Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 10th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 10th January 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 10th January 2014 Written Update

Part 1

The episode starts with Gunjan finding for the girl playing Mithu’s duplicate. She finds her and calls her aside. Gunjan tells her to stand in a corner and not to move. Kabir arrives at the house and Dayal greets him. Kabir asks for his grandmother and Dayal points to her. Kabir sees her talking and laughing with Rachana and remembers how Rachana says that she could not make it for work because of something important. He is angry with her. Rachana sees him and decides to avoid him as he will scold her. He comes towards them but Rachana leaves. His grandmother tells him to enjoy the party. Vickram tells Charu he will get her a drink. He goes and notices that the fake Mithu is standing there assuming its the real Mithu. Charu decides to look for Vickram. She then sees Mayank and decides to stand near him. The fake Mithu tells Vickram she’s going to the bathroom.

Part 2

Rachana pulls the fake Mithu aside and tells her she saw her talking to Vickram and that their plan would have failed. Kabir then comes and tells Rachana that how is it that the party is more important than work. Rachana tries to explain to him that its not actually a party but it was thrown for a different purpose. He is confused and she is trying to explain as the fake Mithu walks away. Kabir is angry Rachana is giving excuses to escape from work. Rachana tells him he will understand with time. Gunjan sees Mithu standing and comes and tells her to go and that she doesn’t want any problems to occur. Shail calls her and she leaves. The girls lifts her veil to reveal that Gunjan was actually talking to Charu. Charu thinks to herself that she knows what Gunjan is upto and will foil her plans. She says that Mayank is her now and forever.Mayank and Gunjan start dancing. Charu decides to leave the house but Vickram comes and tells her to be with him in the party. Charu imagines herself dancing with Mayank. Charu and Vickram also dance along with Mayank and Gunjan. Dadi then asks Rachana to dance with Kabir. Rachana declines and Dadi says that girls these days don’t know how to have fun. She then takes Kabir with her to dance.

Part 3

Charu thinks that she will not let Gunjan succeed in her plan and will run away. She goes towards the door. Everyone starts the new year countdown. Gunjan goes searching for the fake Mithu and assumes Charu is her and tells her to come along. Shail sees both of them and says its gonna strike 12. Rachana wonders where Gunjan is and goes and gets the fake Mithu from the room. As the clock strikes 12 Gunjan and Rachana come along with both the Mithu’s. The clock strikes 12 and everyone is wishing Happy New Year when Shail realises there’s two Mithu’s dressed the same way. Everyone are shocked. Vickram asks who played this joke. Rachana says she was about to ask him the same thing and wonders who the real Mithu is. Gunjan tells him that one is real and the other is fake and the only way to find out is to see her face and to put the vow aside. Vickram agrees with Gunjan and says they will have to see her face.

Part 4

Vickram pulls up the ghoonghat and its the fake Mithu. Seema says that its Mithu and Bua adds saying she was worried for a moment. Vickram says that is not his Mithu and eveyone disagrees with him saying that is her. Charu thinks that the only way to save herself is if she reveals her face. Charu lifts the ghoonghat and everyone looks shock and astounded seeing Charu is Mithu. Charu says that she is Vickram’s Mithu. Mayank shouts at Charu asking her who let her come into the house. Seema asks what are her intentions. Sangeetha asks whose life is she trying to destroy. Shail is shocked saying that she lived with them for so many days and they didn’t realise a thing and that she must have hatched a plan. Vickram looks confused. Mayank tells her how dare she enter the house and trap his brother such. He says that he will hand her to the police. Vickram asks if they know Charu. Mayank tells him to move out of the way and that he will send her to her rightful place. He says that they will have to answer his question. He then says that Charu is his real Mithu and not the fake one and tells to hand her to the police. He then assures Charu he is there for her. Mayank tells Vickram not to get involved in all of this and that he doesn’t understand but Vickram refuses to believe. He tells Mayank not to dare do anything to Charu.

Episode Ends

Precap: Vickram asks the fake Mithu to tell who sent her here and she points to Charu. Charu looks worried.

Update Credit to: happygirl123

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