Sanyukt 24th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 24th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hetal tells Rahul that she does not want to argue, she will not introduce Love special menu. Rahul asks why. Friend says Hetal hates love stories. Hetal says in her cafeteria, only her orders will work Rahul says their cafteria and both their decision matter. She should try love menu and if it does not work, then they will reintroduce Hates special. Hetal agrees. Sameer calms Hetal and asks not to worry, people will like only Hates special. He calls his friend casting director and asks him to send 15-20 college goers and ask them to order only Hates special, he will pay them renumeration plus coffee bill.

Parimal looks at family photo. Gayatri asks him to frame it soon. He asks if Shree is still in Rita’s room. She says yes, Rita is continuing to cry. Parimal goes to his room. Shree comes out. Gayatri asks her to meet her MIL Ila and go, walks in to call Ila. Photo falls down. Shree walks towards photo. Gayatri with Ila comes and picks photo and says it is their family photo. She asks Ila if she wants to talk to Shree. Ila asks how is Rita. Shree says they should not let Rita alone and can bring her to her office often, it is good Rita loves her children and gave up idea of suicide. Gayatri says it is all because of Hetal, Sameer’s friend. Ila says Hetal changed Rita’s mind and stopped her from suiciding, she blesses Hetal’s family and says they are lucky to have such a nice girl. Shree reminisces Hetal telling she is not her sister. Gayatri sees Shree’s facial expression and asks if she is fine. Shree says yes. Ila thanks her for coming and Shree leaves.

Shree walks outside Metha house and calls Hetal. Rahul sees Hetal away from phone and phone ringing. He walks towards phone and picks it. Hetal comes and snatches it and says it is her phone. She sees Shree’s number and gets sad. Rahul asks if she is fine. She says yes. Rahul says she does not seem fine. Phone rings again, she goes aside to pick call. Hetal picks Shree/Tanu’s call and scolds her dare not to call her again, because of her she became orphan 6 years ago. She breaks down. Sameer sees that and consoles her.

Ila prays for Shree and Hetal’s prosperity. Gayatri says Shree is counseling so many peple and changing their lives and Hetal is studying and even running cafe. Ila says hotel. Gayatri says youngsters call it Kaafe. Ila says it is hotel. Uday hears that and says it is cafe and they are degrading young generation. He teaches them how to pronounce cafe. They all 3 laugh then.

Sameer consoles Hetal and she rests on his shoulder. He asks whose call it was. She says her sister and tells him whole story. He continues consoling her.

Precap: Shree/Tanu enters cafeteria silently hiding her face to meet Hetal. Rahul sees her and says excuse me.

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