Meri Bhabhi 10th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 10th January 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 10th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha telling Anand that it was a rat thats why she shouted. Anand bumps into Kitty and she falls. Anand cares for her and takes her inside the house. Ranjhana……….. plays…………. Kunal asks Shraddha why were you not taking my call. Papa and Mummy see Anand taking care of Kittu and smile. Anand brings the ice and Kittu looks at him. Ishaan tells Papa there is no one in the garden. Dhruv says lets find him. Dhruv says I have doubt he is here and says I will find him. Kunal hided behind Shraddha.

Kunal says look at your son, he is like you. Shraddha says what. Kunal says why were you not taking my call, tell me. Shraddha says that happened which we could not have imagined. Anand takes care of Kittu’s feet and says don’t worry. Kittu says let it be, by what right are you doing this. Anand says what do you mean. Kittu says now I m not your wife. Ranjhana…………… plays………….. Kittu slips again and asks him not to hold her. She leaves on her own. Anand looks at her while she leaves.

Kunal says what, when did the divorce happened. Shraddha says we never thought this would happen, everyone are worried. Shraddha says Papa spoke to jasmeet, there will be some solution. Dhruv comes to them. Shraddha and Kunal are shocked to see him.

Dhruv meets Kunal. Kunal asks him to promise that he won’t tell anyone that he came here. Dhruv says promise and leaves. Shraddha and Kunal make a plan that Anand and Kittu should be together and have a child. Kunal says they should be close for that to happen. Shraddha says lets think. He says think soon, if anyone sees me here, they won’t leave me. Shraddha thinks of an idea. She says we have to lie for this. Kunal says I m a champ in lies, tell me.

Anand talks to jasmeet and says Kittu does not want to live with me. She says Kittu did not had any option after you signed, tell me you want divorce or not. Anand says it happened, now its baseless, I have decided, bye. Ranjhana……………. plays………….. Kittu cries in her room. She thinks about Anand and sleeps. Its morning, Mummy and Papa have a talk about Kittu and Anand. Mummy says their hearts and minds are saying something else. Papa says they should listen to their hearts. Papa says if Kittu gets unwell. Mummy says how will this happen. Papa says Anand will then take care of her and they will come closer.

Mummy says the idea is good, but no drama, think about something else. Papa says lets think while walking. Kamini is angry on Anand’s family and blames Shraddha for everything. Kunal hears this. Kamini says tell me what is Shraddha doing for Kittu and even Kunal is responsible. Kunal says don’t blame anyone, I m thinking something, I won’t let Kittu’s marriage break, trust me. He leaves. Kittu makes breakfast for everyone. Everyone are happy and thank Kittu. Papa says Kittu will always stay with us, whatever happens.

Mummy asks jaya to learn cooking. Shraddha asks Dhruv to do as she said. Shraddha comes to Kittu and says great dosas, I can’t make such. Kittu says you go ann sit, I will bring it for you. Mummy comes and says we will have food together, come. Anand looks at Kittu. Dhruv shows Anand his small baby socks. Shraddha asks why did you take it out. Dhruv says I wanted to show it to Anand and Kittu. Everyone laughs. Dhruv says your baby will be wearing this. Anand and Kittu look at each other. Shraddha smiles. Dhruv says tell me, will your baby wear this. Anand is silent. Ashish says have food Dhruv.

Anand says I will sit there and bumps into Kittu again. They have an eyelock. Kittu is hurt and unable to walk. Anand stops to hold her. Papa says you go. Anand leaves. Kittu says I m fine and leaves. Shraddha tells Dhruv what to do next. Kunal meets Dhruv outside his school. Shraddha meets Kunal and Kunal says lets talk. He says did anything happen. Shraddha says I m trying. Did you bring what I told you. He says yes, but will our plan work. She says maybe, they were looking at each other. Kunal hugs her and says do something, I can’t see Kittu in problem. Music plays…………….Shraddha and Kunal have an eyelock.

Mummy takes Kittu inside as Kittu is unwell. Shraddha tells everyone that maybe Kittu is pregnant. Everyone are happy. Anand is shocked hearing this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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