Kalash 24th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 24th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Monty says to Sakshi that dont do this drama, what game are you playing with Nivi? why she gets scared seeing you? Sakshi says Nivi is mentally not stable, its not my fault, Monty says i am sure, you must have done something with her thats why she is scared, Sakshi says yes i am mad, i can scare you too so you go to Nivi and serve her, you can just butter and serve her like servant, you can only do that and nothing else, she leaves, Monty looks on.
Nivi says to Malini that you have given me great idea, i will kill Sakshi to get free from Devika’s soul, Malini is shocked, Nivi says i hate Sakshi so i will torture her and will kill her then Devika’s soul will leave her body and i want Sakshi to die too, its great a idea, no body no soul, i am going to do that, Malini is shocked and scared hearing her words, Nivi shows her knife and says if you open your mouth then i will put blame on you that you asked me to do that and you will go to jail and your career will be finished, She says Sakshi have to die now, she cant remain alive, i am gonna have to kill you, this is my only option, she is going to die, nivi leaves. Malini is worried.
Devika comes in room with tea and says Ravi i made it for you too, Ravi says i needed it, Devika says you seem worried? Ravi says one member Nivi is ill so i was thinking what to do, Devika says i told you, we had to call doctor, doctor said she is not.. Ravi says she is not mental, we can make her fine but she is stubborn woman so it will be difficult, Nivi has done a lot for us so i was thinking what i can do for her in return, i hope you dont mind, Devika says no she has done a lot for you, we all should do something for her, Ravi says my mother taught me to help people in distress and as for humanity we should help Nivi to become fine, Devika says you are right, Ravi says what should i do to make her go to hospital? how to get her to treatment? Devika says we can lie to do something good, dont tell her that you are taking her hospital, and ask doctors to keep her in observation, Ravi says i cant lie to Nivi, i will think about something else, he leaves. Devika thinks that how will i take revenge from Nivi? i have to convince Ravi.
Sakshi is sitting on her bed, Nivi comes there and sits beside her, Sakshi gets scared and asks what are you doing here? Nivi says you are looking beautiful like flame before dying, ice dress, Sakshi thinks that why she seem so confident? Nivi asks didnt you like my compliment? i want to know if i am talking to Sakshi or Devika rightnow? ofcourse Devika’s soul comes in you for time being, i am talking to Sakshi rightnow, Sakshi says why have you come here? Nivi says i just want to say i want to kill Devika’s soul in you, Sakshi looks at her shocked, Nivi says i am doing all this for your good, we dont know if Devika’s soul can hurt you too, i am going to help to get free from this soul, i have to ask many questions from you, tell me when Devika’s soul comes in your body how do you feel? do you feel unreal and afraid? tell me when Devika’s soul enters in your body, does she curse me out? Sakshi says i dont know, i dont remember anything when she comes and leaves my body, Nivi says i know she talks about me, Sakshi says she controls me when she comes in my body andi dont remember after that. Nivi says what does she want? when she leaves your body, will she kill you? look after yourself Sakshi okay? she leaves her room. Sakshi thinks what Nivi is planning now?

Scene 2
Ravi comes in Nivi’s room, Nivi comes there, Ravi asks are you fine? she says i am fine why? Ravi says nothing, i wanted to talk to you, doctor said that you are not mentally fine, you can be fine after we go for tests, Nivi says you think i have to meet doctor too? Ravi says its just few tests, Nivi shouts that i am sick of this, i know what you people think about me, i am not mad and just leave me alone, Nivi thinks that oh God, i talked to Ravi so badly, she stops Ravi and says i am sorry, i shouldnt talk to you like that, i feel bad when all look at me with pity, if i am not fine then i will go to doctor myself, please dont ask me to go now, please.
sakshi comes to Devika, Devika asks what happened? Sakshi says Nivi is planning something, i am afraid, Devika says tell me everything, Sakshi says Nivi came in my room and was asking weird questions about what Devika’s soul talk to me, she said that she wants to finish Devika, she even warned me that i can loose my life too, Devika says Nivi is planning something but what? tell me all details of what she said, Sakshi tells every word of Nivi, Devika says i dont understand, i thought she would be scared but how she got guts to threaten you? we have to keep eye on Nivi, i am sure, she is planning something scary against us.
Nivi is sitting in her room and recalls how Ravi asked her to go to hospital, she thinks that things are going out of my control and Ravi thinks i am not mentally stable, before Ravi starts calling me mad, i have to take big step, i have to kill Sakshi tomorrow, it will be last day of Sakshi, i will finish Devika’s soul too.
Its morning, all are having breakfast. Nivi is not there, Ravi asks where is Nivi? Niv comes there and greets everyone, she says to Ravi that i am feeling fine, Ravi says good. Monty asks her to have breakfast, Nivi says i wont have this breakfast today, i will eat aloo paratha today, Gurvindar says Jyoti has gone vacations, Nivi asys who cooked breakfast then? Gurvindar says Ambika and Sakshi made it, Monty says its totally tasteless, i will order aloo paratha for you Nivi. Vikas says Monty has gone mad, he says to Ambika and Sakshi that you both have cooked great breakfast. Gurvindar says some other cook is going to come today. Cook comes there with her son, she says to Devika that i am Ganga, i have come for work, Devika says you have to cook here, Ganga says this my son Rishu will live with me, Devika introduces everyone to Ganga. Nivi asks Ganga to cook aloo paratha, Ganga leaves with her son. Nivi thinks that Sakshi’s happiness wont last long.

PRECAP- Ganga says to Devika that you cant drink this milk, its for Sakshi, Devika says why cant i drink it? Nivi is tensed hearing it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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