Mere Angne Mein 24th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 24th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya asking Shanti to give her swing. Shanti says so this was your plan. Riya says think anything you want. Shanti says I can’t give my swing. Riya says fine, live your life and I will live my life, either I will sit on that swing, else you fight for yourself. Sarla talks to someone and asks person not to be scared, I will manage everything, we have to come out of this problem in which Shanti Sadan people have pushed me. Pari sees Sarla and thinks for whom is Sarla waiting.

Pari hides and sees Sarla talking to inspector. She asks him to save her family, this legal papers show that me and my family went to tirat yatra, I got sweets for you, there is 5000rs inside. She bribes him. He takes the money and sees notes over sweets. Sarla asks is this not enough. He says you look innocent, I liked your gift, I will leave. He goes. Sarla gets relieved. She tells Pari that everything got fine, come home.

Riya asks Shanti to think what she wants to do. Shanti thinks to do emotional blackmail. She begs to Riya to come home. Riya asks her not to do this, either make me the heir or do anything. Shanti says this is tough, ask anything else. Riya says decision is in your hands. Sarla is happy and says I was waiting for this day, police won’t come here now. Pari says I want to see Nimmi’s crying face. Sarla says if Nimmi asks you to come there, give any excuse. Pari calls Nimmi and asks did police come. Nimmi says I will send them to your home. Pari acts sweet. Nimmi says our life is good, we got Riya, Shanti and Shivam went to get her. Pari asks what, where, how, when… Nimmi says I don’t think its imp to tell you.

Sarla asks what happened. Pari says you will get shocked, Shanti got Riya. Sarla gets shocked. Pari says this had happened, call them and ask. Sarla says how can this happen, dead person can’t get alive, I will go and see. Rani says I will come along. Sarla asks her to stay at home. Rani insists. Sarla refuses and leaves with Pari.

Inspector asks what, how can dead person get alive, the family is cheap, they will get anyone as bahu, I will arrest them. Lallan is at cafe and thinks of Amita. He tells Babloo that he trusts Amita, she will call me. Babloo thinks Amit is not doing right to fool his innocent uncle, I will take revenge.

Nimmi and Kaushalya wait for Shanti and worry. Police comes. Kaushalya asks them to wait, Shanti went to get Riya. Inspector says we have to take you to court. Nimmi says Riya is coming. Inspector says we don’t want to meet duplicate, I know you all are fraud. He arrests them. Nimmi says you want to put us in jail, who is giving you money. Inspector asks constable to see Nimmi. Nimmi fights with constable. Inspector scolds her. Nimmi argues. Kaushalya says Shanti will come, wait. Inspector says let her come court.

Preeti sees this and calls Sarla. Nimmi says you can’t arrest us. Preeti asks Sarla to come fast. Nimmi aims gun at police and asks them to get away. She threatens to kill herself. She asks Kaushalya to record everything. She says you have beaten my Dadi a lot, if you do anything this time, I will kill myself. Raghav says no need to do this. Nimmi asks Raghav to calm down. Dadi is getting Riya in sometime. Preeti goes. Nimmi says if Shanti does not come, I will take Riya’s murder blame on my head and shoot myself. She thinks to do drama. Kaushalya cries. Nimmi asks her not to stop her and make recording.

Nimmi says I have killed Riya, my family is not involved in this. She puts gun at head head and closes eyes. Shanti shouts to Nimmi and stops her. Everyone see Shanti getting Riya home, and get relieved. Shanti tells inspector that this is Riya. Riya says yes, I m Shivam’s wife, this house’s bahu, leave them, I m fine. Shanti scolds inspector. Inspector says you have to prove this in court. Police leaves.

Preeti comes and says I m glad Shanti found Riya. Raghav gets a call. The man asks what are we hearing this about you. Raghav asks them not to believe anything, my bahu is here. Someone filed wrong complaint, I will come office and tell you. Shanti asks are they firing you from job. Raghav says no. Shivam comes. Raghav says I will go office. Riya stops him, and apologizes. Raghav says you came back home, everyone were in problem, thanks for saving us, listen, whatever bitter things you said, its echoing in my ears, its not possible for me to forgive you, sorry. He goes. Kaushalya asks Riya to forgive them. Shanti asks Kaushalya to stay away from Riya.

She asks for ginger tea, I have to sit on swing and have tea. She turns and sees Riya sitting on the swing. They all get shocked. Shanti recalls agreeing to Riya’s condition. Riya says you have to make papers that I will be heir. Shanti says family is waiting, come. Riya says you can make papers later. Shanti says I will not refuse, I gave my word. FB ends. Riya smiles seeing Shanti.

Shanti says I told Riya that I will make her heir. Riya says this is my swing, you remember you have to house keys and rule to me. Shanti gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Good one but still cause of Sarla plans Shanti and family is suffering and it was good decision to ask for swing by Riya she has suffered a lot and wil be suffering the family hatred till they don’t accept her.I support Riya.How many of you support Riya here….

  2. I think it’s about time everyone knew the truth, especially shivam who believes anything of shanti and sarla. It’s her planning to put SS in trouble, but was preeti involved too? Good for Riya,

  3. I realy love ,so good riya we all beleve u

  4. Esther

    Can’t trust cvs,,,,,Riya made a grant entry lyk this before too…let’s see what will happen next…

  5. Plz continue this Riya & teach them a lesson, dont say sorry to anyone not even Kaushalya or Raghav if you have not done anything wrong then why to say sorry

  6. Riya rocked today

    I support riya,, but I want her to be bitter and strong.. Why should she apologize spineless raghav.. This man does nothing apart from amma jap, in start of serial always slapping shivam.. Even that was OK, but why should she apologize donkey kaushalya.
    I just wish riya stays bitter and teach this disgusting people a lesson, wish she gives tight slap to pari and sarla.. OMG, on hearing sarla’s voice, I feel to get inside TV and beat the hell out of her. Preeti sud be taught lesson by Nandhu and she sud be arrested for theft.

  7. I agree with you all. Riya should stay this way and teach everyone a lesson. At least this way maybe just maybe shanti and sarla will be forced to tell what they did at the time when Shivam was in hospital.
    Also sarla won’t get any monies now from sarla. Only hope CVs stick to the way she’s comes back. Yes preeti should be caught by Nandu which I think she will soon. Sarla’s truth about this whole planning with police should come out to.

  8. Riya can turn things around if she is determined ! Preeti is useless in the series and why the director / producer has included her. We don’t want spineless Priti. She looks stupid with her jealous attitude! Now it’s Riya’s turn to punish the greedy bunch like Sarla, Pari, …On the other hand writer/s should not show police officers corrupt and bought by people like Sarla! There are many police officers who are hard working and dedicated to their profession.

  9. This serial has lost its direction, thank God I no longer watch this carp of Sarla and pari

  10. Good job that riya took the joola. Now this riya will be more mature to handle the house and have good control on the family members. She might have already had good experience by now. Now she need to solve the Solutions like wicked sarla plans, that politician issues and preethi cunning thoughts. I somehow suspect why nimmi is taking the blame on her killing riya.

  11. Khusbu sharma

    It well so touched when mahek says maang kaar toh dekhte…mahek was so much hurt by shaurie behaviour ….why did he do that I cant understand dat ?? Is really a business is done by this attitude ..I m also a business student bt why writers is showing dis track …shauray change behaviour is not lyk by me , wht abt u guys??? I m not frm india so I cant understand any concept of shaurie behaviour…

  12. Khusbu sharma

    Why dis ammaji is doing to riya .I m really dont lyk dis track…

  13. Will Pari Sarla Amith and Preeti ever be exposed. Pari got married and lied she was pregnant. why didnt Shanti or anyone ask abt baby. She caused problems in laws house but Nimmi was blamed. Its so easy to get people of the street to pose as lawyers…make fake divorce papers. Its so easy to bribe police. Sarla n family never get caught for any wrong doing. But Riya gets thrown out and sworn by everyone for stuff she never say or do. I am confused…is this a serial to attack daughter in laws.

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