Bolna mahi bolna shot 2

Hey guys sara is here again. Thanks for your lovely comments. Here we go with shot 2.

Abhi & pragya are living together in one house from 3 years. They are deeply in love. But her parents are against this relation. She is fighting with them for her love.

So in last episode we saw that pragya is going on some work & abhi is not allowing her to go. But finally she comes out of her house.

While coming out she talks in phone with someone.

Pragya : ha bhaiya woh ready ho gaya? Aap usse achhe se frame kiya na? Very good aur ha agar mein ghar pe na rahoon na toh voh delivery please mere boyfriend ko mat dijiyega. Warna sara surprise katam ho jayega. Ok thank you bye.

She ends the call and gets into the cab.

Again she gets a call & she smiles and picks it up.

Pragya : Already missing me ha.

Here abhi got that ring box

Abhi : mujhse punge le rahi ho? Ghar aao tum batataoon.

Pragya : punga? Kaun sa punga?

He smiles a little.

Abhi : Acha what punga? Pragya ki bachhi tum ne jo ring chupaya tha na woh mujhe mil gayi.

Both smiles hard.

Abhi : has lo has lo aur has lo. Waise bhi yeh surprise katam ho chuka hai. Toh ye suspense bhi katam kardo na. Iss baat ko jawab dona ki yes hai ya no?

He says this being very tensed.

Pragya smiles by his confession.

Pragya : Kaisa answer kaun sa question? What are you saying about abhi?

Abhi : iss baat ka answer ki kya tum iss stupid si hopeless romantic ladke se shaadi karogi?

Pragya smiles cutely by his proposal on phone.

Abhi : Pragya will you marry me?

Pragya laughs hard & loud.

Abhi gets tensed.

Pragya : Acha toh yeh baat hai.

Abhi: ha.

Pragya : Thoda intezar karlo. Thoda soch ke bataaungi. Maybe dinner tak.

Abhi : this is not fair yar pragya dinner tak.

Suddenly her car hits another car & she screams loud and abhi hears her.

Scenes shifts to hospital where abhi & pragya’s parents are waiting out of icu.

Abhi: uncle aunty everything will be fine. Please dnt worry.

Uncle : tum jaisa galat insaan uske saat ho toh sab kaise teek hoga.

Abhi hurts by his words. Nurse comes & says that doctor is calling them.

Pragya gets conscious & slowly she opens her eyes.

Pragya : Mumma. …

Abhi: uncle i told you na she will be fine. See she is perfect. Pragya thank god you are fine. Do you knowhow much we are afraid? Thank god you are safe.

She looks at him confusingly.

Pragya : Mumma. … yeh kaun hai?

All are shocked hearing this.

Abhi: Pragya its me abhi.

Pragya : Abhi. ….. Mumma what happened to me? And y we are here?

Mom: Beta tumhara accident ho gaya tha.

Abhi : Ha

Pragya : accident? Ye kaise ho sakta hai? Mai toh graduation ceremony se wapas aa rahi thi.

All are shocked

Mom: doc…. doctor (crying)

Pragya takes back her hand from abhi’s hand. He was broken that his love his not recognising him anymore.

Here its end. Please comment.

  1. Sathyavathi

    Hi I’m from chennai I can’t understand hindi so I njoy ur if you post it in english this is request from me ☺????

  2. Abhigyalover

    So sad of abhi, waiting for next shot?

  3. Please don’t separate them dear
    Episode was good

  4. What yarrr in serial memory loss in for also memory loss aah boring yarr better show their world of love because we r miss that in kkb

  5. Interesting story….but this story is some how same as one of the episode of yeh Hai ashiqui…

  6. superb !
    waiting for your next update!

  7. Reshma_Pradeep


  8. B_Ani

    oh my…i juz can’t believe that! that is just unexpected yaar…but already in love with this…
    cant wait for the nxt one…post soon please…

  9. I can’t understand hindi but anyhow I managed with this but di next update can u translate to English and di please don’t bring memory loss again please we are fed up and especially I am fed up with that please di don’t separate them

  10. SamyuSam

    Suprbb dear…. I think pra is acting as she lost her memory…. Keep writing… Waiting fr next one

  11. Sethidisha002

    sad for abhi

  12. nice feelng sad for prgya an abhi

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