Madhubala 11th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 11th April 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 11th April 2014 Written Update

Part 1

RK offers his hand to Madhu to hold to get up ..! She thanks him but gets up on her own..

RK asks him if she is fine and she says u worry for me and RK says coz ur my friend.. n he thanks her for bringing him there..

He sees flowerstand.. n wants to buy rose… n vendor asks who will pay .. Madhu offers but RK says i will give. ..

Another shop vendor.. says to try luck and throw loops and RK tries .. he tries few times doesnt work n Madhu asks to concentrate.. n gives him mopu n he gets it at last shot… n gets Rs.100 …

He buys red roses for Madhu … she thanks n he says forgot what to say in reply …
Madhu is fast asleep n recollects the giant wheel experience … she wakes up with a start …

Self thot.. we dunno each other.. n we ended up together.. our  destinies are same… i may be in compulsion but will help u be free. .but where r u from?

Madhu checks RKs stuff n finds that he is from Adarsh Special School ..! She meets up the principal there… n she praises AK for his gesture…

Madhu finds out that RK came to the school at 14 yrs… ! She asks about RKs family n she says dun have more info other than that he was from Nainital Orphanage! When principal asks Madhu reveals she is RKs wife..!

Madhu tells her about being forced to marry RK … n him being adopted for this reason …! Princi assures that she will help Madhu ..!

Part 2

Dolly consoles Madhu n says me and Bebe are blinded by AKs love and cant defy him or it will mean deserting him ..

Madhu says understand …even i m compelled.. so bearing all this ..but dun want RK to suffer! Dolly says u cant take him out of here as u dun have money … n gives her money …

RK comes n Madhu says of taking him to the princi.. he is happy n agrees n asks Madhu to come along but she says have work so cant come

RK refuses to go and Dolly says Madhu will come ..! Madhu asks why lie to him n Dolly says.. kids can only be convinced like this..

Part 3

Tamanna fumes seeing RKs toys all around the hall ..! She sees Madhu n kicks a toy car in her direction n Madhu stumbles on it n drops money n ear rings of Dolly n Tamanna confronts her .. n asks Dolly! She keeps mum…!

Tamanna creates a scene..!

Pam asks the matter n Tamanna says caught a thief .

Precap —AK gives a cloth to RK and tells him to give to Madhu n tell her to clean everyones shoes..! RK gives and Madhu bends and cleans AKs shoes..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

  1. Ughh..AK is sadist.

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