Mahek 24th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mahek 24th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kanta reads news and says this cant be true. Mahek takes newspaper from her and is shocked to see Shaurya on front page. Ravi says its written that Shaurya is opening his new restaurant today, all are stunned, Jeevan says in this city only? how can this be possible? Mahek unable to stand anymore, falls on her knees, Kanta rushes to her.
Shaurya comes out of airport with bag and leaves.
Tv reporter says that Shaurya has comeback after 4days, nobody knew where he was, he just returned after 4days. Sameer gets call from inspector and says i dont know what is happening.
Vaitlana says Sanjay is not taking my call and Shaurya was playing game with me in his wedding? she says to Rajiv that you are his friend and you didnt know his plan? he destroyed plan of our new restaurant, Rajiv says my career is finished too, Vaitlana says to hell with your career, Shaurya’s new restaurant’s name is “white chili”.

Scene 2
Mahek and family comes to white chili restaurant, media tries to talk to Mahek and asks her what happened between hwe and Shaurya? family tries to protect Mahek from mob and harassment. Mahek sees Shaurya entering restaurant, she calls out his name and runs behind but Shaurya enters inside and doors are closed, bodyguards try to stop her but Mahek breaksaway and enters in restaurant, its dark there, Mahek says Shaurya where are you? she screams for his name and says please come infront of me? Shaurya please come. Lights are switched on, Mahek looks around and sees new restaurant, Shaurya says Miss Mahek Sharma, Mahek turns and sees Shaurya coming there. Shaurya says you think you could enter my restaurant without my permission? Mahek runs and hugs Shaurya, Shaurya smirks, Mahek cups his face and says what is happening Shaurya? Shaurya takes off her hands and says what you mean? this is opening of my restaurant, arent you happy? i have spent so much money to publish article infront of newspapar and you arent happy? Mahek holds his hands and says is this trick to irritate me? Shaurya pulls his hands away and says are you mad? you think i have time to play tricks to irritate you? Outside restaurant, Mahek’s family is making scene trying to enter in restaurant, they free from bodyguards and enter in restaurant. Shaurya says welcome Chacha and Chachi, thank God you came here Kanta Chachi, i wanted to tell story to Mahek but i will tell whole family now. Ravi asks what kind of story? Shaurya says its about a prince and a common girl, prince was handsome and dashing but girl was a little fat, but she had talent as she was really nice cook and she had a treasure with her, all look on, Shaurya says it was treasure of her mother’s unique recipes, Prince used to hate that girl and girl used to hare prince, one day in anger, girl slapped Prince, Prince could have destroyed that girl and her family but prince didnt do it, because he was not fool like girl, he took that slap with patience because Prince had eyes on that unique cookbook because prince had to open this restaurant, and yes there were cheap villains in this story too, that was KD and Vaitlana type, prince trapped girl in his fake love and promised to marry her and took her recipe book from her, Mahek says so this was all done to take my recipes? Shaurya says yes ofcourse for recipes, if i asked for that recipes straightforward then you wouldnt have given it to me, remember you slapped me Mahek Sharma? i was interested in your recipes not in you, my investors forced me to either make Mahek or Mahek’s recipes part of this restaurant thats why i apologized to Mahek infront of all, and won Mahek’s trust, i thought once i win your trust then i will offer you job here but before i could do that, you joined KD’s hotel, Mahek says i was ready to leave Kd’s job and come to your restaurant, Shaurya says yes but i changed my plan till then, oneside i lived in your home and tried to get your recipebook, Kanta recalls Shaurya asking her about Mahek’s memories and how she showed him her recipebook and how Shaurya was interested in it, Mahek recalls how she caught Shaurya in her room one night ad he covered up by giving her doll. Shaurya says otherside i made Mahek use my mobile and laptop to send her recipes to KD, i wanted to get all those recipes and Mahek used my gadgets, Mahek is shocked to hear all that and sits on floor being unable to stand anymore. Shaurya says because of Mahek’s recipes, i have launched my restaurant before KD. Shaurya says i have got all things using one target. Ravi grabs his collar and says jerk, you played with our daughter’s life for your own benefit, Shaurya says i didnt play with her life, i would have played with her life if i had filled her forehead with vermilion(sindoor), you should be happy that she gave me recipebook before wedding and i left for Germany before entering mandap, flashback shows Shaurya getting out of venue and throwing out his turban out of car and leaving. Shaurya says i went to Germany to get those recipes patent, i mean copyright them in my name. Shaurya kneels to Mahek and says Miss Mahek Sharma, when you were jumping with happiness for marriage, i was planning for my restaurant, grabs Mahek’s shoulders and make her stand up. Shaurya says to Mahek that dont take my words personally, you are a really nice person and talented cook, you have bright future, dont have hard feelings for me, i did everything as a businessman, i am an honest businessman and i am ready to pay you for your recipes, he gives her 50lacs cheque and says even if you sell your recipes after cooking them whole life even then you wont earn this much money, Mahek looks at him with shock and disbelief,

PRECAP- Kanta throws her slipper at Shaurya which Shaurya dodges, Kanta says we called you our son and you did all this for money and a restaurant? you are disgusting, lets go Mahek, she starts taking Mahek away from Shaurya, Mahek sadly looks at Shaurya and says Shaurya you could have asked me once to give it and i would have. Shaurya looks at her with straight face.

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  1. Iswarya_santhosh

    I think, he patent the recepies in meheks name and opened this for her.. It just my guess… May be bcoz of mamis hurting words like, mehek is a cheap middle class girl… Even they destroy their house…
    I know im crazy, that im thinking like this, but what to do, i want that cheap director to move this story like this..
    I hope my guess will come true..

    1. ChandaMaya

      Just love you for saying that. Hope springs eternal!!! Let’s hope all our pressure will be relieved soon. Love you all. Peace be with you all, and with ZKM. Need to catch some ?snore a bit too, like Shruti s husband. Lol?

    2. Moni7

      Ishu nee kochikita nu nenachen……why no msg sry…i delete that article by a mistake..sry ice..msg pannu..

    3. Hope so….???

  2. Hi everybody, am also from tn. Can I join mehrya family

    1. ChandaMaya

      Back! Yes, Janvi – Welcome, the more the merrier!

    2. Moni7

      Ofcourse janvi.. welcome to mehrya family.. keep commenting

  3. Moni7

    Guys i know…am using harsh words…but I couldn’t resist myself….it is highly antipathetic????????

  4. ChandaMaya

    You know the only redeeming factor would be if the restaurant is a future gift to Mahek . . .No go back to the mandap , and finish this right.

    1. Moni7

      Future gift??????…..good prediction…..i vl be happy if it is really going to be happen in ZKM….

  5. Moni7

    Nila…..super idea vijay super la dhan la 8 clk

    1. Nila

      ya sis na athai than panurean I am just watching ZKM retelecast only

  6. Okay, I have been doing some thinking, it really is not right for Shaurya to marry Mahek. Yes,he used her, and he should not have, but Shaurya has no one to trust. Mahek is his only friend.It istoo dangerous for Mahek to marry a man who is a walking target. This game means someone has to get hurt. Just not happy with him stealing the book, but it mght be a necessary evil to protect Mahek. I hope the writers quickly work this out because it is a race for ratings. ZKM is taking a risk with the storyline . . . hold your breaths everyone.

  7. ACHU

    hope tat todays episode would have some change

  8. Khusbu sharma

    It was so touching when mahek say maang kaar toh dekh te….shaurie did very wrong wid mahek…I think at last shaurie will fell for mahek bt mahek will refuse ….wht u say guys?? I m new here n not frm india n I m silent reader ..guys plz wlc me ok…

    1. Hi Khusbu welcome dear u most welcome, u said right it will be done in futures episodes as u said.

    2. Moni7

      Hai kushboo .. welcome dear…..

  9. Hair moni dear, how r u da? I like ur Comments. I think u might be a science students. Don’t get anger too much ya it will affect ur health ,try to have deep sleep ok . it just a serial name u have to so many problems in real life ok try to learn how to handle or take over these problems.I told this to u like my sis. Now coming to zkm shaurya is betraying mehak or hiding his love for some reason. He is going to lose such caring and lovable one is honest& caring in his family except his mom but mehak having true loving family they will always with her. I got remember one Tamil dialogue panam vachirukirathu perusu illa namma nalla irukkanumnu ninaikiravanga kuda irathale nama nalla iruppom. I think mehak can easily overcome this problem. Nalla velai avan sonna madhiri sindhur a vachen illa thane at hu mattum nadathiruthal mehak koma stagukku poi irrupa. Love failure irukalam ana life e failure a iruntha antha kaduvulal a namma kapatha mehyra family don’t worry she is safe with her family. My personal request to all of u don’t think about love failure it may be changed but life failure can’t be corrected and changed love u guys bye take care.

    1. hi dharshini, I agree with u.

    2. Moni7

      Hai dharshini….naa naalla irukka…how u r dear???…thank u sooooooo much….my sis?????…yes naa dentist??…oki vl follow ur instructions…???…oki thoongaran??….yes mehak is having good family… whatever it is just a serial..
      Problem is they creating hype in Instagram…daily posting one photo saying don’t forget to watch zkm …twist nd turns awaiting??…frm director , producer,lead cast and supporting cast??….excited and disappointed..excited and disappointed?? oly….but thank u sis..lov u soooooooooo much????

  10. GeethuNivas

    hi meharya family i am also worried to hell lik u all, v all xpected a revenge drama from the beginning bt not lik ths, even though it s better not getting married atleast he showed littl humanity by not marryng mehak………

    decent ah pesalamnu ninacha mudila, porki porki unakulam antha vaitlana shruthi mathiri two timmers than da correctu, mehak dont fl bad, antha loosu nite lam unayae ninachitu iruka poran, inum 1 month la “” kuda irukum pothu un arumai therila ipathan romba miss panren ni venum yenaku nu aluvan”” loveless sk,

    1. Moni7

      Geethu ma…..ha ha ha ha???

      1. GeethuNivas

        avan alra mathiri dp vachiko moni ma

  11. Friends…..good news…ye revenge nahi hai..shaurya kuch chupa raha hai….khud PS sir ne kaha hai

  12. guys why all of you so upset. this is a love/hatred love story.i know they love eachother

  13. ChandaMaya

    Really, don’t know how this can really be forgiven by Mahek. Poor girl! A second time, but even worse. It is going to get worse before it can get better.i too want a new start for Mahek. Forget you ever met the Khannas.i hope Ravi doesn’t start going after this girl.

  14. ChandaMaya

    That money is corrupt and dirty . . . I hope Mahek does not take it. It is beneathe her dignity. Money is not the answer to everything. Don’t sell your soul to a devil.

  15. Wat the hell?Ye kyu hua……plzzzz un dono ko ek kr do plzzzzz……

  16. Reminds me of Madhubala’s story where Rk left Madhubala by playing fake marriage drama.But later Rk ko realize ho gaya tha ki woh Madhu se sacha pyar karta hai…. Mahak aur Shaura ka bi kuch aisa hi hoga.

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