Sanyukt 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 15th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sam overpowers Ronnie in a fight and Ronnie falls down injured. Hetal, Prachi, Uday shout to not spare Ronnie. Ronnie’s friend enters with police and complains that cafeteria people are torturing him and his friend when they came to have coffee here, he escaped somehow and reached police station. Inspector sees Sam and Uday and scold they are Parimal’s brothers and are from good family, then why did goondagardi. Hetal tries to speak, but inspector stops her and says he has to arrest them.

Next morning, inspector brings Sam, Hetal, Uday home. Family gets worried seeing Sam’s injuries. Ila cries. Sam says he is fine. Inspector says goon gave third degree burns to Sam. Parimal says if Uday had not saved Sam, he would have trashed Uday for his immaturity. Their discussion continues.

Inspector tells he warned Ronnie not to trouble Sam and Hetal again and filed complaint against him. He says he took everyone’s family statement except Hetal. Sam says Hetal’s parents are dead and she stays with Prachi. Inspector sys he took Prachi’s parent’s statement and wants Hetal’s at least one family member’s statement. Rahul says he will bring Hetal’s family member and walks in. Parimal asks why is he going in. Rahul says to bring Hetal’s family member.

Rahul goes to Tanu’s room. Tanu asks if Sam and Hetal are fine, what did inspector say. Rahul says they are fine and Ronnie is warned to trouble Sam and Hetal, inspector needs Hetal’s family member’s statement and wants her to give statement. She resists. He says let everyone know about her truth and takes her out. Everyone are surprised to see Shree. Gayatri says Shree did not tell at all that she is Tanu’s sister. Inspectors asks shree to bring her ID card. She goes and brings her pan card. He reads Tanu. Everyone are shocked to hear Tanu.

Precap: Parimal asks Rahul if Tanu is the same one. Ila says yes, she is his Rahul’s tanu.

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