Mere Sang Toh Chal Zara(Shivika FF) by Archiya (PART 5)

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Anika gets ready for her wedding, she was very nervous, if she will be able to give happiness to Shivay an his family. Everyone already loved her even before she had become a part of their family. Last few days of marriage preparation made it clear that they will always be there for her, whatever the situation

Ma came in her room and said her that she looked beautiful., and tears flowed from her eyes. Anika could not stop herself too, she just hugged her and cried, she was going away from the lady who loved her more than any mother could.

‘Don’t cry dear, Shivay will keep you very happy, he will never allow tears to flow from your eyes anymore. Finally, my search for the right guy for you is over’ Ma said while wiping anika tears

Just then Prinku comes to their room and says anika to come to wedding venue

As soon as she comes out of the room, she sees Shivay
‘You look stunning Anika, and forwards his hand to her’

Anika takes his hand and together they walk towards the dais, to be tied in a knot forever.

Rudy (happily): finally my Shivay bhaiya became apna dhan by marrying anika Bhabhi, she will always keep him closer to us

Om smiles at this, and says yes anika is the perfect life partner for him.

Mangalam BHagwan Vinhnuh,Mangalam Garunadhwajah|
Mangalam Pundari Kakshah,Mangalaya Tano Harih||

They complete the seven pheras, Shivay promises himself that he will keep anika happy always. An Anika promises to try and fit in life, an be a good wife to him

The wedding gets over, the post wedding rituals take place.

Night 10 PM
Anika is waiting for Shivay in their room, Shivay comes to her, and notices her nervousness

He starts walking towards her and she gets more tensed

Shivay sits on the edge of the bed and says ‘Anika, you must be tired after the long day we had, why don’t you change into something lighter and get a good sleep’

Anika lifts her head, and just stares at him, she never thought he will say this to her

“Did you actually think I will force myself upon you” not everyone is like that Anika ‘Just let the past go’

She did not know what to say, she changed her dress and wore a simple white salwar-kameez and freed her hair.

She looked so mesmerizing, just like an angel, she saw him staring at her and smiled

He came forward and gave her a box

She opened it and there was a simple payal in it.

‘Anika I know we are not even friends today, but someday I will cross all the bridges between us, and the break the wall which has locked you inside, the day you feel you have fallen in love with me, and we can take our relationship to next level, please wear this payal.Now its late, have a good night’ saying this he walked to the poolside an slept there.

Anika did not like Shivay go out of his own room because of her but it was difficult for her to still trust him

The next day morning
Anika prepared the first rasoi sweet, kheer for everyone, she served it an went to the kitchen, but by the time she came back the entire kheer was over.

‘If they eat at this speed then I must remain in kitchen forever’ thought Anika, she did not realize her sense of humor was back

She remembered she had kept some in the kitchen and brought it, and before anyone could stop she ate it. And just spit out, she had mistaken salt for sugar. Tears formed in her eyes seeing the love this family was showering on her. No one even said anything to her not even Shivay, he was served the biggest bowl.

Dadi : Beta, why are you crying, next time you prepare well ok.
Pinky : Ya Beta, its alright, no worries.

Dadi an pinky ask Shivay what’s the gift for anika for her first kitchen preparation

Anika thinks” yeah which was a disaster’

‘Her gift might be on the way’ said Shivay looking at his watch.

Just then the doorbell rings, Shivay urges anika to open the door

Anika opens the door and gets so happy seeing Ma there.

Shivay comes and hugs Ma, and says Anika “Ma will stay with us from today onwards’ this is our gift to you.

Anika was speechless at this, she just comes and hugs her Ma, she never knew a family like this even existed. They only wanted her happiness

Shivay is getting ready for office, an anika comes to him.

‘Shivay, I am sorry by mistake I added salt instead of sugar In the kheer, and thanks for bringing Ma here’

‘Anika, that was the sweetest kheer I ate in my life’ he winked and left to office

Anika was smiling when OmRu come to her.

Ru: Caught ya Bhabhi, your smiling by yourself.what’s the matter ha..

Om: what can the matter be Rudra, of course Shivay.

They give a Hi-Fi to each other.

Om: Anika, anytime you need anything please tell us.

Ru: expect Shivay baiya of course,as he is already yours

Anika smiled to that, this was a khidkitod family

“Leave meeeeeeee “ screamed anika in her sleep
Shivay who was on the couch came running an tried to console her an hugged her tight.She found comfort in his arms, It was almost two months now for their wedding , her nightmares had almost ceased to exist, the love of the new family had put her past to rest

He just moved his hands on her arms in a consoling gesture, but suddenly anika pushed him away.

“What are you doing, I thought you were decent and were going to give me enough time to come out of my inhibitions” she gave him a disgusted look before she turned away
Shivay was deeply hurt with her accusation

‘I will never ever touch you without your consent Anika, I was just trying to console you’ His voice broke ‘I thought we had established a bond in the last 2 months, but looks like we are there were we started, you don’t trust me’

The pain in his voice cut something within her

He just walked out of their room

Next day morning
Anika woke up, an saw that Shivay was not there in their room, she asked pinky an was told that he left early for office today,She thought she will apologize to him once he comes back

It was around late in night but he had still not returned, an his phone was also switched off.She saw OmRu in the hallway an asked about Shivay

‘He had to go for an urgent meeting to Dehli bhabhi’ Ru said

‘Did he not inform u’ asked Om

‘He must have forgotten in a hurry’ anika tried to console more of herself than om

‘Bhabhi, send pigeon na,it will take your message to bhaiya’ laughed Ru

‘Shut up’ both anika an om said at the same time, an even though tensed, anika om rudra laughed together. This is what she loved the most, her devars, they were the coolest bunch an the best friends she could have .

It was 2 days now that she had spoken or seen Shivay, and she was missing him terribly. She was feeling so restless but she was not understanding the reason

Just then Ma comes to her.
‘Ma, I am feeling so restless, Shivay left without telling me and I accused him before he left’ Anika was now pacing the floor

‘Anika, the restlessness your feeling is because your missing Shivay or for your guilt ‘questioned Ma

Ma.. started Anika

‘You don’t have to answer me Anika, just listen to your heart’ saying this Ma left her room.

Anika closes her eyes, and sees only Shivay in all her thoughts, the way he always cared for her, supported her, the way her proposed her and said that he loves her
She open her eyes an smiles broadly.

Anika goes to the cupboard an takes the payal he had given her, Moves her hand lovingly over them an wears just one, she feels butterflies in her stomach an whispers slowly to her bholu, I love Him.

Just then their room door opens and she sees Shivay in front of her

Anika goes all tensed seeing him,not because she was afraid of him, but because he just caught her off guard

Shivay thinks I should have told her and gone, I did not do right, I love her, and I should give her time to come out of her past. He comes near her and says Sorry Anika, I…

Anika just hugs him tight, and says I am sorry Shivay, I failed to understand you

Shivay was totally baffled and did not know how to react, he did not touch her at all, and she felt it.

She broke the hug and looked at him, her eyes conveying a lot of things, but Shivay was not sure that he read them correctly.

She moved a little distance from him, so that the music of the payal could be heard, as soon as Shivay heard that he looked at her feet.. there his given gift covered the most beautiful feet

But there was only one, Shivay questioned her with her brows raised

She held another one in front of him, urging him to put it himself

He took the payal, lifted her in his arms and made her sit on the bed, he kneeled down , took her foot in his hand , put the payal and kissed her foot
A wild sensation ran through her, and she completely lost herself in it.

When she opened her eyes, she could see that Shivay was just looking at her.
She pulled Shivay so that he could sit close to her on the bed. She kissed his cheek, his rough jaw caressing her lips, she kissed his forehead and then looked deep in his eyes and said ‘I love you Shivay, will you be mine forever’

I was always yours anika, and he sealed the promise by kissing her back equally.

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