Jaane tu yaa jaane naa……by saku ishqie.. Part 5

Hello frndz….saku ishqie is back wd another episode of JAANE TU YAA JAANE NAA….first of all for i m sorry being late… I will try to bring my update express on track….thanks lot for all ur luv nd support….keep supporting….lets get into story…haapy reading..
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So the episode starts wd omkara reaching home…everyone was tensed for omkara nd Gauri cz both of them were not answering any of their calls…
Shi: – where were u om???..nd y wasn’t u nd Gauri answering our calls?….
Om:- (hiding his tears) sorry…i was busy…so I didn’t noticed time…nd my phone was on silent mode dats y couldn’t answer any of calls…sorry..
Rudy:- All dat is fine…but where is Gauri di??…u both went together naa??…
Ani:-yes om where is Gauri u came alone..
Om:-I don’t knw…
Shi:- what do u mean by I don’t knw??..
Om::- I mean I left earlier….(thinking they will question him more om leaves saying he is tired…)
Shivika nd rumya were continuously calling Gauri but she was not answering any of their calls .
On the other hand Gauri was still sitting in dat cafe nd crying..
Gauri (to herself):- why this happened wd me???..right from childhood there was only omkara in my life…but he has someone else in his life…but I will not blame u om.. cz u never said dat u luv me….for u I was always ur best freind..it was only me so I m only responsible for my heartbreak…but from now Gauri sharma will not cry…i will remain happy cz my happiness lies in ur happiness….main tumhari humsafar toh nahi ban paungi but tumhari humdard zaroor banugi … I will always remain ur best frnd…(nd she wiped her tears nd leaves dat place..)

In oberoi mansion..
Ani:- shivaye…i think u should go nd search Gauri…she didn’t came up til now..
Shi:- Yes…u r right we shuld go nd check dat cafe…
Rudy:- I will also come along…
Rudra nd shivaye was about to leave but Gauri came their..
Rudy:- where were u Gauri di??..we were so much worried..
Gauri:- woh.actually..meeting late khatam hui so late hogaya..
Ani:-it’s k..but frm nxt time do inform us..whenever u will get late..is dat clear…??
Shi:- let’s go now.. .it’s very late..
(All of them goes to their respective rooms…)

Nxt day morning…
Omkara was thinking abt gauri nd her boyfriend nd decides to ignore her in all possible ways…
On the other hand Gauri decides to go back to london…she thinks dat she must hv not lied abt her boyfriend …nd decides to tell truth to omkara…
Omkara was walking in corridor nd was lost in gauri’s thoughts.. .meanwhile Gauri comes frm opposite direction nd both clashes wd each other…gauri stumbles nd falls but omkara holds her…both where lost in each other’s eyes..they share nd emotional eyelock…
Chhuteya na chhute mose
Rang tera dholna
Ik tere baajo dooja
Mera koi mol na
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna
Hmm… aa…
Tere liye aaya main toh
Tere sang jaana
Dholna ve tere naal
Jindri bitavaan
Kadi naiyo chhodna
Ishq di dor na
Saare chhad jaayen maahi
Tu na chhodna
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna
Hmm… Tere sang hasna main
Tere sang rona
Tujhme hi rehna main
Tujhme hi khona
Dil mein chhupa ke tujhe
Dil naiyo kholna
Marke bhi maahi tosey
Munh na modna
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna
(Plays in BG)
Omkara breaks eyelock..nd start leaving frm their..
Gauri:- om..i want to tell u something..
Om:- I don’t want to talk to u….
Gauri:- holds his hand.. om its very important..plz listen to me for once..
Om:- I said not now…cant u understand???..(in angry tone nd jerk her hand away..).. nd goes to his room..
Gauri was left heartbroken…floods where coming in her eyes..she goes to her room wiping her tears ..
Saathiya plays in BG.
Shivika nd rumya was watching everything from far.. nd was shocked seeing omkara’s behaviour towards Gauri..

Omkara’s room..
Om:- I m sorry gauri….i m sorry.. for hurting u..but if I will not ignore u then I will lost myself in u..nd can’t let this happen…plzzzz forgive me …plzzz..i m sorry.. .nd he cries badly remembering the way he behaved wd her…he start hitting his hand on wall wd which he jerked her hand…nd cries..
Saathiya plays in BG…
Shivaye comes to om..
Shi:- why happened om???..r u ok??
Om:- wiping his tears …yes I m ok…wht happened to me??..
Shi:- dat only I m asking…firstly u hurted gauri…nd now u r hurting urself for dat.
Om:-no shivaye.. .nothing like dat..u hv some misunderstanding..
Shi:- look om.. i m ur brother.. .right from childhood I use to sense ur happiness nd sorrow..u can’t hide ur tears nd pain from me.. ..tell me what happened.. I will help..
Om:-hugs him tightly nd cries..everything ended shivaye..everything over.. I lost her..
Shi:- om..wht happened..whom u lost??..tell me..
Om:-yes Gauri.. shivaye u know naa me nd Gauri r childhood friends but for me its more dan friendship…i love her..nd I really really do..but..
Om:-but their is someone else in her life..nd cries hugging him..
Shivaye was not able to see omkara’s condition …nd tries too calm him down..
Shi:- r u sure om..there is someone else in her life???..
Om:-yes..she only told me..nd narrate the whole incident…
Shi:- don’t worry om everything will be fine..i m here naa..nd makes him sleep..

Gauri’s room…
Gauri was packing her stuff…water was continuously rolling down from her cheeks…anika nd saumya comes to her room..
Sau:-di…y r u ok??
Gauri:-yes..wht happened to me??..(turns her face other side)..
Ani:- Accha..then y r u crying???..
Gauri:-no..i m not crying..something went into my eyes..dats it..
Ani:– Gauri I m sorry on omkara’s behalf..u know him.. he is so kind …he never does like this..plz forgive him..
Gauri:-bhabhi plz don’t say sorry…i knw he can’t hurt anyone intentionally…
Ani:- Gauri.. .I m like ur elder sister…if u want u can share ur feelings wd me..
Gauri:-bhabhi (emotional)..hugs her ..nd burst into tears..
Sau:-di..plz don’t cry..tell us wht happened??.we will help u..
Gauri:-bhabhi saumya…aap dono kafi kismat wali ho jo aapko apna pyaar mila…main toh un badkismat logo main se hoon jo apne pyaar ko dekh toh sakte pr kabhi unhe pata nahi sakte..jo pyaar k sapne toh dekh sakte h or kabhi unhe pure nahi kr sakte.. .
(U both r lucky dat u got people whom u love in ur life…. .but I m from those unlucky people who can see their love but can never get them into our life…who can dream any then.. but can never fulfil it…)
Anisau: – y r u saying like this??..plz tell us clearly…
Gauri:-di..me nd om r childhood friends…he always considered me as friend but for me he was always my dream boy….i really love him bhabhi..i really love him…nd breaks down infornt of anika nd saumya..
Sau:-di y didn’t u told him ??..
Gauri:-cz there is someone else in his life…nd cries..
Anisau was not able to believe that there is someone else in omkara’s life…gauri narrates them whole incident nd even tell them she also lied abt her having boyfriend.. .
Anika nd saumya tries to console her..nd tells dat everything will b fine..they both hug Gauri..

Precap:- Gaurika confession…

This is it guys..today I will stop her…i hope u will like it…plz share ur views…thank u..lot.w of luv..
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