Sadda Haq 10th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 10th January 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 10th January 2014 Written Update

Sanyukta gets inside Vardhan’s room through window and gets information about trustee while Kaustuki is keeping a watch outside unaware of the fact that Vidushi is watching this secretly. Yoyo is attending Vardhan’s class. Vardhan asks a question to students. Yoyo is talking with his partner which is seen by Vardhan. He apologizes and runs from the class. Kaustuki sees Vardhan coming and tells Sanyukta who gets out of his room with needed information before Vardhan comes inside. Vidushi who has seen everything tells Sanyukta to include her in her plan. Vardhan realizes someone used his laptop and who could have tried to see YSA’s final shortlist and trustees letter file.

Dean comes to talk to Vardhan and says he still thinks he is being too strict with the three students. Vardhan tells him he thinks the three students have some connection with trustees. Dean asks him to rethink on his decision. Kaustuki confronts Jignesh and asks him reason for ignoring her. He accidentally spills the beans that it was Yoyo who told him to ignore her so that she likes and misses him. Kaustuki says she already likes him he is her friend and asks to ignore what Yoyo says. Yoyo who is watching all this hiding beneath the table thinks he has to come up with some other plan.

Sanyukta gets Renuka Sanyal’s number from net. Sanyukta and Vardhan call on same time but since Renuka is busy in meeting they are not able to talk to her. Renuka calls Vardhan and talks regarding the new list he send. After much discussion she asks to take all the three students back otherwise she would cancel YSA. Vardhan informs Randhir, Sanyukta and Vidushi that the head of trustee wants all three of them back in competition. He asks them to get their belonging back to laboratory and not to break his rules next time as he will not listen to trustees.

Sanyukta tells Randhir he should be thankful to her as because of her he is still in this competition. She tells him about contacting head trustee and explaining their problem and how head trustee herself is a women. Randhir tells her the way he she cried and got back in the competition similarly the head trustee would have achieved success and what else girls know beg and plead saying this he starts walking. Sanyukta tells so what if she did that and says about whom he is saying he should first know about her and tells her about the awards she won in the year 95-96. Randhir becomes serious and asks her name. Sanyukta tells about she taking her company to international level in 2010. An angry Randhir asks her name again. Sanyukta further tells how she has been winning awards best women of the year award since four consecutive years. Randhir who has lost his patience by now holds Sanyukta by her arms and asks her name to which she replies Renuka Sanyal. Randhir is taken aback and leaves her. Sanyukta tries to tell something but he screams at her to shut up and leaves.

Randhir enters Vardhan’s cabin without permission asks Vardhan if Renuka Sanyal is head trustee of YSA to which he says yes. Randhir says in that case he wants to back out from the competition and leaves. Vardhan wonders what is connection between Randhir and Renuka.

Precap: An Randhir breaks things in his room. He later thanks Sanyukta for contacting trustees as now he is out of college. Vardhan tells dean he doesn’t care about YSA but is concerned about Randhir and knows how to bring him back. Sanyukta reaches the place where Randhir is by tracking his mobile.

Update Credit to: Shruti

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