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A voice over is heard. Savitra Devi College and Hospital. It took 15 years for me to came into existence and in these 15 years, I have seen many things, saw life fighting with death, saw hopes changing into heart beat, saw doctors giving life to dead people. Here doctors comes to make their careers and to study. He says doctors are God here and this is a temple. He says some doctor’s future and past are connected to me. He tells that new chapter will begin between us. A Sharda is seen coming on her activa and stares the hospital. She removes the veil from her face and see the hospital old pic keeping it infront of the hospital building. She says time has changed, my memories is still afresh, I haven’t forgotten anything. She sees Dr. Anand Malhotra on the board, as a founder and Chairman of the hospital and says I have a count of all your troubles and says my daughter Sanchi is coming to take revenge for my pain. She breaks the coconut and says you can’t stop to be ruined. She says good luck Dr. Malhotra.

Dr. Malhotra addresses to the media and says today his hospital have completed 15 years successfully and have becomes country’s best hospital. He says he feels great. Reporter asks to whom, he wants to give credit to the hospital success. Dr. Anand gives credit to his family, doctors and hospital staff. They ask what is the new invention of the hospital. Dr. Anand tells that they will make womb so that even infertile women can get pregnant and can have a child. He says he don’t want any mum to leave his hospital sad and wants to see them happy. His wife Mrs. Malhotra comes and asks him to wrap up the press meet as he has two more meetings. He comes home and gives complement to his wife. He says you are best heart doctor of my heart. She asks him to have medicine and says till then I will put pic on Savitri Didi’s pic. He says okay.

Sharda comes home and calls Sanchi. Sanchi is sleeping. She takes the doll and says this doll was the only stubbornness of yours, but I didn’t let you live your life due to my stubbornness. She asks her to get up. Sanchi asks her to keep hand on her eyes and get up. Sanchi asks why? Sharda says as I am waking up for the last time, as tomorrow morning you will wake up at college hostel. Sanchi says Khadoos maa. Sharda says you are becoming a doctor because of me. She does her aarti and asks her to open her eyes. Sanchi acts. Sharda says you are going to be doctor. Sanchi asks her about the mantras meaning. Sharda asks her to treat and help need. Sanchi says I can refuse, but not God. Sharda says that’s why you are mu ego.

Mrs Malhotra is doing Savitri Devi pic aarti. Priya comes and takes out the garland and throws it out. She asks her not to touch her mum’s pic again else, Mrs. Malhotra tells her that even she has a right to keep garland on Savitri devi. Dr. Anand comes there and scolds Priya and says Gayatri gave you 14 years of her life and asks to respect her even if she can’t respect her. Gayatri takes Priya’s side. Dr. Anand’s mum or relative take Priya inside. Dr. Anand apologizes to Gayatri and asks her to give her sweet smile. She smiles. Gayatri’s mum comes and says you are using my acting nicely. Gayatri says I love you and says I have controlled everyone with my acting, just Veer and Priya couldn’t. Her mum tell that Priya will marry eventually and Veer will make things easy for you.

Sunny comes and shows her Savitri Devi hospital. Sanchi says it is not an ordinary hospital and goes on praising it. Sharda/Sanchi’s mum tells that Sanchi will become a good doctor like her father and will make them feel proud. She says you are a doctors daughter and would have given you lecture. She says it is easy to do MBBS, but difficult to become a doctor. She asks her to treat patients well and also if you are honest then victory will be yours. Dadi asks them to stop it and her to get ready. Sanchi tells that Pragya went to some polio campaign with her Papa. MP Yadav calls his daughter and calls Pragya. He asks her to get her photo published with poor kid. Pragya asks what do you want and asks why do he wants to take advantage of her MBBS for his political career. She sees a girl crying and gives her biscuit. She bandages the girl and gives her busuit. She says I became Doctor for this. Sanchi sees her on TV. Reporter calls her mother Teresa. Pragya calls Sanchi. Sanchi asks her about her day. Pragya says my father called media here on the polio doctor. Sanchi asks where is Isha? Sanchi asks where is Isha? Isha is seen treating a patient. Doctors praise her. Later she models for the adv and asks the director to make sure that the adv is released overseas. She says she has joined Savitri Devi hospital. Just then her dad comes there and says once you join the hospital, you shall not do this.

Later everyone is sitting for breakfasy. Dadi asks Priya to give butter. Chacha Adarsh and Chachi ask her to diet for some days. Gayatri’s daughter Suriya comes and greets everyone. Gayatri says I am hopeful that you will become a successful doctor under your dad’s guidance. Dr. Anand asks about Veer. Gayatri says he didn’t come. Dr. Anand asks Adarsh to give him new intern list. Adarsh says he will also leave. They leave.

Dr. Anand comes to the hospital. He wishes best for Suriya. She thanks him. Watchman comes to him and says everything is fine. Sanchi is coming to the hospital with her mum and buys Golgappa on the way. Nurse comes to Dr. Anand and gives him new Intern list. He checks the list and sees Sanchi’s name. He says my past can’t ruin my present. Sanchi, Isha and Pragya comes to the hospital. They argue cutely. Sharda says you are still childish. Pragya asks her to bless them. Sharda gives him special chakli. Pragya says I will eat it fully and asks Isha to check on her figure. Sharda says she brought it for her also. Isha tells Sanchi that she is lucky to have such mum. Sharda wishes her best. Pragya asks them to do as Sharda says. Dr. Malholtra strikes Sanchi’s name. Nurse Ms. D souza tells that Sanchi is a bright student. He says this hospital is mine and I know to whom give admission.

Sanchi checks the list and says her name is not in the list. She apologize. Dr. Anand says I came to know about your truth and asks her to just leave.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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