The Buddy Project 11th April 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 11th April 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 11th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts from buddies and people cleaning the cafe place..”Humko na roko abhi” song plays in background.. Vaani thanks all of them.. They all sign on papers.. Vaani thanks kd and buddies and She become friends with them.. She is super happy ..kd n vaani went to govt office and gave them all documents of cafe…Vaani asks him where are sheeba and piddi.. He says there was a surprise for you.. They came at cafe place now.. sheeba and piddi was there.. she asks what they are doing here you have to come at office..Kd says you have to come also.. there is worth seeing the face of that govt babu…. Kd shows surprise to vaani. he shows her cafe cum community centre name board ..the name is :AAkashvaani” vaani is very happy n says is it my cafe’s name?….Piddi says shit….we have to asks her before doing anything.. but vaani says i love it…..if She says who thought that name.. I was confused to naming it….

Kd says actually its piddi’s idea.. when he says when we are thinking about your cafe’s name..piddi said if you do something she will come and pounce on us like all work is useless..Kd says so we got idea to name your cafe as”AAKASHVAANI”..where people come and discuss all problems of community and find out there solutions also..I hope you like it.. Vaani says its so perfect thank you so much guys…

Police come with lawyer and say actually we came here to unseize cafe n goes …Sheeba says it will be nice when this cafe will walk..Piddi says here is pool also.. So people can enjoy here..Vaani says I m fan of this place because f this pool..And the landlord of this place had one condition to give whole area on rent .. So i took it..This all will be useless if you guys doesnt help me..My cafe cum community centre is taking place because all of you..So I want to treat all of you.. piddi says we are always ready for treat..we will take ice cream from outside…Sheeba scold him n says it is vaani’s treat so let her decide it..

Vaani goes and takes pastries for them.. they all like pastires ..She says i have passion of cooking and protest… But obviously i m good in cooking..Kd tells about panchi that she also used to cook yummy recipies.. Kd gets ranveer calls and goes aside..

Jetli sir and maya mam come there .. they also eat pastries and praise vaani.. Kd gets call again but cuts it now..Maya says i am supporting this cafe because i can eat pastries here… piddi says i have observed this that there is something fishy between ranveer and kd..

Jetli sir calls piddi aside and asks whats the problem.. Piddi says i think something is wrong.. He tells that kd is busy in cafe’s problem and ranveer wants to work on their project.. so may be he is upset ..jetli sir says, kd and ranveer is ok but i m thinking about you whats your future.. He says i m going to join my father’s business.. Jetli Sir says, till when you are going to follow others..kd , ranveer or your dad’s business.. Why dont you do your own business?..Maya comes and says you are giving lecture again..please dont force on him these decisions.. he is fine..he is happy with what is he doing..

Vaani takes coffee for all.. Piddi is sitting aside so sheeba goes to give him coffee…sheeba gives coffee. n says jetli sir told me about your conversation .. Piddi saye he is right ..everyone is doing their business..I can do something better.. sheeba says you can do but you have to think on it.what you want to do. I am with you always..he thinks what I had done yet except marriage…

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Update Credit to: priya

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