SHIVAAY’S POV ::. The girl dragged me toward the crowd. she was busy examining OM’s exhibits and completely forgot that she was holding my hand. My hands were rough and warm against her.why wasn’t I pulling away? …But it felt like she’d cast a spell over me and my pulse skipped at her mere touch. But suddenly she left my hand .I caught my breath in shock, I wanted her to continue holding my hand .but still we was connected, I was continuously being dragged in her direction ,what was it?..then I saw something glittering stuck in my shirt cuff. It was her with many moon’s hanging over it.It was beautiful. I have seen many bracelet in prinku ‘s collection but this was unique .the bracelet kept me and her connected.she wasn’t even aware of it..what a cheerful girl..!! She was heading towards Omkara. Om and Rudra was having a complete awwwww look on their face when they saw me being dragged by a girl unknown to us.

“””What’s happening?”””omkara gasped. The girl was quite confused ,then she turned around to see me, suddenly I understood that I was standing pressed against her and was completely lost in her warm brown eyes. I jerked away , flustered “” look who are you ? were dragging me all around the place ?.””asked shivaay. “”ANIKA…my name is anika and you?..well iam sorry for dragging you. I was soo excited about this event that I didn’t want to miss any one of it”” said the girl. SHIVAAY::”iam SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI”” omkara and rudra’s brother.

ANIKA “”” i am sorry shivaay..””. Shivaay’s pov:: did she call me shivaay?.. didn’t mention oberoi..she just cared about my name not the surname””. Shivaay’s thought were disturbed by anika’s melodious laughter. She was busy in her chit chat with om and Rudra.she was praising Om for his creativity and hard work and was having fun with rudra cracking their own joke’s which was beyond our understanding. Well she didn’t notice her bracelet being stuck in my hand cuff. She turned around and apologised once again , waved at om and side hugged RUDRA ..she was about to leave but her bracelet pulled her back..and there she landed on my Stone hearted chest. My hands immediately grabbed their position in her waist and stared at her beautiful face. There is something unique about this girl..I wondered.

“Ahem ahem”” the background sound came from om and Rudra. RUDRA;::” anika Didi seems like your bracelet have got attached with my bhaiyaa. Shivaay and anika felt quite awkward.she was in a hurry to get her bracelet off from a stranger’s hand cuff. She quickly waved at us and left.but one of her moon was stuck in Shivaay’s watch .which was left unnoticed by everyone except shivaay.shivaay didn’t bother to give it back.he wanted that moon with him.something about the girl made him clueless. He wished to meet her again. “”Anika “” he murmured.

// Days passed away after their first encounter. Even though he had no idea about her family and whereabouts, he knew her. He thought he could almost hear her laugh sometimes. Not being able to actually see her was a constant ache inside of him. Why wasn’t he used to the disappointment of not finding her? How many art gallery he has searched? many streets? Suddenly he felt tired. ///..

Today there is a pooJA in oberoi mansion.badi maa has assigned a new event management team. The decorations were Crystal clear beautiful and was indeed classy. I was checking the decorations and was examining how beautifully the oberoi mansion has been transformed into a perfect temple look alike for the pooJA . few feet away a girl dressed in blue faded jeans and a butterfly top was staring at me. My heart recognized her “” anika”” it murmured. A sudden joy and adrenaline rush flushed inside me. I speeded towards her , I was afraid if I will lose her again. ANIKA::”hi shivaay sir..iam the head of the management group your family hired.i hope you are satisfied with our work and dedication”” shivaay was completely lost in anika he didn’t know what happened to him when she was near to him. ANIKA”” sir.. Shivaay sir. are you fine?”” Asked a bit confused anika.

SHIVAAY”” OH yes..very well iam… absolutely fine after see you…mm…I meant the decorations. Your choice of taste is good.and no need to address me as can call me shivaay..just the way you called at the exhibition.””. ANIKA::””oh about that iam sorry ..I was just lost in your brother’s was fabulous….anika contained her talks , shivaay was having fun watching her expression as she described every minute details ..the way her eyes widened, her smile ,the movement of her hands and of course her weird language. Shivaay has already came to a decision of keeping anika permanently in oberoi mansion as their personal event manager.

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