Santoshi Maa 8th March 2021 Written Episode Update – Guru Shukracharya narrates story to Devi Santoshi & Devi Polomi.

Santoshi Maa 8th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Guru Shukracharya telling both Devi Santoshi & Devi Polomi they must have understood about Samudra Manthan now hence he along with Guru Brahaspati & Dev Rishi went to search Tridev’s Purity.
Guru Brahaspati & Guru Shukracharya curse Brahamdev when asked by Mata Saraswati why they came her when he is in meditation while they blame him for not welcoming them & curse him hence Brahmadev tries to punish both of them but Dev Rishi pleads him & Brahmadev holds his punishment asking them that you were testing me it seems while Guru Shukracharya says it had to be done due to Devi Laxmi but Brahmadev tells them he isn’t Tridev’s purity.
Guru narrates both of them that Brahmadev wasn’t Tridev’s purity because he is silent God hence we went to test Prabhu Mahadev.
They curse Prabhu Mahadev also who was in meditation hence they say that he is insulting us for not welcoming & do not understand what is happening in this world which signals that he is foolish meditator while Prabhu Mahadev gets wild & punishes them with his fire power & they keep pleading him but Brahmadev arrives to explain him & he stops his punishment but also explains them that he isn’t Tridev’s purity but this fire has increased powers in them & as far as my quality is concerned then I am God of Anger. They ask him then who Tridev’s purity is & he tells them it’s Prabhu Narayan due to whom Devi Laxmi’s emergence has taken place hence to go to him.
Devi Santoshi says this means that it was all done by Prabhu Narayan so she asks him what happened when you went to him.
Prabhu Narayan appreciates their strength to take test of Brahmadev & Prabhu Mahadev while Guru Shukracharya praises him.
Indresh curses Laila but she tells him that she has come here due to her house being closed by Municipal body & tells that she is brought here by Singhasan itself to stay while Indresh asks his father what is all this but he is cursing his wife that saying that you did wrong by sending me to jail hence I have broken all relations with you & brought Laila whom I know since long & also blaming Swati for not telling Indresh’s mother the truth she knew about Laila hence now henceforth Laila will stay here.
Devi Santoshi appreciates Guru Shukracharya about the actual fact known of who Tridev’s purity was while Guru tells them that he also got the opportunity to attend his wedding with Devi Laxmi.
Prabhu Narayan’s marriage takes place with Devi Laxmi which is attended by all Gods who enjoy his marriage celebration.
Prabhu Mahadev requests Devi Laxmi to narrate the story of Samudra Manthan & she narrates accordingly saying that all the evil existing or getting created will be controlled by both of us that’s why this Sumadra Manthan has happened & Prabhu Narayan says that’s why our marriage is the main goal for this.
Devi POlomi takes leave from Guru telling him that I have understood the truth of Sumadra Manthan but he instead tells her that he hasn’t finished yet but she tells him that I am smart enough to know about the fact in this & leaves. Devi Santoshi asks what’s the end part while he narrates that whenever evil came in front of good then such kind of thing happened along with the help of Brahmadev & Prabhu Mahadev while Devi Santosh appreciates Guru.
Indresh tells his father that this shouldn’t happen while he tells him that why mustn’t happen because I am just helping somebody while Laila telling Singhasan that to forget it & I am leaving but he stops her saying that I am still the owner of this house hence what I have decided is final & also warns his wife that to keep quiet or it’ll take no time to do second marriage & all are shocked but Indresh leaves.

Precap: Singhasan orders his wife that he has planned party on terrace hence to arrange everything properly while Swati is shouting him to stop hurting mother in law but he tells her that if you care for her then you do the arrangement & Devesh is also invited. Dev Rishi says to Devi Polom that to leave the story in between shows that you have accepted your defeat but she says that I can’t lose.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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