Gustakh Dil 11th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 11th April 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 11th April 2014 Written Update

The show starts with a shattered Ishaana asking Nikhil to get back to Laajo. She places Lajjo sindoor box in his hand. Nikhil asks her what is she saying and Ishaana tells her this is what she wants and to hear what his heart is saying.

Ishana says better to accept the truth. Since Lajjo steps in Nikhil life their relationship changed , she always tries to deny the truth of their marriage if she would have accepted long ago, nothing such would have happened. Nikhil feels awkwards. Ishana says she’s his friend she should have helped him she should have accepted Lajjo and Nikhil relationship. Nikhil says sorry but Ishaana says no need. Nikhil asks Ishaana why she has chosen so..

Ishaana says she’s the one who was always coming in between them…love just happens what she was doing was something compelled since when would she fought with everyone.. in love one’s should know how to sacrifice this is what she has learnt from Lajjo.
Nikhil asks if Lajjo will accept him..

Ishaana says of course because she loves him, she tells him to go and fetch his love and not to lose Lajjo again.
Nikhil asks her what will she do she says she has not think about it yet she wants to be alone Nikhil says Isha… She says NO her mom is with her she’s not alone and when her mom will get to know about it she will be very happy.

Ishaana tells him to go.. Ishaana runs and leaves crying while Nikhil looking at the sindoor box and thinks about Laajo.

In sonbarsa the prayer is going on and some few women ask Lajjo not to take part as Nikhil left her. Saraswati takes her side and an another woman also tries to defend her but in vain and Lajjo decides to leave and says she will do the prayer at home as God never differentiate between her devotees.
Saraswati wants to go with her, but Laajo stops her and says to carry on with the prayer.

Meera serves tea to everyone and Barkha asks Indur if he talked to him and Indur says not to worry he’s not going anywhere he’s at home. Indur says not to force him for anything he’s enough big to make his decision. Barkha does not want to agree and says she will see to it but Indur says enough is enough as she tried her best but nothing happened she also tried to use Ishaana now it is time to let him decide.

Barkha says he’s confused he can’t decide anything and he will return to Soonbarsa and bring her back with him then again will begin to roam with Ishaana. Indur says to leave him alone let him make his decision their son is not a baby he can make his decision.

Nikhil is pacing with Lajjo anklet in his hand. Gunja sees him and tells him to go and fetch Lajjo back but he’s feeling a bit reluctant to go as he does not know what will be the decision of Lajjo after he sent the divorce paper. Gunja tries her level best to convince him and he’s shown driving to Sonbarsa he recalls everyone words.. He thinks about Ishaana and his Nani asking him to go and take back Lajjo. He has lots of flashbacks of Lajjo.

PRECAP: Lajjo is doing her prayer and Nikhil reaches over there, he sees her and smiles, whereas Lajo seems shocked background voice says what will be Lajo decision when Nikhil will tell her about his feelings it will be shown in the Mahaepisode on Monday.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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