. The model tells him ‘This is exactly the dress she is wearing.’ The next model again comes with an identical dress. And one by one all the collection was copied.
Sonal comes panicked asking what they will do now. How this all happened. KT was furious and walks outside. Rachna says she doesn’t understand how this all happened. Vikram Kapoor can be so cheap! KT ask ‘who did this all?’ Sonal says ‘This is terrible’ KT remembers how he had found the fashion show’s designs in Rachna’s drawers and she was the one who wanted to work with him on the show stopper. He grabs her hand hard. She says he is hurting her. He says she has hurt him even more by destroying his reputation. He asks what she did, and then she gets it by herself. She says she did nothing like he was thinking. Sonal says she always knew she was not this innocent, but she didn’t know she could go down this much. They should have known right after the Holi incident, how she could be so normal. You are such a fraud Rachna! Rachna was shocked at the remark. Sonal asks how dare she steal all the designs of KT? Rachna denies all the accusations, she asks he knows her so well. How can she do that? How could he think she can be sold this way. On the stage, KT’s name was being announced. Rachna thinks who could be behind this all, which had the information of KT’s designs. She looks at Sonal who winks at it she thinks “Sonal?’ Rachna tried to convince KT she was not behind it, right now she will do something to save the show. KT says if she really want to do something she must leave. She tells him she can never betray him, he believe it or not. KT shouts ‘Get Out Miss Garg!’

PRECAP: KT makes up his mind he will face the show and tells this to Sonal. Rachna tries to stop the models from going on the stage but they refuses. Sonal tells Rachna her game is over but Rachna firmly says that she won’t allow Sonal destroy this all.

Update Credit to: Sona

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