Desire to the Throne_A Saga – Episode 14

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Precap: All the family members see Rana and Swastika informs them about him.

Here we go – Episode 14

Scene 1

Both Nakshatra and Bhoomika are over whelmed to see Rana as they both loved him a lot. They run to him and hugs him. Rana gets emotional and thinks that he missed this beautiful family for a long time. Rana’s adoptive mother comes. Rana introduces them.

Nakshatra: Where did you find him?

His adoptive mom tells them the whole incident.

Adoptive mom: Rana, it’s high time. You need to get back to your family.

Rana: Ma, but….

Adoptive Mom: Please, agree to me. They are your family. I’m leaving.

Bhoomika: Please don’t go. You saved our child. You also can stay with us.

Adoptive Mom: No, I can’t be there. That is not my place too. I’m leaving for a pilgrimage. I might return in future. Take care of Rana. I’m leaving.

She and Rana have an emotional moment and she leaves.

The brothers hug him and all welcome him to the family!!!!!

Swastika: It’s good you came back.

Rana smiles…Swastika then leaves….

Rana’s smile then turns to evil….

Rana (to himself): Did you think that I came for my family? I came for you my dear Swastika. You are mine. I’ll make you as my wife and also will rule this kingdom. Both you and this kingdom will be mine soon.

He eyes evilly….

Scene 2

The next day

Haldi ceremony starts!!!

Brides and grooms are seated separately with a curtain infront of them.

Brides and grooms tend to see each other with much difficulty.

Subhadra, Panchali, Avantika, Swastika and Urvi come with the haldi plates.

The elders begin the haldi first and then followed by DIL’s.

All apply haldi and celebrate.

Panchali: Dear princesses, wait for two days, then you can look your respective husbands all the time.

Urvi,Avantika and Swastika too pull their legs.

Sita: Bhabi….

All blush in shy….

Meanwhile, Arjun, Karn, Adithya tell Rana about the war.

Rana: What a war???

Adithya: Yes bhai, we are going to discuss about this. We want you also to take part in the discussion.

Rana: Sure, I will help you.

The brothers discuss about the war.

Arjun: Someone among us should stay in the kingdom to take care of the family.

Karn: Shall I stay?

Adithya: No bhai, you need to come as we all know about your great warrior skills. You and Arjun bhai should lead the troop.

Arjun: Yes bhai, you need to come.

Rana thinks to stay as he can get closer to Swastika in the absence of Adithya.

Rana: Ok then I’ll stay.

Adithya: Are you sure?

Rana: Yes Adithya, I know just hunting techniques. I’m not a qualified warrior. It’s better for me to stay and take care of the family.

Arjun: Ok then. We can see the other things.

Arjun feels tired. Adithya notices this.

Adithya: Bhai, you go and rest. We will discuss the other things later.

Karn too insists. So, he leaves.

He feels headache and ask servant to send Panchali to his room.

The servant goes and calls Panchali. Subhadra feels sad. Panchali notices this and she sends Subhadra.

Panchali: Subhadra you go and attend him. He is your husband too.

Subhadra: But he might get angry seeing me.

Panchali: He won’t. Tell him that I’m sick already.

Panchali insists and Subhadra goes.

She sees Arjun in the bath tub resting. She sends the servants away.

Arjun senses that someone has come.

Arjun: Panchali, come. My head and shoulder ache a lot. Please do massage.

Subhadra gets happy and decides to take advantage of the situation. She mimics like Panchali and ask the servant to close the room door and also not to allow anyone in. She also asks servant to bring alcohol mixed juice.

Subhadra: Sure, I’ll do!!!

She massages his shoulder, neck and head.

Arjun feels difference but he enjoys the massage as it soothens his pain.

The servant brings alcohol mixed in a juice.

Subhadra: Don’t open your eyes. Drink this, it will soothen your pain.

Arjun: Why shouldn’t I open my eyes?

Subhadra: I’m telling nah. Don’t open.

Arjun: Ok, as you say.

He drinks the juice. He goes into inebriated state soon as that was a high effect alcohol.

His love mood starts. Meanwhile Subhadra lights up fragrance camphor….

Arjun: Wow…. What a moment is this??

Subhadra thinks that she has waited for this moment for a long time. She slowly massages him and hugs him from behind. Arjun forgets that Panchali is pregnant and pulls her infront of him. Arjun sees Panchali in Subhadra and romances her.

They both spend a romantic bath and they consummate!!!!

After sometime, Arjun wake up and finds Subhadra and him in that state and gets shocked!!!!

Arjun shouts at Subhadra…She too wakes up and acts like crying.

Arjun: Why are you crying?

Subhadra: I told you not to do these things, but you didn’t listen to me. Now, you are scolding me.

He gets up and changes clothes. Subhadra too gets ready. He then shouts for Panchali.

Panchali comes in a hurry.

Arjun: Why did she come?

Panchali: I only sent. What happened?

Arjun: Why did you send her?

Panchali: I was sick. So only…

Arjun tells her about the happenings. Subhadra acts like crying. She hugs Panchali and tells that nothing is her mistake. She denied but Arjun didn’t listen.

Panchali gets shocked….

Arjun then remembers about the drink. He calls the servant and ask about the drink. Subhadra gets shocked….

That servant tells him the truth about Subhadra in the fear of Arjun.

Arjun slaps Subhadra…. Nakshatra comes there hearing the shout.

She gets to know the happenings and is shocked.

Nakshatra: You stooped this much low? I didn’t expect this from you.

Panchali: Subhadra, you should have won him with your love. But you took advantage of me and my love.

Subhadra: Please everyone stop. What mistake did I do? I slept with my husband. Is this wrong? This is my right and I didn’t do any mistake.

She goes angrily. After going out, she thinks and blushes about the moments which she spent with Arjun.

Panchali pacifies Arjun. Nakshatra feels something wrong and goes to pandit and tells him the incident. He too gets shocked.

Pandit: This is not the right time for Subhadra to consummate.

Nakshatra: Why?

Pandit: Yes, according to her kundli and this time, if she gets pregnant, then only one life could be saved. It might be her or the child. Even this is danger for Arjun’s life. But Panchali’s kundli states that she will save him from all the dangers even risking her life.

Nakshatra gets shocked!!!!

She goes to the palace….

Surya: It’s good you came now. I just discussed with guruji, he said that today is a good maharaut for Arjun’s coronation.

Everyone are shocked!!!

Arjun: No, we can do it later.

Ram suspects something is wrong….

Adithya: Bhai, we will have this today itself. So that it will help us in discussion with other kingdoms regarding war.

He then realizes that he told this in common.

All are shocked to hear about war.

Then the brothers tell the king about the war.

Sita: Bhai, why did you hide this?

Arjun: Because of your wedding. We wanted this wedding to take place in a peace manner.

Sita: But you three were restless. You could have shared with us.

Karn: Sita, your happiness and peace are important for us more than ours.

The sisters get emotional and cries hugging the brothers. Sunaina wards off the bad sight on them.

Ram: We will also take part in this war.

Kousalya, Kaikeyi and Sumithra and shocked. But Dashrat feels proud of his son. Sita, Urmila, Mandavi and Shruthakirthi gets tensed.

Dashrat: I’m very proud of you four. Always, we should help other and this will be good for you to showcase your warrior skills.

Ram smiles.

Surya: But as a new groom, you should spend some time with your wives, right?

Sita: It’s ok papa. Kingdom is more important. And a husband’s war skill always gives immense pride to a wife. We are ready to send them.

The sisters assure their respective grooms that they won’t be a resisting factor for them.

Surya: Ok the, let the King Arjun will lead the army. Let’s start the coronation ceremony.

Nakshatra: Is everything ready?

Surya: Yes didi….

After sometime, coronation ceremony starts….

Arjun and Panchali walk together holding hands to the throne. All enjoys the sight.

Subhadra feels left out.

Sunaina: Didi, look at them. They look beautiful together right?

Nakshatra nods in happiness.

Surya does the coronation and people shouts in happiness!!!!


!!!To be Continued!!!
















  1. Lovely episode 💖💖
    Hope Rana doesn’t create misunderstanding Between Swastika and Adithya …… Now I really hate Subhadra…….

  2. Jasminerahul

    Sorry.i didn’t comment on this earlier.
    Rana uniting with his family was nice.his Foster mom leaving was emotional. But shocking that he wants swastika n kingdom.panchali shouldn’t have trusted subhadra.sad that subhadra’s dirty plan worked n arjun consummated with her.arjun knowing her true colour n slapping her was nice.if according to kundali now this union is not for good it will be a punishment for subhadra.arjun’s coronation ceremony was nice.nice pics

    1. Supriya_r

      Thanks for commenting. Arjun, Panchali and Subhadra are going to face many challenges in near future.

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